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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


We have had several protests in San Francisco - huge ones closing down City Hall - each of these have NOT encouraged - destroying private or public property.

In each of our protests - no one person - was cited - no one went to jail. If this is not something - the splinter groups comprehend - you need not being Violence and Destruction to our great City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco City Officials - clearly understood - the issues dear to us and what we were protesting about. We made that clear to them - weeks before we protested.

We were articulate when we addressed the issues at hand - complete with empirical - data.  Many changes were made - and many changes - are in the pipe-line.

Our issues dealt with homelessness, the killings and shootings, transportation, housing for those making less than $40, 000.

Our failing education on most levels - City College and its current woes, less funding for Ethnic Studies at SF State University.

City agencies showing  disdain for our elders - who are living on fixed income. The same for those physically and mentally challenged. Helping those with compromised health - and more ...

The indigenous elements in our protests -
put the authorities on notice -
we can speak to the issues - and speak - TRUTH.

In the coming days - we should not see a " repeat " - of splinter groups - who have not met - to build consensus.

 Suddenly - assume to be in the cockpit and tarnish the name of our " sound organizations" and vetted plans - that have worked - in the past.

Violence begets violence - and we must NOT - believe in destroying public or private property.

We must not imitate those that " do not respect " - folks who are attracted to - " vandalism".

Our City and County of San Francisco - is Ohlone Land - a fact lost among those who prefer - to think that anyone can start a riot - without dealing with the consequences. We respect all life - respect is key - to being about change.

Our Elders have been mindful - to prevent, take drastic measures - not sending anyone to jail.

Many a time when those go to jail -  they face triumphed up charges - and tarnish the hard work - of years of sound, and stellar - advocacy - who work hard to bring about - PEACE.

We must learn to channel our energy - being educated on issues.

Those of us that suffer - make sacrifices - love our neighbor - need not bring upon our fellow human beings - added stress - by outside groups - that believe - is destroying all that is good. 

Some can start trouble here in San Francisco - importing violence from outside San Francisco - cause disdain and animosity and leave - town. 

Leaving us to deal with the mess they have created.

Here is San Francisco - we do it our way - we believe in peaceful protest .

We announce our protest before we gather. 

If need be - we  sit down  with those that make the rules - and agree on most term - sometimes - agree to disagree on philosophy - but never, ever endorse - VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION. We have earned a sound - track record.

Seasoned advocates - have refrained from taking actions - without vetting the actions.

Always mindful - that here in San Francisco - we do not appreciate - putting our youth and young adults in harms way.

Bringing felony charges on them - that ruin their future. 

We treasure and will do anything to foster progress - when it comes to our youth and young adults.

In recent days - some actions - have created divisiveness - when it comes to " splinter groups ".

Recently one " splinter group " - taking charge of one singular - protest - and causing immense problems - for those that want to represent, protest, and address issues  - in a democratic manner. with holistic - plans that matter and have proven to work for us.

As I said violence begets violence - our City Hall is NOT the place nor will it ever be the place - to practice " combat " - entice and encourage - those trained " in para-military models ".

 Bring battle and bloody action - at our City Hall - in our name - when we do not encourage VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION.

Today - we are at a cross roads - and some " splinter groups " have chosen to de-rail - sound debate.

We the people in San Francisco believe in non-violent protests .

We have participated  many times in peaceful protests  - now, suddenly a " dark cloud " hangs over our actions.

This  one action on  last Friday at City Hall  - those that took  part in the violence and destruction at San Francisco  City Hall - that were never, ever at the table - have set us back.

In the Alex Nieto case - we chose to go to the Federal Court - and learned that process - too well.

Earlier we led the movement linked to the Oscar Grant Movement - from here in San Francisco - and many good things - came from the actions of the " core group " - that now is taken over by others.

It is the same with the other " killings and shootings " - hard as it is to fathom - why a human should be killed - when - other methods - can be used to save - life.

We have stood by the Mothers and victims - all these many years - without having Violence and Destruction - as part of our agenda.

Our many meetings - before our SF Board of Supervisors - look and seem tedious - we are making - progress. We have won the majority of the SF Supervisors on our side.

Recently we found and we will win - to permit those youth 16 years of age to VOTE - the youth work, they pay taxes, they make many decision that adults make - the drive - the pay taxes - and the time has come - for them to VOTE.

Our many meetings - with the SF Police Commission - may be boring and slow coming - but we have made changes.

We are demanding and making head way -  we cannot get instant - results - not in a democracy.

We can opt for " dictatorship " and quick actions - but that is not - how we work - that is not in our Constitution.

Power to the people -
the people united - will never, ever - be defeated.

We the people must be educated on issues - and many of us have not read the Constitution.

Others want to fight " Law Enforcement " and have not read the " Police Bill of Rights ". Other penal codes that give Law Enforcement -  many undaunted - rights.

Right now Senate Bill - 286 - introduced by Senator Mark Leno - is making its rounds - many of us are ignorant of this important Bill - and how it can brings some accountability and transparency.

We fell for a fake investigation - not comprehending that the Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) - is just a review board and cannot investigate. 

Their (COPS) adjudication - takes years - at time - three and four years.

We learned - and we must learn to be better informed.

We often fail to understand " process " - some of us want to vent  - and get nothing much from such an exercise.

Those that are angry - want to destroy and feel better for it - well, in San Francisco we do not tolerate - VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION of private and public property.

In the past - most of us - have followed SLATES - that spell out who to vote for.

We have been voting for Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - we have been voting for Kamala Harris  - and others - we need to find out - why we vote - wrong.

We vote for people and bring them in  - people who do not represent us.

We allow others - who have not worked hard - have NOT been with us - in this long fight - come in and get angry - vent and destroy public and private property - and the paradox is that many of those that participate in vandalism - do not vote at all.

As far as I know - the FRISCO 5 - the many volunteers and supporters - do agree - that VIOLENT methods - bring lasting results.

I know MAMA Maria Cristin does not believe in violence and destruction of property. The Brown and Black unity - does not encourage - hatred - and those who think - they can change what we have in mind and have practices for years - better think again - or get out of the way - now.

Splinter groups - cannot and should join our well laid out advocacy plans - here in San Francisco -  think, for a second - that we will tolerate their sordid actions and immature - stupidity.

San Franciscans are all embracing and tolerant - and there is a limit to utter nonsense - that attracts  and bring about -divisiveness and hatred.  Aho.