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Friday, May 16, 2014


Every year about this time is "Budget" time - they say our San Francisco Budget is about $8 BILLION. Some say it is more - bottom line it is a big budget that caters to the rich - and fails the poor - those that need help - most.

San Francisco is doing well - we have 50 cranes in the air - building mostly market price units - while on the ground - pandemonium prevails - congestion and more congestion.

It takes 30 to 45 minutes to clear a couple of blocks - with back to back traffic - and breathing nasty particulates - and no one seems to care.

In some places - greedy developers - are targeting commercial corridors - enticing some restaurants and other businesses - to permit them to build high rise buildings - allowing the business to get some space - on the ground floor.

At the many Budget Session - the parents come with their children - painting a picture to the public at large - to get some understanding of their shocking state of affairs.

The abject poverty, the despicable conditions, and shocking the public at large - who are hearing such stories - many for the first time - in the hundreds the indigent offer their testimony - as a last effort to bring about succor, change, and progress.

Trying their best - one more time - forcing themselves to reveal what they would never, have - forcing the SF Board of Supervisors to listen to bring about some little - change.

The SF Board of Supervisors listen - but beyond that there is no action. 

These vermin - who must represent - are interested only about their own careers - filling their campaign coffers - they pretend to listen but as I said it falls on deaf ears.

Every 10 year the City and County of San Francisco - challenges itself to produce a "Housing Element".

The "Housing Element" is mandated by the State of California - to give California a sense - what is really happening when it comes to housing and related issues.

In San Francisco in the past we have projected wrong numbers - and advocates have taken the City and County of San Francisco - to court. In recent years the SF Planning Department - has FAILED to give sound reason - as to why - this City has built only 10% of the affordable units that should have been in place.

Every 10 years the Housing Elements - projects what the present has and promises the constituents of San Francisco - so called affordable housing - again and again the "affordable" housing is deferred. Excuses are found to hoodwink the constituents - but, not for long.

The SF Board of Supervisors are inept and dumb - they can look at you - in the eye - and lie - and feel nothing about the lies they tell. Despicable.

It is the same when it comes to the Mayor - who thinks that building high rise buildings - will bring about progress - we in San Francisco - do not want the pangs of Manhhatanization.

San Francisco for the longest time ever has offered the people a good life. 

Not any more - with developers who do not live here, who are not invested in the people who live in San Francisco - working with evil forces - to try to change of ways of living - and adversely impact - thousands.

The Techies for example will pay - big money for the housing - they do not care about culture - being uncouth by nature, self-centered, arrogant - and failing to care about the general populace.

We have seen people tolerating the nonsense of the "techies" for the longest time ever - but not any more.

Direct action has forced Google and others - to change the course they once thought could be attained.

With so many decent constituents against Google buses who park in the MUNI space - our local bus system - direct action has scared GOOGLE.

Now, GOOGLE has leased ferry boats - and is seeking other means of transport - staying away from the IRE of the decent San Franciscans.

The poor cannot be treated with disdain as in being done in San Francisco.

When people on Government Television testify that they are forced to defecate - in their one room living quarters to get some privacy.

The result from too many people inhabiting in some buildings -  with few toilets - in many cases one or two toilets - shared by all.

Surely such practices are a Safety Hazard.

Our San Francisco Health Department - and our SF General Hospital with a budget of over $ 1 Billion - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

I suppose the Mayor - Mayor Edwin Lee would NOT like other cities - other Nations to be cognizant of the fact - about, the real conditions of the poor in San Francisco.

San Francisco that prides itself - being a first class tourist City.

In recent years - more and more of the indigent, the homeless - living on our streets and forcing anyone with a heart - to wonder - what is happening?

Our SF Board of Supervisors the kind that talk the talk and do not walk the walk - love to permit the public at large to vent - have so called hearings - with no action.

Then after they hear the people vent for hours on end the San Francisco Supervisors - do as they please. But, for how long?  Enough is enough.

The poor have to work three, four jobs - all of them temporary - all of the jobs the poor work - do not offer benefits.

The very poor have to pay high rents - many a time 60%, 80% of their monthly income.

If they have children - the children do not get proper meals and clothing - other necessities - and you can imagine the other sufferings and indignities the children suffer.

Children are innocent - and this City that prides itself has FAILED our children. Especially the filthy rich that spend thousands a day - eating gourmet dishes - and wasting food. 

The filthy rich - the crooks that cheat and rob - the City Officials that we pay over $200,000 - most of them do not live in our City - they should be ashamed of themselves.

They have blood on their hands - when the fail to help our children. Make no mistake - when I say - you have BLOOD on your hands. No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

I have seen the conditions myself - worse than some third world countries. Abject poverty and abject filthy, conditions.

All this in San Francisco in the Mission, in the Bayview, in the Western Addition, in the Excelsior, in the Tenderloin - in other place too many to mention.

Soon it will become a norm for the poor and now in recent years - entire families - to sleep under the bridges and bushes - in the streets of San Francisco - to survive and slowly - die. 

Do those that purport to represent have a conscience?

Our great City named after St Francis of Assisi. Aho.