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Sunday, May 1, 2016


The people united will never, ever be DEFEATED.

Here in the United States - many have forgotten - the times and the trials and tribulations - of simple, hardworking, workers - fighting - for decent wages - all these many years.

Here, in San Francisco the Longshoremen - taking to the streets - and more Bloody Thursday - where our own San Francisco Police Officers - dared to shoot and kill the Longshoremen. 

A monument stands not far from the YMCA - on the Embarcadero in San Francisco - people stop and stare - and when they read - what happened on that site - they cannot connect the - dots.

The worst of them all - Scott Wiener

The politicians of today - more those running for the current Democratic County Central Committee - political whores and pimps - leading the pack Scott Wiener, London Breed, and Malia Cohen.

Today - we have the filthy rich and the poor in San Francisco. 

The disparity existing in San Francisco has been compared to Rwanda - San Francisco and Rwanda - Rwanda, a Third World Nation - on the continent of Africa.

The divisiveness ruling in San Francisco - has reached - saturation point - and something - must give.

Many of the SF Police Officers - understand what it means to have money and lead a good life.

They forget - who pays their salaries - it is those that work hard - not the rich - who take huge tax breaks - and look down - on the poor and hard working - with disdain - whose salaries contribute to the salaries of the SF Police Officers.

I know many in today's San Francisco Police Command - from Chief Suhr to those that maintain law and order  so to speak .

 I am watching " like a hawk " - the many irregularities - that have occurred - the " murders " - committed - and the excuses made.

The " Police Bill of Rights " - created to protect those that must protect - has backfired.

 We are a Nation of Laws - but this Nation has protected those that took an oath to protect - but have chosen to " shoot first and ask questions later ".

You do not need to be a " rocket scientist " - to witness a victim surrounded by many SF Police Officers - all training their guns at the head - the case in point - Mario Woods - no sign of what so ever - of implementing -  "de-escalation".

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee for all his empty talk - is a panderer - he cannot face a man and listen. I met this " jerk " - in his own office - with Paul Henderson - today declared the " Lawyer of the Year " - and the Mayor was angry - having no clue - my connection with what is happening at - " ground zero ".

Mayor Edwin Lee

Mayor Edwin M. Lee  - should have visited those " fasting at the Mission Police Station " - 630 Valencia in San Francisco - just in case the Mayor wants to use his GPS - to go there.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - lies about putting the homeless in housing units - some 20, 000 according to him - an impossible feat of sorts. Single Residency  Occupancy  (SROs) dirty and filthy - stinking to high heaven - and NOT the units - that decent people should live in. Make no bones about that. Drugs and all loud noises - round the clock - to add to the violence and other nefarious - activities.

Edwin M. Lee - the clown brags that he will see that all the homelessness we see on our streets of San Francisco - will be eliminated in 4 years. He has 3 more years - to finish his two terms - and be termed out for good. Good riddance of bad rubbish.

Today, is May 1, 2016 - and more than ever - on a day like today - we should all have targeted this scum bag of the year - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a jerk - and a coward - second to none.

The Brown and Black unity that is growing today should be mindful of sell outs who are not to be trusted - London Breed, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen.

These sell out with Katy Tang and Mark Farrell - have FAILED San Franciscans - and must be weeded out.

The SLATE sent out by " Progress San Francisco " is just that - " a slap on the face of decent, hard working San Franciscans ".

There use to be a time - when people  trust a " Slate " in the mail - not anymore.

Today - is a day for Solidarity and Unity - more Brown and Black unity - and we must remember not to shoot in the " political whores and pimps - the likes of London Breed and  Malia Cohen and others too ".

There are 5 decent San Franciscans fasting - and we have seen no movement what so ever - from those that want to represent on the Democratic County Central Committee - what a JOKE - who do these scum bags think we are?

The Democratic County Central Committee use to be considered once as having some clout and representation.

Not any more  - the corrupt developers - others with vested interests - who have failed ordinary San Franciscans - think they can rule the roost - not any more.

We can smell a scum bag from miles - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed and Scott Wiener - especially.

Right now we need career jobs - not the short term jobs - that are doled out by the so called entities - that do Workforce Training.

Workforce Training - something that the UNIONS too seriously - has now be delegated to " stooges " who try to do something - and have failed.

We have NO  working system - that can give us a clear

 picture -  empirical data - for the millions of dollars - expanded.

 How many " carrier jobs were created " - how many have held good job with benefits - and stayed at their jobs for 5 years and more?

No one can fool - all the people - all the time. Aho.