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Monday, May 16, 2016


Too many ugly skyscrapers - doting the skyline -
this is Ohlone land - stop - abusing Mother Earth.

While all over San Francisco - deferred maintenance and lack of sound planning - has come to haunt this City and County of San Francisco.

Few know - that the empirical data shows large areas - vulnerable when the " Big One " hits us - any time now - but for sure in less than 10 years.

From the Ferry Building all the way to Montgomery Street - for sure the poor landfill - will come to haunt us - all. Plagued with serious liquefaction and flooding.

Today, we call that area our Financial District - if this City and County does not have a plan - a sound plan - the area will be a total - " Financial Disaster" - never,  seen in a long time.

Reminiscent of the movie - " San Andreas ".

Today - the San Francisco Port Authority are having workshops - lots of talk - but no "money" to address the issues - in a realistic manner.

To fix the piers - to address liquefaction and flooding - we need a a minimum $20 Billion dollars.

For all the talk - no one wants to put a price. 

They have done it in Portland, Oregon - and the neighboring areas - having the money at hand - and addressing the project with pier and tunnels - addressing infrastructure and transportation issues and more.

Portland has the ability to address their infrastructure  - with timelines and sound goals.  Having funds in hand in access of $40 Billion.

The mostly sordid - White experts in San Francisco - who deem to know about High Level Rise - Climate Change - the ever increasing -  Carbon Footprint - talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

The same old cronies  - who think this land is theirs - have left out the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of this area - in their discussion. 

I monitor - " these idiots " - not long ago I had to bring it to the attention of Monique Moyer - on the 150th anniversary of the SF Port that the Ohlone were here for over 10, 000 years.

Corrections were made and the final presentation - made available to the public - the presentation was some what correct. 

Pathetic how these White folks - think this land was theirs - that they were living here for thousands of years.

When for sure  some 350 years ago - few palefaces were in sight - more wanting all the help they could get - because they were lost in the land - then called - Turtle Island - all of the land belonged to the  the Native Americans.

Then this land was called Turtle Island - that was until Columbus saw some land - and named it - the foolishness of a time - for Church and King.

The indigenous people be it Black, Brown, Native American here in the United States - others - besides the Whites - have always had respect for Mother Earth.

The Whites anyway you look at them are GREEDY - it is always about profit - never mind if they have to sell their mothers for a nickel!

Take San Francisco for example - from 4th and King to Geneva Avenue - over 600, 000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air. These latest calculations are " mind boggling " - one ton of Methane Gas - equals - twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Just in the down town area - the Financial District and South of Market Area - the Carbon Footprint has increased by over 400%.

Of course our dumb - Mayor, Edwin Lee - has no clue - the adverse this has on infants, children, youth, young adult, senior, those with compromises health - the man is a JOKE.

Today the congestion today in San Francisco - resembles that of Los Angles and growing - the back to back traffic - the spewing of dangerous particulates - needs to be evaluated and studied .

Does San Francisco have a qualified Toxicologist - and if so - why do we not have the pertinent studies - post on the Internet for all to read - and more to know - the lack of relevant information - deprived to those that need to know.

Of course of SF Board of Supervisors - are busy - pussyfooting around - not once has any Supervisor - taken the opportunity to address quality of our - Infrastructure or the lack of it - when it comes to deferred maintenance - the large pot holes and now sink holes - some so big - they can swallow a bus.

Does anyone wonder maybe the tunneling - linked to the Transbay may be one of the causes?

Anyone monitoring the clean water pipe and the sewer pipes - most of them over 80 years old - and some older?The SF Public Utilities Commission - promises replacement - but each and every time we ask for a update - the progress report - is wanting and pending - to say the least - that behavior - is pathetic.

I am not saying that this job is not easy - but, what I am saying - where is the leadership and will - to prioritize and deliver - tax payers have are already paying.

Juliet Ellis - charged with defrauding our City and County of San Francisco - who works for the SF Public Utilities Commission - at the Assistant General Manger - for External Affairs - has NO clue about Infrastructure and related issues - but will have to deal with them - when there are untold problems.

She is  busy wasting tax payers money - on mundane projects - working with nefarious entities like Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, BAYCAT - others one worse than the other - doling out grants - from the funds set aside for the community and linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project.

 The large Bond Measures - the Water System Improvement Project -  a $2.4 Billion dollars Bond Measure - then followed by a $6 Billion Bond Measure - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project - has had NO audit.

We need to know about Mountain Tunnel and every aspect of that site and project. The same with Calavares and the many defaults - on a fault with recently found fissures - and a slew that does not meet seismic standards.

Climate Change, Sea Level Rise,  Liquefaction are at our door.

The buffoons are fast asleep at the cockpit.

The Mayor cannot have a conversation about this issue - linked to the increase in new sewer connections - in the thousands, clean water pipes - brand new - that need to be provided to the thousands of Market Price Units - flushing clean drinking water - down the toilet and more.

Water is like Gold - and here - we are defying the standards - wasting resources that were cared for - for thousands of years - by the Miwoks, the Piutes, the Pomos, others - land and water stolen from the First People - who lived here for thousands of years.

On the Electricity Front - Pacific Gas and Electric will take - the City and County of San Francisco - to the cleaners.

We have been pandering our assets to PG&E.

Read the Raker Act of 1913 - the hero-electricity was to be used from our Hetch Hetchy operations - to aid Public Housing - they get nothing they pay now - huge amount. Municipal Building they get the subsidy. The Department of Defense - all bases shut down and de-activated.

Hetch Hetchy resources are  Public must like the operations of Public Trust Land - but crooks - corrupt politicians - use Sacramento - to make amendments - to make deals with private entities.

Much like the building of the AT&T Park before that called Pacific Bell. Mission Bay and many other assets - are  all Public Trust Land - and belongs to all Californians.

 Few know about these facts - Mission Bay land given by the Federal Government - to the Santa Fe railways - then Southern Pacific and finally Catullus - same snake different - head. 

All Public Trust Land - that the crooked divided - using the Land Bank Model - and sold the parcels to the highest - bidder. This land as I said - belongs to all Californians. 

The corrupt in Sacramento - aided and abetted these crimes - and one day - those that participated in these crimes - who have BLOOD on their hands - will read the facts - for all the world to see.

Our Mayor Edwin Lee - before him Gavin Newsom and before him Willie L. Brown - have been having a field day - wheeling and dealing.

The benefactors Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, other very nefarious entities - that must be charged and sent to prison - for a long, long time.

Federal prisons - where they must linger in solitude - these vermin - have cause unbearable suffering to thousands.

In the last five years - over 60, 000 families have left San Francisco. Think about that. Aho.