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Sunday, December 7, 2014


All over our Nation - mostly youth and young adults are experimenting with "synthetic drugs".

Most of these synthetic drugs - coming in from Mainland China - from cities like Shanghai - with hubs in Europe - marketing and providing millions of dollars of "synthetic drugs" - to anyone on demand - that often kill those who experiment with them.

The paradox these synthetic drugs - marketed here in the United States state clearly "not for human consumption".

Yet our youth, young adults - and those hooked on drugs - getting high being their norm - and literally jeopardizing - the many values and principles - that most decent, hardworking, principled constituents - adhere to.

Our hospitals sometimes cannot deal with the patients who consume these drugs.

Specially formulated - the Federal Agencies cannot label them under any drug that the Federal Agencies - have analyzed and tested - and labelled.

Most synthetic drugs - are tweaked in such a way - that they are unique - often taking weeks and months for the more sophisticated laboratories - to analyze the content - further making this situation - so convoluted - and dangerous.

The Chinese who market these synthetic drugs - are so sophisticated that they taunt you and defy you to - ask them to produce a certain special drug.

They have made such progress - altering chemicals - where they can alter any formula - so that even when it is tested - it does not fit into any of the labeled drugs - tested by any United States Federal Drug Agency.

Our United States Federal laboratories - that today - have its hands tied - and with less person power - cannot enforce - this on going - very serious problem.

Private laboratories have the ability to analyze any of these synthetic drugs - not for free - but for a fee. 

There are reports of young women and men - using these drugs - much like the LSD experimented in the 1960s - people using these drugs - report trees dancing like Broccoli - people high on these synthetic drugs - hallucinate for days - our Society has an affinity for drugs - and so most of what is happening - in many circles - is condoned.

People on these synthetic drugs - talking to cars - and at times acting very, very aggressive.

Often forcing Law Enforcement to take actions - that have deadly, consequences.

Youth and young adults have been found dead - many of the youth coming from Middle Class families.

Others in the United States - marketing these synthetic drugs - those marketing these synthetic drugs -  making $50,000 to $100,000 a month - some more -  and many working from the basement of their homes - and rental units.

We had one case - right here in San Francisco - in the Mission.

Most everyone who attend the rave like gathering and other home  parties by invitation only - are fully aware of  these synthetic drugs - and most really do not care - about the very serious consequences - many innocent people - dying.

Law Enforcement now has to have the backing of the Federal and State government - with our National Laboratories - backing the State and Local Law Enforcement.

As previously stated - the Government Laboratories themselves - find it very difficult - to analyze these "synthetic drugs".

What is more Law Enforcement have a difficult time - charging the Kingpins marketing these synthetic drugs - it takes years to charge someone - and all these at very great expense. 

Today less than 20 have those charged - have gone to jail - and as I have stated - it takes years and a lot of money to throw the book - find those perpetuating these crimes - and take them to task - as we must.

For some reason Shanghai seems to have captured the market - proving millions of dollars of synthetic drugs to Europe, Russia, the United States all over the world.

What is our United States Government doing about this very serious situation?

The youth and young adults love to experiment - we cannot generalize - but those who are determined to experiment do - and many of them fall prey to death.

What are we doing to inform - more to educate - still more to save lives?

Our Government does not have the legal backing to go after these criminal elements that market and flood the market with these synthetic drugs. Defy our laws and flood our cities and town - by send these synthetic drugs - by mail.

Frankly speaking they are not illegal - because the Federal Agents have yet to analyze them - and secondly notify the Regulatory Agencies - what is legal and what is illegal.

 The criminals - are steps ahead - and those who suffer are our American citizens.

On another note these drugs are legal in Mainland China.

Our United States Government must do something - but, this dialog - between China and the United States - on this issue is moving at snail pace.

In the interim many innocent youth and young adults - die.

Synthetic drugs are adversely impacting our Society - and we must address this situation on a "war footing".