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Saturday, May 7, 2016


Maria Christina " Mama" - 66 years old -
a fearless leader - who has been an example -
to those that advocate - she strands for the rights of those -
that need help most.

People are always asking - why are these "heroes" - putting their lives on the line. To understand the fact at hand - you must be wise and more " spiritual ". Wisdom comes with experience and fortitude - and spirituality - by sacrificing, loving, and praying - compassion.

Many of us - are far away - from the days of the "Civil Rights Days " - that won us so many of our rights today.

 Even though - most of us - know superficially - the many rights we all have - inherent - in our Constitution. Again and again - when our Civil Rights and other rights are challenged - we do stand up and fight for our rights.

When the Elders - talk about the marches - speak about others from the South - how dogs and fire hoses were used on those marching - others beat  by batons and sticks - the " racists police " in the South" did that and more.

We hear these narrations - but we fail to understand - what it demands to take a real - stand.

San Franciscans - constituents have been protesting -
from some time now. Demanding - that the -
SF Police Officers - " the rogue ones " stop
shooting first - and asking question later.

This fight for our rights - is one that is close to the " freedom" we all enjoy.We must always remember that - if we enjoy the freedoms today - we must protect and preserve them - for future - generation.

There is freedom and there is license.  Abuse of " freedom" is license. 

When we hear and more see - the " rogue officers" exercise their " Bill of Rights " - and abuse " freedom ". Something in us - tell us - we must stand up for our rights - we the people - must stand up for our FREEDOM.

Long before the " 5" chose to fast outside -
 the Mission Police Station - many of us marched
from 24th  Street to pray and state our rights -
when the "5 fasting" - chose the site - we had already -
prepared - by sanctifying the site - that has made history.

Fasting has always attracted attention - from the great master - Mahatma Gandhi, to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to Caesar Chavez, to numerous others - who have chosen " the peaceful fasting methods " to bring attention - to the cause - they have determined - they want to fight for.

The KKK having their ceremony - where yesterday -
and days before that - we could not take our banners - inside -
City Hall -  what the KKK could do freely -
the times have changed -  we who truly believe in freedom -
are treated with disdain - and cannot exercise our FREEDOM.
The above photograph - taken in 1938 -  at SF City Hall. 

Mayor Edwin Lee - who so far - has shown -

The Mayor chose May 2, 2016 - in the morning - unannounced - with Paul Henderson and others - to bully those " fasting " - pretending - he the Mayor - was there to negotiate a deal.

This one act - anyone who knows about de-escalation - will tell you - is a far cry - and flies in the face of the Mayor and those who advise him.

Those " fasting" were weak - more in the morning - Maria Cristina who is 66 years - was shocked that the Mayor was talking to her. 

Maria Cristina - steadied herself - and spoke up - her reminded the Mayor that if he wanted to speak the " 5 fasting" - she need a consensus -  more for " transparency" - consultation with the many who support those fasting - through " accountability"- others supporting the " fast" - present - while the Mayor deliberates.

The Mayor thought this was unfair - such are the doings of those that are " stupid" - having " no compassion" and lacking sound - leadership.

A good leaders brings others together - not so Mayor Edwin M Lee and his lackeys.

This one act is a very poor reflection on those who are in charge of  Violence Prevention and Intervention - we tax  payers  pay their huge salaries.

I know Paul Henderson should have thought out this strategy - but he failed - and so did those who supported him. 

Paul Henderson - wanted to win " browny points" - and he knows that - this one poor decision - will come to haunt him and his future.

Selassie, Ike, Equipto, Edwin and Mama, Maria
Cristina - have each displayed tenacity and fortitude -
everyone knows this - including the Captain of the
Mission Police Station - Captain Dan Parea.

While most supporting those fasting eat and have been present to support  - those that have been fasting - who we affectionately call " FRICO 5 ".

Those fasting - have been battling fatigue - fasting is new to them - and yet - they have adapted themselves - trying their best - to accommodate the numerous - who have questions - the journalists who want all they want to know - the curious who do not know better.

The children who find this method - of fasting - difficult to understand - yet those fasting and especially Maria Cristina - who runs a school - has been very - understanding.

The teachers come and speak - they bring their students to learn from this civic lesson - and at some time they ask those fasting to speak - and I have been there - and I have witnessed - history being made.

The youth listen - and such lessons - on of a kind - they take with them  lasting lessons for life.

One day - the leaders will say: "  I was there - and I witnessed something - I did not fully comprehend. Today - if I am a leader by my own right - that one singular moment - changed my life."

I have seen the change in the youth - tears flowing down their cheeks - and the deafening - silence -  hundreds gathering - and yet you hear the heart throbs - one of a kind - spiritual experience.

Those fasting - taking some time to talk -
and answer questions from the children and
youth - hundreds came and left a better person.

I have done what I can do - for this great City and County of San Francisco - those who have got in contact with me - know more.

I am not afraid of the authorities - I have nothing to fear -  I know deep in my heart - that I am doing right - I have nothing to fear.

Anyone way you look at this situation our Mayor has failed to represent. 

Other authorities who can speak up are afraid to speak to the Mayor - they are more concerned about their salaries - and if the Mayor will retaliate. Wake up and represent San Francisco.

Most of our SF Board of Supervisors - still make excuses - direct action is a far cry from the ways of the political whores and pimps - the likes of London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell and Katy Tang.

We know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah - that is what San Francisco is heading for. I have said it before - but I know - something for certain - and that picture is not - very pretty. Aho.