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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Up until 15 years ago many Seniors in all of San Francisco were respected for their contribution to Society and to this Nation. More those that served our Nation in the many wars our Nation chose to enter over the years.

I knew a time if you were a Veteran you could ride MUNI free - if you were a Veteran you were welcome at the many businesses and given a discount- and if you were a Senior - people respected you.

Today, all that has changed - forcing many advocates, organizations that carter to the poor, the challenged population, the Seniors, those who cannot defend themselves - to wonder - what has really happened to our City and County of San Francisco - and more with the "compassion" our great City was well known for - all these many years?

We have Supervisors like Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, David Chiu who are nonchalant - and only think about their own petty self-interests. We are watching you like a HAWK.

What has really happened are these people - these so called representatives have NO sense of tradition and those that worked so hard to make our City what is has been know for.

Less about the unique culture of San Francisco - and the many neighborhoods that were united but are now divided.

People are now making policies that adversely impact everyone - but more those that are poor, our Seniors and those that cannot defend themselves.

It is shocking to see our Seniors forced to live on the streets of San Francisco and face the inclement weather - endure extreme weather when it is so hot that people pass out.

When it rains and they have no shelter. When it is cold and they catch a cold easily and many catch some chronic respiratory diseases - and die.

The City and County of San Francisco does not like to reveal the statistics - those who have died on our streets.

For all practical purposes those in charge of our morgues - could not care less. 

Those in charge of postmortem processes - say they have a back log. 

You can huff and puff - and they will call "security" on you - and force you to leave the premises.

It is does help to go to our Supervisors - or for that matter any of the officials who can do something.

On their list - such mundane issues - are the least of their worries. They could not give a rat's ass.

If you visit the Shelters - you can witness our Seniors suffer - some of them have not slept on a bed for weeks.

It has become customary to give a Senior or some indigent a chair - when they really need a bed - and tell these folks in need - to try to get some sleep on this chair.

If you are in pain, really need a bed -  no one cares and more no one gives a damn. They will tell you go somewhere else and get some sleep - if you sleep outside on the street - if it is rainy or if it is very cold. No one gives a damn.

Now, let me tell those in charge - in San Francisco this was not the norm - but, this has become the norm. We all better unite and fix this problem.

I do not want to mention the names of the organizations - so called charitable organizations that rake in millions - and treat our indigent, our poor, our seniors, and those that cannot defend them with disdain and shower on them all sorts of indignities. I know what I am talking about - and it is time - that we all work together - and be compassionate.

Our City was named after St Francis Assisi - you will hear our Mayor say that often - but ask him when did he last visit a shelter? 

Ask him when did he inquire of the many poor - if something viable and sustainable can be done to help them? Ask him something about the indigent and see if you get an answer!

God sees it all - and this City and County of San Francisco with a $8 Billion dollar budget - can do better - but prefers to cater to the whims of the Developers who have fleeced this City and County of San Francisco.

Large, selfish corporations that get tax breaks and abuse the hospitality of our City - Twitter, Google, SalesForce, others come to mind.

The poor are told to their face to leave San Francisco - get out of San Francisco - it is called gentrification. 

For the first time the Food Banks have no food - and our Supervisors and those heads of City Departments - care less about those that should be served and more about themselves.

The paradox is that this land is Ohlone Land - and it was stolen - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I can say with some authority - the poor, and those that need help must be helped. And those arrogant who do not respect the wishes of the Ohlone - should not be condemn the poor - and more shower on them - disdain. Wake up San Francisco - all of this land was stolen from the Ohlone - the First People of this land - we call San Francisco.

Again and again decent, hard working advocates work free for our City of San Francisco - we do this because we love our City - only to encounter corrupt politicians at every level to take credit for our work.

Today non-profits are hurting - the rents have gone up - the services to be rendered require money - only the crooked get funding - and those that do the hard work are left to defend for themselves - much like those who are poor and cannot defend themselves.

We are watching the situation at hand like a HAWK. Aho.