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Thursday, May 5, 2016


The students come in droves - and the digital tools and workings fit right for the students -  to make good stuff happen.

The student prefer online and less the news papers -  they have and share the better the blogs.

 Like " wild fire " - the doings of the brave and stellar " Frisco 5 " - is the " in " thing and happening - " popping they say ".

 The students chant slogans and when you hear them - you feel the " injustice "  - the blatant "discrimination" - rampant in this City and County of San Francisco.

We have our drab politicians who talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. Tuesday the students were present - to fight for the right to vote at age 16 years. You would think London Breed, Malia Cohen other drab SF Board of Supervisors - would listen and give the students a break. NO.

The students come in droves - the express themselves - the use the chalk and draw and paint on the floor -outside the SF Mission Police Station.

Maria Cristina - fields questions - after learning
from where the Latino students hail.
We call her " Mama " - she hails from Columbia.
She is 66 years - a brave woman - a brave leader -
in her own right - she put the Mayor in his place.

Those fasting besides Maria Christina - Selassie who has been admitted to UC San Francisco - Ike who is fasting today the 14th day,  Equipto and Edwin - all of them - have lost weight.

Those fasting drink water,  have some plain chicken broth,  and vitamins - that keep them alive.

But, really does our City and County of San Francisco - have to go this way? Really!

The Mayor chose on the 12th day of the fast - to go the San Francisco Mission Police Station - unannounced.

 He tried to bully those fasting. Maria Cristina - told the Mayor off - because of his pompous attitude. And there is more.

We the people announced - we were coming  to see the Mayor at City Hall - Room 200 - the coward ran away - there was no one to give any explanation - not until we stay and demanded and got an answer - that the Mayor was in the Bayview - one and half hours - later. Such are the doings of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he has disgraced - all of San Francisco and more decent San Franciscans.

The Chancellor of the University of San Francisco -
visited the SF Mission Police Station today -
to meet the 5 fasting - and I had a good talk
with the Chancellor. I know the University of San
Francisco - can play a role to - break this impasse.

There is a fast going on at San Francisco State University.

There is a fast going on at the SF Mission Station.

There is talk to have a fast outside SF City Hall - a long one - much like - one was held at the Federal Building - outside the United Nations Plaza.

The people are angry - and direct action - is now becoming a trend.

People are fed up with the gentrification,  blatant discrimination, the many other adverse impacts - that affect Quality of Life issues in San Francisco.

We applaud the " Frisco 5 " - for their tenacity and fortitude - what an example - to bring " sense " to the senseless - the many lackeys and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who actions have adversely impacted - thousands.

Equipto and Selassie pose for me -
I want to remember them -
for being so brave - they inspire me to write.
I feel their pain - and have made it a point to visit them -
when I can - and spend some quality time with them all.

The students express their innermost  feelings.

Many of them as so mature - the feel the pain - and they are proud that their teachers have allowed them to visit - the 5 fasting heroes - hear them first hand - and allow the students to express - themselves.

The students listen to Maria Cristina -
the students ask questions -
heart felt questions - you look around  -
and witness the people shedding tears.

It is shame that our City does not value the life of our constituents. If the Mayor wants to play with " fire " so be it.

I know several important people - citizens of our  great City - who have approached me - and asked me to intercede.

Yesterday evening around 4 pm - I began to try to reach few contacts to break this impasse.

 It can be done - the problem is we do NOT have anyone at City Hall more in Room 200 - who have the expertise to first find a solution - and secondly have the ability to have a meaningful - dialog.

 As I said I  know many decent San Franciscans who want this impasse - to stop.

The Mayor has been given the opportunity to bring about a solution - but as usual - he is sitting on the idea - he is waiting - waiting as usual - WAITING FOR GODOT!

If there are elements -  who want to play " with fire " - they can bring it on.

Let me remind Room 200 - you are do slow - you are pathetic.
It is a wonder - how you all just sit there and do nothing- nothing at all.

If one of our heroes who are fasting - face any hardship  let me remind you in Room 200 at City Hall  - you have blood on your hands. Make no bones about it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2016 at City Hall -
this young boy was in tears - he could
not bear - what Equipto was going through -
Max - Equipto's partner - comforts the young boy.

Our Mayor and his lackeys who pander to the Mayor - cannot think outside the box - they are good - are scheduling meetings - with developers - to wheel and deal - and sell out our City.

Again - you have been given an opportunity to perform - more to display your leadership - and bring about a quick solution. 

No life should be put on the line - San Franciscans know better - the Mayor has been too SLOW - to find solutions - be it with the lack of sound affordable housing for those that make below $40, 000.

The congestion on our streets - has reached saturation point.

The skyline has changed - the increase in construction has contributed to the Carbon Foot Print. Adversely impacting -thousands of innocent - San Franciscans.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our adults, our Seniors - those with compromised health are all suffering - and our Mayor is pussyfooting around.

Junkets to Brazil. A junket to Israel. The corrupt those that control the commercial real estate - sitting on a gold mine.

We have 20, 000 homeless - sleeping on our streets, in the bushes, under the bridges - in cars and Recreational Vehicles - in abandon homes.

We have over 10, 000 youth - truants and no one cares.

The corruption at City Hall - has reached saturation point - time to charge the CROOKS - with the RICO ACT. Now.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

This is Ohlone land - all of it - all of San Francisco.

We now have reached a point where the indigenous people are laying their lives on the line.

This Mayor of Chinese heritage - has failed to comprehend the issues of the day - he has embraced corruption and GREED.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - Aho.