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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Mayor Edwin M. Lee - lacking leadership -
spinless, inept - having no moral, ethics, and less standards.

At the last San Francisco Board of Supervisors - we saw some direct protest - from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

On one side we have London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell - all known sell outs - who have failed to represent - decent, hardworking, tax paying - San Franciscans.

San Franciscans have some hope that Jane Kim, David Campos, John Avalos, Norman Yee, Aaron Peskin, and Eric Mar - have stood up - and represented the constituents of San Francisco.

Once a month the " lap dog " Mayor, Edwin M. Lee - makes an appearance - to answer a question sent from a SF Supervisor - send to him - a month in advance - for the Mayor's staff - to craft - and for the spineless, inept, lacking leadership - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - to read to those that wish to hear - someone else's drab answer -prepared for the Mayor - who has NO - balls.

Last Tuesday, May 2, 2016 - the Supervisors who wanted to upset the apple cart - would have NO nonsense - from the Mayor - they  voted to do away with the  usual - shenanigans of the Mayor.

 By a majority vote - agreed -  the Supervisors  ask whatever they deemed necessary - at this SF Board of Supervisors - meeting. 

When asked the question by the SF Board of Supervisors chosen to ask the questions - - the true results - were revealed.

The Mayor failed - he failed miserably - when you meet him face to face - he just cannot function.

He needs his lackeys - to massage the ego of this " lap dog " - put in office - by evil and crooked folks - like Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Willie L. Brown Jr,  George Schultz and others so called - folks who are part of the - evil - MACHINE.

Those who are visiting San Francisco - after years - being away from San Francisco - first notice - the thousands of homeless - and find it difficult - to understand - why this is happening.

They find the congestion on our roads - unbearable - reminding them of Los Angeles - and other cities - that are known for their sordid  "smog" - dangerous particulates.

More - that lead to respiratory diseases - heart problems - and generally adversely affecting - health of our infants, children, youth, young adults, our seniors - and those who compromised - health.

Our students are fed up and sick  -  of the many killings and shootings - at the hands of  SF rogue police officers.

 We have a SF Police Commission - that is full of diatribe and dysfunctional.

It is the same with the Office of Citizens'  Complaints - that has failed to sustain the many incident reports - linked to rogue SF police officers - that have proven - to be stayed - for one reason or the other.

There is systemic situation - with those that make policies - and more should carry them out - but fail - again and again. The constituents are fed up - and something - must - give.

This is San Francisco - and more and more - we are noticing - very evil people from the MACHINE - adversely impact - thousands.

 Even the Democratic Party - at every level - fronting candidates - who have proved again and again - taking bribes, encouraging pay to play - and constantly  doing anything and everything -   busy filling their - " campaign coffers ".

We have serious issues with our students - as many as 10, 000 students in San Francisco - who are truant. 

Our San Francisco Unified School District meet - and they pat their behinds - such meetings - are just a pain in the ass. In the interim the quality of education of our students - suffer.

Again and again our teachers - are given " pink slips " - put into classes with too many students.

 The students are not provided with the basic books and tools - to study. 

This nonsense has been going on - and with more and more Board Members - being elected - who have a hidden agenda - and belong to associations and entities - that do not favor - families - father, mother, and children.

In San Francisco today - we have more "dogs" than children - read the article in the National Geographical Magazine.

We have skyscrapers - that we do not want -
entities like Salesforce and others - shaping our skyline -
we are not Manhattan.

At City Hall - the protests have not turned into riots - a " splinter group " - more anarchists - broke the front doors - caused other damage - costing our tax payers in San Francisco - thousands.

 Most of these folks are not San Franciscans - they are outsiders - but the media will not state the facts.

 Giving an impression that those that have conduct protests before - without any major incidents - have now resorted to violence.

This is not so - and the authorities that matter - know so.

The Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone -
the First People from San Francisco -
we do not stand for the sad state of affairs -
prevailing in San Francisco - today.

Under the present administration - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has compromised - Quality of Life issues.

Rents have hit - all time high - one bed room going for $3500 a month. Two bed rooms for $5000 and more.

Two and three families staying in a one bed room unit - compromising - Quality of Life issues.

In the last 5 years - the latest statistics reveal over 60, 000 families have left San Francisco - and here is our Mayor taking junkets to Brazil to adversely impact the Bayview - visiting Israel to wheel an deal with those entities - that were involved with the spiraling of our economy in 2008.

The lackeys advising our Mayor are simply stupid - recently, when the Frisco 5 were on their hunger strike. The Mayor accompanied by two Blacks Paul Henderson and Joe Marshall - visited the SF Mission Police Station - without prior notice.

The elder Maria Cristina told the Mayor to his face - that a consensus would have be be arrived at - at which the community supporting the those fasting - would have to be present.

The " coward " Mayor left - and has since taken a stand - that he knows best - there has already been one " riot " - two reports from two separate entities - that have been given to the Mayor - clearly prove under his administration - " safety " has been compromised. Remember the " buck " stops at the Mayor's desk.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has no spine, less balls, absolutely no morals, less ethics, and of course does not know how to spell - standards. The Mayor wants to set our City - o n fire.  Aho.