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Friday, May 30, 2014


Our Nation has with "intent" spent trillions of dollars to enter wars against sovereign nations - without sound justification - like the Weapons of Mass Destruction - that Iraq was hiding - but we never laid our eyes of them. We did find Saddam Hussein hiding in a manhole.

Our Nation - the United States of America - without any provocation what so ever - no threat to our jurisdiction, our sovereign nation - we still continue to waste billions of dollars on the mess we started - wars and more wars - wasting billion - dropping 5000 lbs bombs.

We have failed miserably in Afghanistan and more in Iraq.

In Iraq people do not have clean drinking water - and many do not have steady electricity.

The Quality of Life is not stable - and where there is some stability - those that walk the streets or congregate in the market place and at the places of worship - have no guarantee that they will not be victims of - bombs and explosions - victims maimed for life - and many die for reason at all. 

This nation has failed to be accountable and evaluate the trillions we will have to spend on our Veterans - for decades.

Veterans who have lost their limbs - and those that suffer daily excruciating pain. Many take pain killers - just so that they may live - and no one can go on like this - but they do.

This nation has failed the families and loved ones and now we hear - from the daily reports - how our Veterans Hospitals - faked schedules and participated in the deaths of our Veterans.

Failing to offer our Veterans the services they needed - vital operations and other medications - that could have kept our Veterans alive - but, many of them are no more.

The very Veterans that we pay "lip service" - but have stabbed them in the back. The skeletons are out of the closet - and now many Veteran Hospitals and the top Managers - are marking their time - soon they will be called upon - and told to leave their jobs in disgrace.

Even our President was slow to comprehend the insult, the harm, the immense suffering experienced by our Veterans all over our Nation.

All the facts I have have mentioned above - I have written about, before.

Our President - Barack Hussein Obama - should have initiated an investigation and evaluation on a "war footing" - and as I mentioned before - sanitized the situation at hand.

We still have upper management - who received bonuses - who are still on the job - at the many Veterans Hospitals.

No one has sent a personal written apology to the Veterans families. To those families that experience a death of a Veteran - just because some one thought - that was not necessary. This is completely - uncalled for.

Recently some Representatives from Congress and the Senate - have band together - to ask for the resignation of the top official at the Veterans Administration - who though being a General - failed the Veterans. Today, he is making excuses.

Today or tomorrow after all these months he will be asked to step down - and he better step down. And it is critical that the others who were part of the plot  - to disrespect our Veterans - willingly step down.

If they do not - they should lose all their benefits.

Believe me it is easy to send our soldiers - women and men to war.

But very few of our Congresspersons and Senators truly comprehend the immense pressure and stress - put on the families, especially children.

Friends and supporters - witnessing pain and trauma that the Veterans and their families have to go through - is traumatizing - and for us that love the Veterans - heart breaking.

It took our Nation years to admit about Agent Orange in the Vietnam  War.

It also took our Nation years years to admit the harm done to our soldiers when they took part in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The same for those beloved soldiers who were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Main Media failed the constituents of the United States of America.

The Main Media is not to be trusted.

The few documentaries and the few written documents - with empirical data - about the war our nation took part in recent years - are not available easily to the pubic at large.

If you read them - it will send chills down your pine.

Our Representatives in Congress and those in the Senate have been very slow.

In this case the White House has failed miserably and this one fact linked to our Veterans will come to haunt those culprits - the managers in our Veterans Hospitals who failed our beloved Veterans.