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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Candlestick Point is a very large project - now in its conceptual stage - a very big mess - with Lennar a "rogue developer" - caught, with its hand in the cookie jar.

In the year 2010 without any meaningful dialogue the City and County of San Francisco, the Planning Department, the Land Use other nefarious entities within City Hall and some in Room 200 - carte blanche offered Lennar favors for money.

The process was rushed during the holiday season - and those of us who sacrificed and participated - watched the ploys, machination, and shenanigans - and now those crimes committed are coming home - and Lennar Urban - will be told to stall its work - follow accepted standards - and pay the consequences.

Lennar offered a "conceptual plan" with roads but no one even today knows for sure - how high the buildings will be?

More what type of buildings and what their uses will be?

Lennar Urban a rogue developer - with a very poor record - known for being "crooked" - has in the past got things done - buying people left, right, and center.

Money cannot buy respect - and Lennar Urban may have a "thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr on its side.

Lennar Urban may give $30 million to some other community thugs - but for sure Lennar Urban - cannot buy those decent advocates - that will fight Lennar Urban to the end.

Lennar Urban will fall - flat on its face.

The entire Candlestick Point area is poor landfill.

For the ignorant this was once a "garbage dump" that still spews 'methane gas" - one has just to read the characterization of the soil - to learn more - and understand the folly of the day.

It is land prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

Yet, our City and County of San Francisco and those that have to do due diligence - are playing with fire - pandering to Lennar Urban that has a record of lying, cheating, deceiving - much as it has done with our neighbor - Vellejo and forced Vallejo to declare - bankruptcy.

We have Supervisors Malia Cohen better know as an "air head" - who grins and laughs at anything.

Malia Cohen is not educated on issues - the Mother Brown case, the Wellness Center, others trivial issues that she has chosen to reveal how shallow she is and more nonchalant.

Malia Cohen must get out of the way. Malia Cohen has blood on her hands and is not respected by those who want the best - representation in all of San Francisco.

Scott Wiener from District 8 - who will drag any issue - beat the horse dead, revive it - beat it dead several times, more - just to make a point - that most people get it the first time around.

If the City Engineer who understands all aspects of  "engineering" and infrastructure - has tried to explain the issue at hand several times - and if Scott Wiener cannot get it - something is fundamentally wrong with this person.

If the City Fire Department and the Fire Chief - agree to some standards - more International Standards - authorized by the City and County of San Francisco - linked to "fired standards" - norms how wide our new streets will be more that are followed by the San Francisco Fire Department - we the constituents will abide by them.

We San Franciscans will listen more to the San Francisco Fired Department - and less to an idiot from New York who represents the Castro - and has done a very poor job. Much as he did when he worked for the City and County of San Francisco - and tried to his level best to represent - but as I said is an abject - failure.

Both Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener and there are other Supervisors do not represent our constituents from San Francisco.

More constituents that are decent - again and again they have been told that - but the dumb ass idiots - do not seem to get it.

The hearing held on May 12 at the Land Use in Room 263 at SF City Hall - was mostly held -  just to give these idiots like Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener some forum to blow their horns.

Truly speaking these idiots have stifled the "Democratic Process" - denying the Public access - making them wait for 4 and five hours - just so that the Public may make some statements.

While all the while the so called Supervisors - run their mouth - do as that please - follow no agenda that makes sense - and use the "hearing" - to abuse the rights of the people and more the "democratic process".

We had a very large fire at Mission Bay. All of Mission Bay is prone to liquefaction and flooding. The infrastructure at Mission Bay is poor. We had problems fighting that fire with water from our hydrants that failed.

Our City and County of San Francisco should have learned from that lesson. It has not. Wait until we have a large fire at Hunters Point.

The Mission Bay fire - allowed the San Francisco Fire Department - to adapt a little - make some little effort - make shift arrangement quickly - because the roads were wide.

Mother nature helped our Fire Fire Fighters - when at a critical juncture - for 45 minutes the wind stalled. 

Had the wind picked up 4 or 5 brand new huge buildings would have been incinerated - many of them belonging to University of California - San Francisco.

We really do not need to convince some dumb ass idiots - who just happen to be Supervisors - at the hearing at the Land Use that took place on May 12, 2014 in Room 263 - these Supervisors - more Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen displayed their utter - ignorance and more ineptness - by not understanding the basic facts.

This is San Francisco - and if you want to make changes that are acceptable in New York, Boston, or places like that - move out of the way - go there and do as you please.

We have been having patience with you Scott Wiener a transplant from New York - and the sooner you get out of the way - the better.

No one worth the salt - listens to you, Scott Wiener.

Not after your failed polices and pandering to those elements - within San Francisco - who do not have the best interests of the our great City - named after St Francisco Assisi.

There is something wrong with the way Scott Wiener thinks - in the Army we know how to deal with such idiots.

One simple test will reveal how smart he is - when the test is given.

For sure folks like Scott Wiener would not be given any high position - and for sure NO high clearance - to handle the best interests of our Nation. Here at the local level - any moron can run for office and we some of them at City Hall - running their mouths - and making a fool of themselves - at the deliberation held in Room 250 at San Francisco's august City Hall.

Malia Cohen is a pawn - all she wants is the money - and we saw this when she adhered to the FBI agent, and when she raises money for her campaign coffers.

Malia Cohen never lived in District 10 - for an extended period of time - after being elected as Supervisor of District 10 - before she ran for office for District 10 for a year or so she lived in some condominium at Candlestick point - that went under. She could not make her payment - on a condominium that was worth about $600,000.

She chose to buy a condominium at Candlestick Point - which went under - and just when she won the elections in District 10 - for months lived in District 9 with her parents - in District 9 on Silliman Street in the Portola District.

She now lives at Potrero Hill - and does not represent well the other parts of District 10 - just because she cannot understand that poor and those that need help most. Malia Cohen cannot comprehend her constituents - she does well - when it comes to pandering.

We all know this - how fake she is - a liar and a panderer.
She can be best described as a - "fake Republican". She loves the money that pours in from the developers.

Malia Cohen now and then wear her ring on her thumb, then on some other finger - "you are a "flake" - and the sooner you get out of the way the better.

Dr Espanola Jackson said it all yesterday after waiting for 4 long hours - at Public Comment - before the Land Use that was held on May 12, 2014 in Room 263 at SF City Hall.

" Malia Cohen - rubber stamps issues and projects " - she has NO interest whats so ever to represent the people of District 10.

The adjudication process will take place - very soon - for all the world to see. Malia Cohen to say the least is Pathetic.

All her actions are shallow - she does not know really who lives in her District - and recently honored some one who lives on Treasurer Island which just happens to be in District 6.

It is just such stupid actions - that Malia Cohen brings upon herself - lack of understanding - not being able to educate herself - and for sure NOT being educated on important issues at all.

Lennar Urban will never have success on Hunters Point better known as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which is still controlled and comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy - a Superfund Site - where depleted Uranium was first tested. 

All the land that comes under the United States Navy including Parcel F - which is the Bay is contaminated - some 700 acres plus.

Malia Cohen would not know that. Much as she is not aware of things in and around her clap. Dumb ass idiot who grins like a jack ass and talks from both sides of her mouth.

Right now we have a serious issue - as one exits 101 South and enters Candlestick Point and Executive Park - a private road is in poor shape - it is causing havoc on cars - and the folks at Baylands Soil Processing on the border of Brisbane and San Francisco - could not give a hoot.

The wear and tear of this road and other roads within the jurisdiction that now have been demarcated as Candlestick Point - are in very poor shape. What does Malia Cohen know about this fact? Nada.

The road in front of Candlestick Stadium is poor shape.

The road at the side by Carol Avenue is in bad shape. Daily raw sewage runs on this filthy road. A health hazard that the world knows about - but not Malia Cohen.

The road in and around the neighboring roads by Alice Griffith are full of pot holes. What does Malia Cohen know - nothing. She does not less care about health issues and less about safety issues?

Lennar Urban will use Land Banking - and does not have the best interests of San Francisco and San Franciscans.

It is good that I stayed away from yesterday's Land Use meeting - Malia Cohen would be in tears had I been at the meeting.

Scott Wiener the Chair of the Land Use is a fool - who continues to waste the time of the constituents.

Making the public at large sit for 4 hours and then gives them 2 lousy minutes to speak at Public Comment.

This is not New York - nor is it a jurisdiction that favors - people that lack etiquette - where some strange looking people - were given an opportunity to speak for an extended period of time - at yesterday's Land Use hearing on the width of the streets and related issues.

Good decent people - the likes of Dr Espanola Jackson and others who have the best interest of San Francisco - made to wait for 4 hours.

Thank God for Dr Espanola Jackson - you all who think you are legislators - but have very poor legislating skills, very poor communication skills, are corrupt - making deals behind close doors - change your ways - or you will fall - flat on your face.

As Dr Espanola Jackson stated cleared - all you do is rubber stamp. You will be judged and you have blood on your hands - Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.

Lennar Urban promised Vellejo 10,000 housing units and defaulted - way back in 2004. Lennar Urban has NOT adhered to the Disposition and Development Agreement - on Parcel A and now on Candlestick Point - rushing through the process in 2008 and 2010. Making several amendments - and trying to hoodwink the constituents.

Tiffany Bohnee has learned nothing much - you are part of this plot to sell out the community - and you are not respected and should be ashamed our yourself.

Tiffany you look the other way - while our children were poisoned by Lennar Urban and fined over $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Spewing toxic Abestos friables in the air.

Disrespecting the First People who I represent - the Muwekma Ohone.

Lennar Urban continues to lie and tries to buy favors.

Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonnar have used divisive tactics to divide the community.

Veronica Hunnicutt does not live in District 10. Veronica Hunnicutt was removed as the Dean of the City College operations at the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building situated at 1800 Oakdale.

Her testimony was fake and Veronica Hunnicutt represents NO ONE decent - from District 10 - she does not live in District 10.

Lennar Urban will fall flat on its face.

No one can fool all the people all the time.

More, not in San Francisco. We are watching you Kofi Bonnar and the rest of you charlatans - like a HAWK.

The issues dealing with infrastructure, broad roads that come under the purview of our Fire Chief Hayes White - who is my very good friend - that involves Chief Gregory Suhr who is also my confidant - they were informed by me - some time ago. So was the Mayor, Edwin Lee and the Controller and others. 

Do not think for a second - we are not watching - the land at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which is contaminated. It is a Superfund Site.

Like the Asbestos Readings we get - three time a week - revealing the on going contamination - with high Asbestos readings.

Every single day - the workers are exposed to Asbestos Fribales - and no one cares.

No one in their right mind will live on Parcel A at Hunter Point. Those who live there will die a slow death. We already have hundreds of cases linked to cancer, tumors, severe Chronic respiratory diseases and more.

No one in their right mind - can expect anything decent from Lennar Urban. Less from the crooks that surround and take orders from Lennar Urban.

Those that give testimony and favor Lennar Urban - are paid by Lennar Urban - a rogue developer - that is not trusted and will fall flat on its face. Aho. 

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and have for a long time - make no bones about this serious issue - all those that are adversely impacting innocent people - all those who are not following the "Precautionary Principle" - do not say - I did not warn you.