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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Our Veterans have always been given the  highest "respect" - be they our beloved active soldiers -  the "Reservists" - who now play an important role - soldiers trained and ready from any agency or entity that has "active soldiers" full prepared to be activated - who all - are  essential to any operation - to keep our Nation safe.

We the people play an important role in all matters that supposedly must keep our Nation safe, deliberating at all levels - paying our taxes to treat and serve our constituents fairly - be they children, our seniors, those that cannot defend themselves - as are so many segment of our population - who are challenged.

In recent years politics - vain politics - from politicians who are "not educated" on issues - and many who have not served our Nation and do not have their "heart" in the right - place. Believe me it makes a great difference when one has served their Nation - in any capacity.

I see this all the time - among our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - we do not have one single Supervisor - representing any District - that has served our Nation - in any capacity - in any of the Branches of the Armed Services.

More and more at other levels be it the Local, State or Federal - it is the same.

These politicians pay lip service - and that is the extent of their fake, shallow, drab - commitment. Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, the many others that speak about our Veterans in vague, terms.

We could have done more in San Francisco - more at the Presidio of San Francisco - but Nancy Pelosi - was instrumental in creating the Presidio Trust - a quasi-federal entity - who main purpose is to generate money - from the former Military Post.

The Presidio of San Francisco could have done so much for our soldiers - active, reservists, and those retired. Politicians like Nancy Pelosi had to step in to murky the waters. San Franciscans - have not clue about the corruption and the lack of representation from those speak from both sides of their mouth - Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Today, if we mention about the Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC), the Letterman Army Institute of Research (LAIR) - practically no one worth the salt - knows anything much. These institution played an important role is serving those who served our Nation - are were stellar institutions - situated at the Presidio of San Francisco - by the Lombard Gate - in the Marina.

The above institutions also worked with the University of California San Francisco - to conduct research - and provide amenities to the many Interns - who worked at the LAMC and LAIR institutions.

All to further the cause of good medicine, health care - and welfare of all those they came into - contact with. Even today - after many years - many who visit the Presidio of San Francisco - ask to see the former hospital and research institution - and are shocked that the institution are torn down.

On those hollowed grounds - now stands the  George Lucas Digital Letterman Center - that has now sold it to Disney - and few know about the history - and less folks like politicians like Nancy Pelosi - care. This woman is as fake as they come - and come care to adhere to Nancy Pelosi. Shame on them.

Few know about the Public Health Hospital by 15th Avenue - where specialized care was given to the Native Americans - and to those suffering from many a contagious disease - such as servicing the lepers and others.

Now fancy condominiums have been built that cater to the rich - relatives of those who live near by - the Pacific Heights Mafia.

The all Black - Buffalo Soldiers were stationed at the Presidio - the 9th and 10th Calvary - the 24th and 25th Infantry. Over four hundred Buffalo Soldiers lie at the Veteran Cemetery - few know about this fact.

The well known Buffalo Soldiers - who patrolled our borders, others who left to fight in Cuba - known better as the Rough Riders.

Buffalo Soldiers who left to fight here, there, and everywhere and left their legacy - remembered by those that care.

The Presidio of San Francisco and the United States Sixth Army played an important role - in World War II.

Few know the role of the many units - some Japanese units - we seem not to care who truly and really laid their lives - so that we may be free.

Few comprehend the difference between freedom and license - the abuse of freedom is license - and that is the prevailing factor - among the many corrupt - politicians. More so in San Francisco.

Our elderly Veterans - now in their Golden Age - have been denied care - in recent years at the Veterans Hospitals and many have died.

Among the Veterans many Baby Boomers too - many of them served in Vietnam. Then the soldiers from Desert Storm and Shield, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and more.

We send our soldiers and have all the years - without a second thought - then, when it comes to giving them the health care that our beloved soldiers, women and men earned - in many of our Veterans Hospitals - we make excuses, create fake schedules - and fail to serve our soldiers - women and men - and shame our Nation.

Those responsible must be dismissed - in other words - "FIRED".

From time to time I visit the Veterans Hospitals - and what I see - I do not like.

Long lines at our Veterans Hospitals - problems getting the right medicines - inferior care when it comes to some chronic diseases - and the list goes on.

The Federal Government appropriates millions - and at some Veteran Hospital - those that have failed in their duty - get huge bonuses.

Managers who have worked for years at the Veterans Administration - people who have failed in their duty - are compensated - in the thousands of dollars. This is the height of abject - corruption. 

Recently the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - made some general statements about our beloved Veterans.

 The President has not done anything to send a strong message - about those that have failed our Veterans.

Those at the very top - who seem to get a light slap on their hand. 

The President must hold those responsible to the highest standard - on any issue that deals with the Veterans and more those that could have been treated - and would be alive - but now are no more.

The issues that need to be addressed must be fixed on a war footing. There has been too much talk. There has been too many promises made - and the constituents that matter and love our Veterans are fed up. We have all reached saturation point. I have written about this issue - and so have many others - enough is enough.

If not the repercussions will be severe - already a number of Congressmen - Nancy Pelosi is not among them, nor is Diane Feinstein and for sure not Barbara Boxer - calling for the resignation of the top officials who manage the Veteran Hospitals all over our Nation.

These so called drab - 'Representatives" must show their true colors - so far they have failed our Veterans - despicable.