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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The indigenous people know better at times like this -
the 13 day of the fast - the day of " decision " -
today's march to City Hall will make history.
The Mayor's ploy failed yesterday - the coward -
will be exposed for all his - divisiveness.

The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - shows up unannounced - at the San Francisco Mission Police Station - 630 Valencia. Then he arbitrarily decided - to meet those fasting - in private.  At all times -the 5 fasting - and we the people united - make the pertinent decision - we are NOT sell outs - and more we do not pander.

This matter is very serious - all actions - must be  conducted in the open.

This is not wheeling and dealing - and the lackeys praising the Mayor of his divisiveness and corrupt actions - and getting favors.

This matter is very serious - there is no wheeling and dealing - and with those who are fasting - this is a " spiritual matter " - the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - should be ashamed of himself and his sordid - conduct.

No dialog will be conduct in private - everything must be in the open. 

We the people, the tax payers - pay your salary to represent  the people and tax payers of San Francisco.

Edwin M. Lee. You are a " lap dog with fleas " - you should be ashamed - using a failed media ploy - to deceive us - we cannot be bought and we cannot be intimidated.

The 5 fasting Maria Cristina who gave you her piece of her mind - holding her pride intact - yesterday, when she met you - when you appeared unannounced - at the SF Mission Police Station.

 Maria Cristina aged 66 years - mother of Equipto her son fasting too -  told you to your face - that the five fasting - want to meet you in public - in front of those that support this fasting - today in its 13th day.

 If you the Edwin M. Lee - desire to meet - those that are fasting - all of them must be present - in front of a sizable crowd - to witness how accountable and transparent you are - Edwin M. Lee. So far - to be very transparent - you have been a coward and a liar - of the highest - order.

The others Equipto who Maria Cristina's son - Maria is 66 years and has held up so far. If she dies - all hell will break loose - in all of San Francisco - make no bones about that - Edwin M. Lee.

This is a Brown and Black movement - and we can - if we want rally over 10, 000 bodies.

Selassie, Ike, and Edwin - each have contributed to Society - in their own way.  A well know rapper Selassie, Ike a teacher, and Edwin a lawyer who is running for Supervisor - District 9. Maria Christina a fighter and a mother - aged 66 years and her dear sone a well know rapper - Equipto. I know them all and can vouch of their character - personally.

We started with prayers - yesterday -
Maria Cristina - told the Mayor yesterday - 
she is praying for him - and for a change of heart -
the Mayor's folks - consider today - business as usual.

Some days ago - I sent an email to the key authorities - in our City and County of San Francisco - to address the " fasting " of the five individuals.

Again - one woman who is 66 years and the other 4 men - to bring attention to the " murders " - happening in our neighborhood - by some " rogue" SF Police Officers.

My email encourage those reading it  to please treat this matter seriously - and of course with compassion.

I did this with the authority invested in me - by the Chairperson of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - the First People of San Francisco.

I have never done this before - but I fully comprehend - if a death occurs - or harm comes to the five fasting now.

We the people united, will never, ever be defeated - but more this City of San Francisco - with a " lap dog " Mayor and the lackeys that advice him - will feel the IRE of the people.

Today we will meet in numbers - we are dead serious -
your lackeys and advisors -  better have you ready -
to meet those fasting and others -
we demand that you Edwin M. Lee - step down.

This Mayor shooed into office -  by evil folks like Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Willie L. Brown Jr., - the many Zionists that are controlling our economy - think - that they can mess with our lives in San Francisco. This will never happen - the Brown and Black movement - grows ever - strong.

Over the last 5 years over 50, 000 families have left San Francisco - the high rents, the lack of career jobs, the congestion on our streets.

The pollution of the air - our infants, children, youth, young adults , our seniors, those with compromised health, the physically challenged, mentally challenged - are all suffering.

Quality of Life issues - have been put on the back burner - by this sordid Mayor - Edwin M. Lee.

Over fifty percent of those in our jails are Black - while the Black form three percent of our San Francisco population.

San Francisco population  is about 830, 000. Once Blacks in San Francisco accounted for 25% of the entire population of San Francisco. No more. 

This is Ohlone land - the Ohlone have
been here for over 13, 000 years.
The Mayor has been put on notice -
this is a clarion call - concede to the demands -
of the people - the constituents - who pay your salary.

Today we have revolutionaries - much like the  Prophets of yore -  women and men of good faith - we are in it all together.

This is NOT the first time we have spear-headed a movement - we brought Lennar Urban to its feet - and they fell flat on their face.

We spear headed the Oscar Grant movement - and we continue to do what we do best - today with the Justice of Mario Woods Coalition and we will support the 5 fasting - as best we can - and we do.

Mahatma Gandhi said of those who chose to fast to bring about change: " First they ignore you - then they fight you - then you WIN".

Cowards cannot fast - and make a sacrifice. Mayor Edwin M. Lee may talk the talk - but for sure at the end of today - the world will witness - who can walk the walk.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - as a young man.
A far cry - from the "hog" that he is today.

Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - use to be an advocate - and above is a picture of him - as a young man.

Today - he a puffed man - who resembles a " hog " - mustache and all - he talks from both sides of his mouth - spews diatribe - and has destroyed - all that was good - in San Francisco.

Petty crimes have increased thousand fold - home break-ins, assaults, murders of all types - we know what is happening - and ordinary tax paying citizens - are bewildered, confounded, shocked and perplexed.

San Francisco disparity is known the world over - the disparity gap in San Francisco - is lower than that of Rwanda - a Third World nation - in Central Africa.

Yet San Francisco with a $9 Billion plus budget - cannot address the homeless situation. Decent people who have called on bad times - sleeping in tents - under bushes, the bridges, anywhere and more on the streets of San Francisco.

Francisco Da Costa -
Tribal Liaison of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe -
in San Francisco.

Some days ago I sent an email to the Mayor, to the City Administrator, to the Controller, to the City Attorney, to the District Attorney.

To the elected Public Defender - to my attorney and other important people that I deemed necessary - to have compassion - and meet the demands of the 5 Fasting -  Maria Cristina, Equipto, Selassie, Ike, and Edwin.

I have been with those fasting from day one and for good measure.

I have monitored the salient and pertinent factors that have gone into this fast. Direct action - where women and men of good faith - put their lives on the line.

This action is NOT for cowards - and only those can make a Sacrifice who Love all.

The basic logistics and operations of this fast - are made possible by ordinary women and men - and they do a good job.

Today is the 13 day of the fast - today - history will be made - today - something must give.

I know one fact for sure - God is on the side of the people - I know who the " devil is " - I know who must step down - now. Aho.