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Saturday, September 2, 2017


Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -

For thousands of years - the Great Spirit - bestowed " wisdom " - on many Native American leaders - women and men.

Wisdom comes from deep spirituality - that does NOT exists - among - so called leaders in today's world - non Native American.

The ability to discern - and most of all  "respect " - a word that has been lost in all the madness - the ploys, machinations and the shenanigans - one of a kind - that prevail today here in the United States at all levels.

Hurricane Harvey

When tragedy strikes America - it is only recognized - when the tragedy strikes those who have NOT made their abode for thousands of years here on Turtle Island - now known as America. The strangers - simply cannot get it - they are so full of it - these are the signs of the times - and the corrupt and evil will perish - and suffer in promotion to the evil deeds they commit.

The thieves who stole the land - speak with a " forked tongue " - you can watch any recording, any video clip - just watch the sordid and " evil " speak - and you see the devil - working.

By contrast any speech given by a Native American is completely different - paying her or his respect to the host Nation.

Always invoking the Great Spirit to bless the deliberations at hand.

The burning of " sage " to cleanse the environs - and turning to the East, West, the South and the North - to recognize who really is in charge.

Today's politicians be it Donald Trump - or anyone swimming in the cesspool of corrupt politics -  Hillary and Bill Clinton - Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi - these scum of the earth - are devils - and that is putting it mildly.

Many of us - who do not understand the deliberations of the politicians - you will be shocked how our economy is propped up - and even as the stocks move upwards - our economy - where it counts - is doing down - into the cesspool of our own creation - fake values given to some artificial value - that do not even exist.

Donald Trump instead of supporting South Korea - has chosen to intimidate South Korea - such actions - come only from the devil - the man is a - " egoistical maniac ".

We saw this in 2008 and when it happened - the spiraling of the economy - Barack Hussein Obama - met with the key Democrats - the ones that have billions of dollars - and created - some semblance - where  - we the tax payers - paid the large Insurance and Financial Institutions - and they got the benefits - yes, the Democrats.

Gave them billions of dollars - with the insurance of the Federal  Reserve Bank - which is controlled by the Mafia - and to top it all is - private.

One of many Federal Reserve Banks

In 1913 when the Federal Reserve Bank - really backed the dollar with gold - during the December holidays of that year - the backing of gold was done away with - and the present Federal  Reserve Bank created - a private bank - with the word " Federal " - which should truly read " Private " - more Crooked.

Much like Washington District of Columbia - and all the special prevalence it gets.

It is run like a Corporation - a Corporation - that works like the Mafia.

The Supreme Court says - Corporations are people too. No way.

We must take control of our destiny - the citizens - we have the say not the corporation - we individually vote and makes things happen - not the Corporations and the Mafia.

Many have NO clue - how corrupt our Nation has become.

There is NO true democracy - prevailing anywhere in our Nation.

We might be called a Republic - what does that really mean ?

Every citizen has power in a Republic - may be this article will shed some light - we need to take back our power - and make the Corporations a pawn of the people - we control them - not the other way around:

The every day workings of our government - are dubious  - at best.

The very rules and principles the Founding Father put to a test - and believe me they went through hell - bribes and other machinations prevailed then - but NOT as we witness today at all levels - the saturation of corruption - at all levels - is something else.

We have a special class of Mafia - the one percent - who can spend as much money as they want - have access to anything they want - and the divide - in our Nation has become  so great - and the only way - we can create any semblance - is by wiping the board clean.

Notice how George Bush Senior and his wife Barbara - have not said anything substantial - about Hurricane Harvey - Harvey means " iron " is also means - " blazing ".

They promised some money - nothing is forthcoming so far. Much like the $1 million that Donald Trump promised - he said something - hot air - where is the beef?

That is what most rich folks do - they promise - they lie - they steal - they deny - the live hoodwinking the people - they are scumbags. Most of them - a disgrace to our human race.

Erma another hurricane on the way - Irma means " complete " - she is also a War Godess.

In a few days - Irma will touch some land - mostly probably the area around Florida - that is another area of blatant corruption. Lennar Urban hails from Florida and should go back to welcome - " Irma ".  Mind my words.

Not a word from George W. Bush - and his wife Laura - actions count

The singer Beyonce - donating - over $7 million to bring succor - to her people in Texas and some may not know - Beyonce has a lot of Native American in her - that brings out such noble actions  -  setting the tone to the Nation.  Aho.

Actions count - not a whimper from Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he was quick to have some buffoons on the steps of City Hall - protesting - so called " White Supremacy " - who did not meet in force - at Crissy Field - nor other places in San Francisco.

We tax payers paid over $500, 000 - for all the over time - a storm in a little tea cup - but Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not sent any help to Texas or Louisiana.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is  - all talk and NO - walk.

A good example of  a scum bag - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he should step down and move away.

Recently we asked for and got some information - that we will reveal to the Public at large - the crooks - in San Francisco - and raking millions - and all for themselves - their own campaign coffers - and they think - all will be well.

Chief Sitting Bull -
he united his people the Lakota.

I went to North Dakota - the land of Chief Sitting Bull - a Lakota Chief -  for whom I have a deep respect - so too Chief Joseph - they have given me an inspiration - so deep - that I can connect with all that is happening to in the 2017 - and more with empirical data.

Chief Joseph - 
he cared for his people - sacrificing his own life.

I predicted years ago - that the Great Spirit would bring all of these " evil powers " that harm the Native Americans to their knees.

This has happened today - and those in power - who wanted to make money fracking, moving fossil fuels, cheating, bluffing, hoodwinking - have fallen on their faces - and what is more lost - billions.

When the Whites lose money - their world falls apart - and more they will fall prey and become restless and crazy - we see them today - they have given up HOPE - more, because they have NO faith - they are mostly spiritually - bankrupt.

The Muweka Ohlone have lived in one place 
for over 13, 000 years -
all around San Francisco thieves the likes of 
Mayor Edwin M. Lee are raking in millions -
all that will come to an end - soon - mark my words.

Here in San Francisco the Ohlone have lived in one place for over 13, 000 years. Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the fornicators, those that purport to represent but do not - will NOT know that.

Simply put they are NOT educated on issues - and are spiritually bankrupt.

San Francisco at all levels - has used " behest donations " and the Federal Bureau of Investigation - is now looking at Mayor Edwin. M. Lee and his lackeys - we start with the Bayview Opera House and the millions - wasted.

Much like the FBI looked at Derf Butler, Shrimp Boy, Keith Jackson, Turner Brother - all of them have been wheeling and dealing with Mayor Edwin M. Lee. Time will tell.

All of San Francisco belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - and I represent them.

This buffoon must go -
evil to the core -
Mayor Edwin M. Lee the crook of the worst order.

You would NOT know that listening to Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  who is full of hot air - who cannot walk the streets of San Francisco - except - with a large entourage  - Law Enforcement.

His time has come - he has to step down - good riddance of very bad rubbish.