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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Mother Nature has showered San Francisco with blessings.
Blessings from the sky and more on the way - San Francisco is half way there - we still need rain to beat the on going drought hands down.

In the last four days we have got over 6.9 inches of rain - the strong winds - and the air is clean - and there is a breathe of freshness - long seen and much appreciated.

Our streets are clean - and those dangerous particulates that tarnish the walls and the facades - no more seen - washed away and on the way to the sewage plant - in our dual system that takes both the run off from the rains - and the sewage from our homes and other facilities.

We have made up for ten percent of our water requirements so far - we get our clean drinking water - from 160 miles away - from Hetch Hetchy.

At Yosemite where the rain is much appreciated - Yosemite now has its famous water falls - making an appearance - the waters can be seen from a far away. What a sight - to witness - this, one of kind waterfall - what a pleasure after all these years of drought.

The trees that have been waiting - thirsty - they all have now had their fill and the leaves are clean, the trunks can have their fill too - and make the roots - feel strong.

The San Francisco drain storms need attention - and the Department of Public Works have been over worked - and are doing an excellent job.

In our neighborhoods we must help keep the leaves, the other materials that clog our manholes - clean.

We can do this for one simple reason - we all must treat our great City and County of San Francisco - with respect.

Heavy rains bring infrastructure problems - on Lake Street nearer the Presidio of San Francisco - there is a large sink hole - large enough for several cars to be filled in this very large sink hole.

The infrastructure is over 100 years old - and reflects the time when the Spring Water Company - ran the show - with pipes and other material - stamped Spring Water Company.

Even though the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is in charge of our clean drinking water - everyone knows the work on the infrastructure is done by the Department of Public Works (DPW).

DPW - who are paid by the Enterprise Department - the SFPUC - that talks a lot - but their actions - are far and between. Never once at the SFPU Commission are kudos given to the Department of Public Works - at the sites the SFPUC person talk as if she knows it all - especially at the Lake site sink hole - less talk and more action.

At Parcel A we are getting the results of high levels of Asbestos Structures.

The City's point person is Amy Brownell - her boss is Barbara Gracia - her boss is Mayor Edwin Lee.

These three stooges should be doing their job - but as usual the workers are exposed to high levels of Asbestos Structures and no one seems to care.

Jack Broadbent will be sent this article - he kind of knows what is happening - and is nonchalant.

It is a Lennar Urban project - that is short on standards - breaking laws - and was fined $515,000 plus - the last time around - in recent months should have received several Notices of Violations - so someone needs to go to JAIL.

Jack Broadbent is the Director of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - that has been playing second fiddle - and the time to act is now.

More, at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - all sorts of infringements - the Department of Building Inspection - fast asleep at the wheel.

Right now the rains have created POOLS - and the Mayor Edwin Lee must go and take a look - and perhaps gather the pertinent facts and act - more pertaining to sea level rise - flooding and liquefaction.

The ribbon cutting and rubbing shoulders with Salesforce, Twitter, the other corporate crooks - who get benefits for sure - but our infrastructure is in peril.

The man knows about it - much as his moustache - and does little - pussyfooting with AirB&B and other such - nefarious entities.

Rental housing is not to be found in this City - one bed room now going for $3500 and some in richer areas for more. Thousands of families have left San Francisco - and the Mayor is still busy ribbon cutting.

When is the last time he visited a Homeless Shelter - and when is the last time he visited the homeless sleeping under our bridges, under the bushes - and facing inclement weather?

Right by Candlestick Stadium a large rig was literally floating - the large pool of water.

The pool of water was so large - it lifted the rig and with great difficulty the driver - made it way out.

The pools are right now for the entire world to see. Go check it out - right in front of Candlestick Stadium - you all can take a swim and get ready for the Olympics.

Reality Check. The show is for free.

The housing planned for the area around Candlestick Point - some 30,000 units lacks sound transportation, less safety, the former garbage dump is now a State Park.

Lennar Urban and Macerich wants to swap the State Park for some contaminated ground at Parcel E on Hunters Point - and our City and County of San Francisco - and those in charge - are standing and allowing all these ploys and machinations to take place.

Try to build a Shopping Mall near a former Garbage Dump Site - no one can fool all the people all the time. Who wants a shopping mall near a - "dump site " - when we have first class establishments downtown. Not even the Chinese from Mainland China - will fall for this ploy.

They can go shopping near by to Singapore, Australia, even London, Paris, and Frankfurt - if they so desire.

Where is the Precautionary Principle? It is law and on our books? These laws must be applied to the sites that are contaminated - and adversely impacting so many - thousands of people.

Who truly cares to enforce the Mather Act - linked to liquefaction, flooding and so on.

We have the maps, we have the tools - but where is the enforcement?

Stephanie Cushing knows about it - Barbara Gracia is in charge of health and such matters.

The utter nonsense going on in this area - the Southeast Sector of our City is pathetic to say the least.

Raw sewage flowing on Carroll Street - and with these rains - no one is monitoring the area.

Rigs ply with contaminated dirt - the tops not covered - and absolutely no enforcement - Lennar Urban is busy - breaking the laws - and some one must go to JAIL.

Crooks mostly Black acting as Brokers for Lennar - trying to rake in some easy money.

No dust control enforcement - no traffic control, contaminated dust flowing all over the place.

Spread more with this heavy rain - and to add to it - feces from the near by Alice Griffith Project. Tons of talk - but no action at all.

We all love the rain - and with the heavy rain comes the exposure of stuff that has not been done - deferred maintenance that is coming to bite the City of San Francisco and more the SFPUC - in the butt.

We need the rain - and we need those things that must be operable  - functioning well.

The time is now - the floods are on - and Mother Nature - does its thing - it is man who has made a fool of himself - exposed with his ploys of deferred maintenance - broken promises - and tons of hot air.

Pass the Candlestick Exit going south on Highway 101 - the road is a mess - has been a mess - for years - we must send a Notice of Violation to Brisbane - fix that road, now.

Right by Baylands Soil Processing - hundreds of trucks going in and out - and the wear and tear - impacting thousands of innocent drivers - who use that road - to go to work - live in the area.

Add to that the thousands of rigs - from far off places - that bring in contaminated soil - and take out - cleaned soil.

An operation that has been doing well - but not when it comes to the community at large. You are put on notice.