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Monday, May 2, 2016


Minister Christopher Muhammad -
thousands of others who stand behind our leadership.
We the people listen carefully - we have compassion - and we are ready - to deal with those that must step aside - the despicable.

Today is the 12th day of the fasting - to bring attention - to the many " murders" - committed by some " rogue San Francisco police officers".

It is too late to create language to pacify - the bad rotten apples must go. Issue Press Releases - that mean nothing - what rules today for the " rogue police officers " - is their sordid - Police Bill of Rights - steeped with hatred for those the police must protect and respect - more Brown and Black. The sign is on the wall - and something - must give - now.

So  far - when it comes to removal of those that are continuing to show disdain - rogue officers - they did it even yesterday - in front of the San Francisco Mission Police Station - 630 Valencia by 17th Street. Nothing much has changed - they lie, say one thing and mean another - and we have hundreds of witnesses to testify.

Equipto and Selassie being supported by
mutual friends - and there are thousands out there -
and tomorrow - a major announcement - should
awaken the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and his lackeys -
 from his slumber - of deceit and dishonesty.

A Mayor of any decent City should be listening to the people - he or she has sworn to represent - not so Mayor Edwin M. Lee - our Mayor is like a pariah lap dog.

 It is unbelievable that this idiotic man - does not have the guts - to go and visit those who are trying to bring attention - to his failed policies.  The five who are fasting - and one Elderly woman - 66 years old. Woe to the Mayor if anything happens to her - you are warned - and please take this warning - very seriously.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has no clue about the violence on our streets - still on going. He has no clue about de-escalation - for all his talk - he is for practical purposes - dumb.

The supporters have been streaming in -
bring drinking water, coconut-water - concerned about the health
of those fasting - this is NO joke. If the Mayor
wants to play with FIRE - bring it on.
The IRE of the people knows no bounds.

In all of the deliberations of this Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - he takes one step forward and several hundred steps back wards. He cannot communicate - except with sell outs and Poverty Pimp Pastors like Amos Brown.

The Mayor does not have one single worthy friend - in the Latino community - none among the Native American community - absolutely none in the Black community - not even in the White community - and even less in the LGBT community - no one - has any respect - for the pariah lap dog.

The neighborhood are changing. The artists have all left - the good ones that is. Those living pay check to pay check - even working three jobs - are forced to leave our City. Where is this Mayor on true - affordable housing - for those that make $40, 000 and below?

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
his behavior - a disgrace to the human race.

Daily at San Francisco City Hall - the wheeling and dealing takes place - most very corrupt individuals - who want to fast track their permits - and foster the on going - congestion on our streets.

Hard working - poor people are leaving San Francisco. The middle class in San Francisco - has already diminished significantly. 

For all the talk about affordable housing - there is absolutely no housing for those making under $40, 000.

Woe to those who receive Social Security and make under $20, 000 if ever - mostly making making a meager - $14, 000.

Now Public Housing is being rehabilitated - to bring in those that can afford - $3500 to $4500 - if not more - for units that not long ago - could be rented for $1500.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been taking " junkets " to Israel and Brazil - trying to bring - " blood money " - to invest into the Bayview and other places - trying to adversely impact - our only " industrial base " in the Bayview - PDR.

Corrupt and evil developers are trying to figure a way to clear - large areas - now termed PDR - and change the " zoning " - to accommodate the " evil " designs of the Edwin M. Lee. - " high tech business ".

The entire skyline of San Francisco has changed.

This is not Manhattan - but this Mayor - that no one respects - thinks he can do as he pleases. His day has come.

This is Ohlone Land - and I represent the OHLONE in San Francisco.  This Mayor must step down and leave - now.

I have given him notice - and if does not hear the " clarion call " - he has no one - but himself to blame.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
San Francisco is Ohlone land.

The last frontier is the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Plans are afoot to build a causeway with several lanes - to prepare the way - for heavy traffic and more congestion - by Harney Road - very near Executive Park. Off highway 101 near Executive Park exit.

The idiotic Mayor - brags of building 30, 000 units on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

More contaminated by very high readings of Radioactive Elements.

The Chinese are not buying into buying the units - being built on contaminated land. 

Already the few that moved to Parcel A - are experiencing health problems.

More, severe cases are forth coming - and Barbara Gracia who should have done something - will be the " scape goat " - much like her predecessor - Mitch Katz.

The City and County of San Francisco does not have a Toxicologist. Can you imagine that?

Maria Cristina age 66 years - the Mother of
Equipto - Selassie, Ike, and Edwin are sacrificing
their life - and here the Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a jerk - is pussyfooting around.

Today is the 12 day of the fast - and this Mayor is playing with FIRE.

Do not test the will of the people -  do not test their IRE.

You are a good for nothing Mayor - especially - when you act like a coward and cannot come out - and meet the people.

You are NOT respected - no one has confidence in you - EdwinM. Lee - the only people that surround you are the likes of the Poverty Pimp Pastors - and other good for nothing - individuals - sell outs.

Reform yourself - Edwin M. Lee - shave your head - and that mustache.

 Time is running out - tomorrow - you will witness something - never, ever seen in San Francisco.  Aho.