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Saturday, May 14, 2016


This map of San Francisco when things 
were pristine - today  - most of the air, water and land -
contaminated - and more on the way.

The filthy rich who live in San Francisco the likes of Diane Feinstein - Richard Blum her husband.

George Shultz and his wife Charlotte - other like minded fat cats - not worth the salt  - think and act as if San Francisco - is their - sordid, play ground.

A Ohlone Warrior - this is their land -
for the ignorant - who live here on stolen land.
13, 000 years ago - there were no Whites of pale faces -
in all of California - and for sure Turtle Island.

When the Ohlone rules supreme - there was an abundance of Abolone, other types of berries, and food enough for all. The rivers and streams were pristine. The air clean - then came the pale faces - and all hell broke loose.

San Francisco - never - ever had a homeless problem - as we have today.

Now, unkempt folks enter the public buses - smelling bad, and forcing many to - alight from the buses - and wait for any mode of transportation - to take them to their - destination.

The Mayor Edwin Lee of course - has his cars - provided and paid by the tax payers - he should - drive his own car - and he should be ashamed of his failed - representation.

The evil Diane Feinstein -
who shooed in Mayor Edwin Lee -
despicable - and lacking leadership.

Diane Feinstein and other evil folks - who purport to represent - are wheeling and dealing - what is more selling our Nation to - corrupt Nations like Israel - this nonsense must STOP.

This is SF -
 City Hall circa 1938 -
the KKK was alive and kicking -
they are still here - you know and  see it more - 
when you study - who truly is the MACHINE.

San Francisco has stopped being a compassionate City.

 We see this today - by the many actions - that defy - logic - more  under the jurisdiction - of Mayor Edwin Lee.

 Our once great  City of San Francisco - is the laughing stock - folks the world over are wondering who is in charge - and why all the homelessness, the increase in crime - the murders by the rogue police officers.

The high rents, over 60, 000 families have left San Francisco - in the last 5 years - and the Mayor thinks - this is a JOKE.

Our neighborhoods are not what they use to be- and this Mayor who live on the " high hog " - is a disgrace to the human race - pathetic - he and his kind.

Mayor Edwin Lee -
despicable to the core - lacking leadership -
more having no comparison - always listening -
to those who know nothing much - what is happening -
at ground - zero.

Mayor Edwin Lee is a JOKE - the man has no comprehension -  knows little about - how the world works .

He is good at lying - but LIES take one - only so far. 

Those crooks - mostly Black crooks - other lackeys who praise his ass - are the type of people - Mayor Edwin Lee - likes - and hovers around - the panderers.

When he meets a real man - any one that challenges him.

Anyone who can  - reveal to him the truth - he cows down and freezes. 

In case those of you - do not know - over 60, 000 signatures - have been collected - to remove this - corrupt man - from office.

The youth are fed up with Mayor Edwin Lee - he thinks he can win the youth over - making SFPUC pay stipends for summer jobs.

 The SFPUC doles out thousands of tax payers money - money set aside from the Sewer System Improvement Project - for Community Benefits.

 The Mayor -  thinks with such ploys - he can fool those that know - better.

Summer time he doles out - temporary jobs -  and - brags he has created 6000  Summer Jobs.

While all the time - Black youth are murdered .

The Mayor  does not have the " cajones " - to speak up and more to stop the murders - at the hands of the rogue - SF Police Officers.

Recently he has said he is waiting for the Department of Justice - Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - a review board the has no clout - to complete their work - it will take 3 years and more.

A review board that cannot do any investigation - that is COPS.
Stopping talking nonsense Mayor Edwin Lee - and communicate with those that do.

This $17 million you are doling out to those that do your bidding - in the Western Addition - scum bags like Amos Brown - in the Bayview - the mostly Black sell outs - like Young Community Developers - we know those kind - and we stay away from them.

On another note - there is a lot that has been happening wrong with the SF Police Department - going back 30 years. It is not as if - something - happened - yesterday.

All of the Penal Codes linked to policing,  the many Orders on the books, the other rules and regulations -  " the Police Bill of Rights " - rules the roost. 

A stupid man like Edwin Lee - is far removed from practical issues.

 All his life - he has been pandering - wheeling and dealing - and as I said - the " RICO ACT " should be served on this despicable - idiot.

Today he lives like a " hog" - looks like a " hog " and behaves like a " hog".

 Mayor Edwin Lee - thinks - we the people - can be fooled all the time.

It is time - before it get too hot - that he steps down - and fades into oblivion. Time is running out - he will be hounded like a "hog" and many actions are planned - to make life miserable for this - good for nothing - useless - spineless - so called  - Mayor - that has ruined our City and County of San Francisco.