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Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hundreds came to pay their respects -
to Maria Cristina (Mama), Selassie, Ike, 
Equipto and Edwin.  Fasting outside the SF Mission
Police Station - 630 Valencia.

Yesterday - Saturday - May 8, 2016 - the Frisco 5 - with the support of the community that supported them - decided - to end their fast. 

All of them as still under - medical supervision - and this one act - taken to bring change - has had far reaching - results.Slowly they will resume eating - and this may take a week or more - to stabilize their being.

Fasting and putting one's life on the line - to attain a goal or goals - for the good on the community - is not something that must be taken lightly. We San Franciscans appreciate and honor their stand for good.

The main media - at least most of them believe in sensational news - always spinning the facts - and trying to say something that is far - from the truth.

We have had some blogs - who have tired to do their best - 48 Hill is one of them. 

Some indigenous news papers " El Tecoldte " - who have tried to stay true - to the happenings and occurrences. God bless you all - for doing right - while some of us - tried our best to put our best foot - forward.

The many protests held in front of City Hall -
and the many more - that will be held -
in all of these endeavors - we must seek change -
change without violence - and change for good.

We all agree - that there are systemic issues - that we must addressed - they adversely impact - thousands.

We can point fingers at our City Officials including our Mayor, Edwin M. Lee.

We the people are in the cockpit. We have a title- that we must not forget ever - Citizen. Citizens who can vote. We can keep listening to the crooked politicians - or vote them out.

Right now - with this protest - our youth have had their first hand lessons - and learned a lot - about a supreme sacrifice - putting one's life on the line.

It is one thing to talk about it - it is another to do - what most cowards and those that are " evil " and " corrupt " - cannot think about - less act. - is undertake a " fast". They would not last for long - as they lack the " moral compass " - they are spiritually - bankrupt.

The low riders came out to support -
but so did the SF Police Officers - to ticket -
however - we stood up and spoke up -
and in the end - that matter was laid to rest.

This is San Francisco - we all came together - because we embrace all - and felt the pain.

So when the low riders came - we all rejoiced - and even though the SF Police came out to - exercise their right to give out some tickets. 

We the citizens spoke up - and took a stand - and in the end - we all won - because the SF Police saw that our intentions - were in the right place. 

We have 2000 San Francisco Police Officers - and we pay them their salaries. Among them we have 300 or so bad apples - they should move somewhere else - many of them do not live in San Francisco.

We expect the SF Police Officers - to serve, protect, and support the citizens of San Francisco.

Let us not talk about some others places - and how those police officers act.

 Let us together - find solutions - that our leaders in Room 200 at City Hall - have failed to find.

We can go to the courts - but you need money - and the legalese favor those - who are convoluted - and one can spend thousands of dollars - for nought.

We had all segments come to visit -
the Frisco 5 - in unity and to show love -
and support - in a manner never seen before.
This after all is San Francisco - and we love our City.

The fast linked to the " Frisco 5 " - took sometime to understand - while City Hall and Room 200 - kept working against the community.

This one act - will come to haunt - Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys.

The community is united now - more then ever - and the protest will continue and must continue - to bring about the right change - because we live in a democracy.

There is " freedom " and there is " license ". Abuse of  freedom  is license.

The politicians must fully realize - right now most of them are greedy and their main occupation - is filling their campaign coffers.

They hire consultants - take thousands if not millions - from Political Action Committees  (PACs) - donations - tainted money - more BLOOD money.

Check the SF Ethics website - and see - for yourself - the amount of donations - Supervisor London Breed and Malia Cohen - have amassed.  Two very corrupt - individuals - and total - sell outs.

Our youth and young adults are going to play
an important role - and are much more informed -
and more educated on issues. The segment of
our population are now demanding to VOTE.
Think about it - today fewer adults are voting -
for reason best known to us all - systemic corruption.

We have had the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others take a junket to Washington D.C. to hoodwink us San Franciscans - working with the Department of Justice (DOJ) - bringing to San Francisco - Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - a foul Acronym.

COPS has been hoodwinking communities nationwide - a review board that cannot investigate and less adjudicate. They take on an average - two years - to interview people - and provide documents - in some cases three and four years.

COPS is not sensitive to the issue - when a parent is a victim and their child has been murdered - what brings some succor - to the parents and loved ones - is adjudication  - that is fair and right.

With met with COPS - explained to them why some of us think - DOJ - stands for Department of Jokers. They can take it or leave it - but STOP playing games with us - San Franciscans.

Adults have met our youth and young adults down - depriving them of a voice - and this on going nonsense  -must STOP - now.

Our youth and young adults are very smart, educated - have access to more information .

Access to youth forums that tackle impending - legislations, resolutions, debates - attending hearing at all levels - and representing their views and values - in a stellar, manner.

In comparison - our SF Boards of Supervisors the likes of Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, and London Breed are a disgrace to the human race - and San Francisco.

The above politicians are not here - to represent - they are in office to better their prospects - but, each of them - will fall - flat on their faces.

The SF Board of Supervisors in session -
the ones I have named - mostly spewing diatribe.
Leading the charge London Breed and Malia Cohen.

I have said it before and I will say it now - and may say it again.

City Hall can be shut down - without stepping inside - and this will happen - unless the protestors are respected - I am talking about San Franciscans - who are educated and have a right to demand - what is due them.  They after all are the tax payers.

We have issues with housing, affordable housing to those making below $40, 000. Rents going up - $3500 for a one bed room - $5000 for a two bed room - go figure!

We have issues with congestion - too many vehicles and an increase when it comes to our Carbon Footprint. 

The result - climate change, sea level rise - and when the Big One comes - flooding and liquefaction.

There is the Maher Act - complete with maps and ordinances - that are taken lightly.

 The Mayor, is trying to fool us - that he is addressing -  the many serious " environmental issues " - when he is - NOT.

We have the Precautionary Principle - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has not read it - and even if he reads it - he cannot comprehend the language and more the vision of the document.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - not to be trusted. A crook.

The Mayor has held many positions - and  in each position  he has been an - " utter" failure. 

He headed the Human Right Commission and did nothing. 

He headed the Department of Public Works - he supposedly is a Civil Rights Attorney. 

He headed the Contracting Department - rubber stamping and has impending court cases - linked to corruption.

He stepped in at City Administrator - after Bill Lee left - and then he chose to listen to the corrupt politicians - Diane Feinstein, Willie L. Brown Jr, - other members of the MACHINE - to become Mayor of San Francisco - and further his corruption and has ruined our City.

In the last 15 years - while Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been around - over 50, 000 families have left San Francisco. 

Our neighborhoods truly make San Francisco - and we need a dynamic, selfless, righteous Mayor - not a lackey and a lap dog - and one that rubber stamps.

We have over 30, 000 homeless - in shelters, sleeping under bushes, under bridges. 

Three and four families sharing a two bed room and many living in a one bed room - living is such conditions - is a disgrace to the human race.

We have 10, 000 truants - youth and young adults - that have stopped functioning as decent human beings.

We have the Queer population suffering - many use to come to San Francisco - and got help - no more.

Twenty five percent of San Francisco's  population - use to be Black - they are now - closer to two percent - and dwindling. 

This is Ohlone Land - every square inch -
we do not need every square inch developed.
Do not invite - folks here to San Francisco -
who cannot contribute to San Francisco .

Many of us are sick of Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

In the recent - fiasco he created - with the " Frisco 5 " incident - I interceded - and could have - right at the beginning - brought about - quick results.

This Mayor, Edwin M. Lee must step down - or face the IRE of the people. Aho.