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Friday, December 5, 2014


Sutter Hospitals pretend to present a front that is holistic - and will spend millions of dollars to do so - but, as some of us have found out - the fact of the matter is - Sutter Hospitals and California Pacific Medical Center - that is tied to Sutter Hospitals - loves to treat the poor and those in help with disdain.

Shower on poor and indigent patients - ill treatment, make them go through hurdles, do anything to further traumatize the poor patients - pretend that they are into "Charity Care" but in reality are very far from Charity Care and are GREEDY.

Some time ago Mayor Edwin Lee and a team went into close doors - brought in a mediator - and just like that came out with a Disposition and Development Agreement - that has now failed San Franciscans and San Francisco - on many levels.

When exposed - excuses are made - what excuse can you make when with intent - people die - for lack of - sound health care. Where is the compassion - and who are these jerks that portent - to be health providers.

At the joint meeting with the SF Health Department - Barbara Gracia as its head - and the SF Planning Department - with John Rahaim as its head - again - we the public were given - three presentations - one worse than the other.

The three presentations one by the San Francisco Planning Department was shallow - and the empirical data lacking - SF Planning has failed San Franciscans - and we cannot take it any more.

If you pay to play John Rahaim and his stooges will go with the flow - we see this again and again. And this is a crying - shame.

The presentation given by the Office of Workforce and Economic Development - was the worst.

It is time Rhonda Simmons be fired - she is useless - and one more time has failed the better interests of San Francisco.

San Franciscans were accommodated by the Disposition and Development Agreement - that was totally - flawed. 

There was an opportunity to help San Francisco - but again as usual - Rhonda Simmons - has failed - miserably and must be FIRED. 

The entire Office of Workforce and Economic Development must be revamped. The chaff removed - and the windows and doors opened - to clean the room and get rid of the cobwebs. Now.

The SF Health Department keeps placating California Pacific Medical Center - the Community Benefits - spent on pet projects - that Barbara Gracia favors and her inner circle favor - and more favors certain segments of the population.

California Pacific Medical Center has backed Dr Nadine Burke and Malia Cohen - created some dubious Wellness Center in the Bayview - at a contaminated site - 3450 Third Street. Spent over $4 million linked to Community Benefits - without one single meaningful meeting - with the community at large.

Other tainted money - have been given to others - using the San Francisco Foundation as a front - and an audit on these grants - will show clear favoritism - doing favors to people who are in the "inner circle" - and others who favor the given grants - having a hidden, agenda.

Left out are the indigent - the homeless shelters, foster children, youth and more queer youth - the lack of true "Charity Care".

Nothing for our Seniors and less for the Physically Challenged and the Mentally Challenged.

No money spent for  the Training for the Nurses.

Those that need help within the Nursing Cadre - right now with intent California Pacific Medical Center - is targeting Nurses and other medical personnel - working for them at Saint Luke's and at California Pacific Medical Center - situated on California Street.

Again and again all over the Bay Area - we have witnessed Sutter Hospitals the parent company - treat our nurses at their hospitals, the maintenance personnel, and other orderlies who work so hard at the many Sutter Hospitals- treat these hard working workers - with utter disdain.

These Disposition and Development Agreements are mostly ploys - where the language can mean anything - full of loopholes - and always impacting those that cannot defend - themselves.

Sutter Hospital main goal is not compassion, has nothing to do with quality medical care - it is all about raking millions - any which way they can. Cutting corners and making the care givers and the patients - suffer.

What kind of operation is this - and what are the Regulators doing about this - careless, harsh, sordid type of behavior and operations? Time to audit all the Sutter Hospital and have them re-certified on all levels.

The footprint of Saint Luke Hospital has been expanded a little - with parking and other amenities.

In the interim as soon as Saint Luke was taken over by California Pacific Medical Centers - the section of the hospital - dealing with the Mentally Challenged - was shut down.

Saint Luke's catered to the Southeast Sector - Excelsior, Bayview Hunters Point and the adjacent area - no more.

Patients not knowing about the change in owners at Saint Luke - are shocked and traumatized - often put in another ambulance - and sent to California Pacific Medical  Center - better known as CPMC -  patients discharged quickly with inferior care.

Prenatal cases, other serious cases linked to respiratory diseases - serious cancer cases - cannot be handled like before at Saint Luke's - situated in the Mission.

The nurses working there - cannot take it anymore.

The philosophy now carried on at Saint Luke's - is bringing in the patients and discharge them as soon as you can.

Nurses and personnel working for the patients - Nurses who have a heart and soul - do not work and think like that.

These good skilled nurses are not robots - and should not be treated with disdain. The Nurses must be cared for, appreciated, and CPMC and the Sutter Hospitals in general - have ways to go.

It is time the Mayor Edwin Lee go to Saint Luke's in cognito and see what is happening.

It is time the Supervisors who were involved in the dubious pact - that led to the fake - Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) visit Saint Luke's and see things for themselves - keeping their number down - and following the Brown Act.

Again and again in San Francisco - the poor and those that need help are shafted.

This nonsense must STOP - now. Do not test the patience of the people.

Again and again when it came to public comment the fake statements and presentations, the convoluted data even - by Rhonda Simmons - the SF Planning Department and the SF Health Department - was analysed - for all to see.

The shenanigans behind the fake figures and ploys revealed - for all to see.

Light was shed where there was abject darkness.

CPMC revealed in broad daylight - for all their ploys and machinations - to the detriment of innocent and more indigent San Franciscans - who happen to be suffering and poor.

Kudos to the compassionate and astute San Francisco Advocates - who again - thorough hard work and great sacrifice - make us all feel - proud. Their public comment was excellent - and the Mayor Edwin Lee - himself an advocate - should pay attention and work with the advocates - and nip the nonsense in the bud.

Come Ed do not forget your roots - and stop spending too much with the filthy rich - who have no heart - and less compassion.

This is Ohlone Land - and every square inch was stolen.

 Sutter Hospital and those that are affiliated better change the way they do business.

You all do not have the blessings of the Ohlone - the First People of the area - unless you change your ways.

Believe me - if you do not pay heed - you will fail - and fall flat on your face - remember that you are warned.

Those in the Medical and Hospital services are mandated to treat the ill and sick with dignity - that includes the poor.

California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) - has a short time to change its way and more to treat all people with - respect. Aho.