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Sunday, May 15, 2016


Congress person -Nancy Pelosi - the most corrupt representative -
who purports to represent San Francisco and its people -
what is she doing - about the turmoil in our City
and County of San Francisco - besides filling her campaign coffers and lying to the public at large?

In the year 2016 - we have seen San Francisco sink to its lowest - under the sordid leadership of Mayor Edwin Lee.

Mayor Edwin Lee - a good for nothing - inept - spineless - lacking any " cajones " - a pathetic - liar of the first order.

The homeless situation has now reached our neighborhoods - complete with families - begging to sleep anywhere - even in our back yards - for a day or two. 

San Francisco is one of the richest Cities in the world.

Those of us who have lived in San Francisco - have never, ever witnessed - such poverty - such divisiveness,  such lack of compassion - such corruption at City Hall - the blatant - wheeling and dealing - the pay to play - the  - in your face defiance.

City Hall was created to represent - 
now it more a den of crooks -
where the worst crooks gather - more in -
Room 200 - well known - for wheeling and dealing.

Recently at the Retirement Board meeting - those in charge - wanted to deprive  the pensioners -  from receiving their benefits.

Many of them in their late 80s and beyond - fighting for their Cost of Living Allowance (COLA).

More to keep their wives - their survivors - alive.

These City employees - worked hard - many of them for the Fire Department - the Department of Public Works - other City Departments - only now at this late age - to find the Retirement Board - wants to curtail their COLA - why?

The Retirement Board - known for its care free attitude - wasting millions in suspect investments - now, trying to save some - by depriving those that need their - invested money.

The pensioners - want their pension money - that they invested in for the rainy day - and that includes COLA.

As we all know - it is very difficult to live in San Francisco - if you do not earn - at least $100, 000 -  if you own a home - a car -   have payments to make - just reasonable payments - to address Quality of Life issues.

The SF Retirement Board has wasted millions - on making risky investments - linked to the Hedge Funds and other dubious investments.

 Now we have Supervisor - Malia Cohen - a worthless person - Chairing the Retirement Board - and trying to hoodwink the pensioners.  Time will tell.

Senator Diane Feinstein - who favors the filthy rich -
her husband Richard Blum - who has been taken to task 
before - using their positions - to rape our City and County
of San Francisco - not a word on the despicable happenings -
the increase in homelessness in San Francisco - the increase in home invasion - others crimes - that adversely impact - 
Quality of Life issues.

The Senator Feinstein has two large homes - in San Francisco - in the Pacific Heights area.

Her latest home - she just took over some City land - and when that was brought to her notice - agreed to take care of the landscape - but it is City and Count of San Francisco land - all the same. Such arrogance - and such open disregard for the law.

The Senator has been keeping a low profile - while raking in millions - enabling her husband Richard Blum - to get contracts - and working with our Mayor - who is spineless - Edwin Lee - to fill her campaign coffers.

It is just a matter of time when Edwin Lee fall from grace - the many shenanigans will be revealed.

Senator Diane Feinstein should be ashamed of herself - and she witnessed how Edwin Lee was treated - at his inauguration - one of the worst inaugurations - ever to take place at City Hall - and messed up - all a round - pandemonium!

The children, youth, and young adults are fed up of Mayor Edwin Lee - and the " idiot " - simply does not get it.

 Edwin Lee - thinks if he appears at ribbon cuttings - which he is afraid of - as he is hounded - and being careful - watched.

Edwin Lee holds press conferences -  but, under tight security - the man is " an idiot ".

 Diane Feinstein and the other crooks - who put him into office - to rubber stamp - now do not know what to do with the - rabid ass  - " village idiot".

Our neighborhoods in San Francisco -have been destroyed - by the actions of this Mayor Edwin Lee.

Edwin Lee - who has no leadership - absolutely no understanding how to run a City.

Does not comprehend about Quality of Life issues - has ruined the fair name of our City and County of San Francisco - set us many years - back. What a crying - shame.

This is Ohlone land - more Muwekma Ohlone land - and the Mayor simply does not get it.

Do not think you can invite the " techies" and other folks that do not want to contribute to San Francisco - and think - that all is fine - with the constituents - the hard working - tax payers.

People today think about you Mayor Edwin Lee - as if you are a clown.

More - a buffoon - a person with no intelligence - you do talk a good talk - taking pointers - from he lackeys who surround you - you have failed to walk the walk.

In a face to face debate - you are worthless - the last time I saw you - and looked you in the eye -  spoke to you - in your office - you were pathetic - to say the least.

You have no clue about de-escalation - as a few days after I spoke to you - the SF Police Officers - the rogue ones - shot and killed a homeless person - in less than 30 seconds. That is one lesson you must bear in mind - you said most everything was in place - but as I said you have no comprehension of - time and place - de-escalation - and so on and so forth.

You come before the SF Board of Supervisors - and want questions sent to you - one month in advance - so  that you can read - prepared - statements. All this in the year 2016. You are a JOKE.

Not once do you want to take questions from the public at large at City Hall - at least once - you should try - and find out - what the public thinks about you.

In all the time I have known you - all you want to do -  is to rake in the millions for yourself.

Millions - stored in off shore accounts - begging folks to support you - at fund raisers - taking money from the UNIONS like the Laborers Union in San Francisco -  and asking folks to  make checks to you directly - you must be investigated under the RICO ACT.