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Friday, May 23, 2014

SF Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) talks the talk but cannot walk the walk - slow, dirty, crowded buses - and the T-train which is an abject failure.

The constituents of San Francisco are fed up with the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) on many levels.

One may decide to take Public Transportation but the least we expect are clean and safe buses.

More, buses that run on time - are not over crowded and on some lines - rowdy folks who will harm you if you look at them - challenging you not to look at them - while you mind your own business. I have intervened so many times - to stop fights - with no one in sight on the MUNI bus.

The "yellow hornets" are paid by SFPUC and from other necessary funds - but these folks who should be on the MUNI buses are no where to be found.

It is the same with the SF Police Department - you use to see them - no more.

Again and again some politicians the likes of Scott Weiner think sending money to MTA will cure the present, sordid - situation.

We know well that once MTA too over the Tax Commission - the first thing MTA did was raid the SF TAXI Trust Fund - and empty the Taxi Commission's fiscal resources.

We also know the MUNI Over Time and other deferred maintenance has not served MTA well.

MTA wants more and more money - while its service is pathetic to say the least.

MTA also decided to take over the Traffic Control - and is in charge of those crooked MUNI inspectors - who gang on poor people and give them tickets. It is time to give the "Ticket Inspectors" an orientation.

You do not need ten to twelve "Ticket Inspectors" sometime aided by SF Police Department - ganging up on MUNI riders.

Many a time - as has been reported in the Main Media - the CLIPPER cards do not work. These mean inspector all the same give you a ticket - in excess of $100. This nonsense must stop - people are fed up with these rude, mean, heartless MUNI ticket inspectors - who need sensitivity training. All of them.

You may try to explain to the "Ticket Inspectors" but they go ahead abuse you - and write you a hefty ticket. The CLIPPER system has to be tweaked - and it has been years - and the system keeps on failing.

Time for Ed Reiskin to put out a MEMO - these "Ticket Inspectors" are paid a lot to do a lousy - job. Seeing is believing - especially those who are obese and ill mannered - eating out a lot of junk food - and working less.

On San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco we have a white "Meter Maid" guess it is better to call them " Meter Persons".

This white meter person -  loves giving tickets to those that come to deliver goods to the businesses - or if you are just loading - or if you are aged and finding it difficult to park - correctly. I have got so many complaints - that I am send this article to those - that perhaps can do something - about this fanatic that has come from no where - bossing, being dictatorial, and writing tickets as if they is no tomorrow. All this on good old San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco in the Portola District.

San Bruno Avenue has taken a lot of "crap" from the City and City and County of San Francisco. San Bruno survived the 2008 Economic Spiraling of our economy. We worked hard to make things work.

Millions in taxes have been collected by the SF City's Treasurer - but little is put back to address Quality of Life issues on San Bruno Avenue.

Mayor Edwin Lee better look into these so called "Meter Persons" who are rude, write tickets, and adversely impact business. The Mayor knows the area - and so do the others - who must rise to the occasion and give that meter person - a one way ticket to Alaska - in winter - let him go chill out there.

Ed Reiskin better find out why is this white young Meter Person so ardent to write so many tickets.

Annoying hundreds of people - each and every day. This same Meter Person - has 3rd Street as his jurisdiction - but once he goes there on 3rd Street - he is mellow, yellow. Why?

Our roads are full of  "pot holes" and as much as roads are repaired we still have Comcast, AT&T, other utilities digging like PG&E - messing up the recent repairs and even at time brand new resurfaced roads - making us wonder - why is this happening - so often.

I am requesting someone to look into this mess - and have a quality inspector - who can bring these issues to the fore - to those that can fix this mess. May be a kind request to the City Engineer who cares and must now is a bit more caring.

It is becoming dangerous when cyclists challenge cars and often times dare to take on the MUNI buses.

The cyclists in San Francisco have a Political Action Committee - and are often - abusing their rights.

We need to have the cyclists enroll in some program to teach them road etiquette.

The cyclists may talk the talk - but surely some act like morons on the road. This City must also have them buy a licence to ride our roads and no once give them the licence to abuse freedom.

The money collected from the license can go into a fund linked to the General Fund - that can go into maintaining our roads - and pay for other expenses and amenities that the cyclists - enjoy, now for free.

San Francisco is still booming - over 65 cranes in the air - some huge skyscrapers - too much congestion on the ground.

Often it takes 45 minutes to get over and cross a few blocks - back to back traffic - and a lots of stress - especially if you want to hurry up and go somewhere.

The many private taxis are now becoming a headache - some of them are now using all sorts of ploys to cheat the rider and this is wrong.

The official Taxi Driver in San Francisco have lost their fight - and have given up.

The private taxis have won - they now control the Taxi Trade.

The City is losing revenue and getting a bad name with the tourists all confused - and many literally being taken for a ride by the private taxis - you cannot generalize but most of the ones that are private - are now charging more.

Add to this the shuttle buses, limos, all sorts of taxis with names that make you wonder - where they came from - and we locals find it difficult to figure out what it happening - in the Taxi Domain.

 MTA could not care less  and the MTA meetings are a JOKE - no one respects the deliberation there - held in Room 400 at City Hall.

Ed Reiskin has his hands full - but, the matter of fact is that MTA is going down hill - and the MUNI service from bad to worse - and the fake statistics given from time to time - trying to pat MTA on its back - do no good.

In the meantime the Seniors are that segment of the population that is suffering the most.

Time for the Federal Government to investigate - and stop the funding that is given to serve all MUNI riders - money given in the millions but not spent well.

Seniors are not respect on MUNI - and this must change.

Our youth have got some respite - linked to fare they use to pay on MUNI.

Some of us had to fight for the indigent youth and those that need help - so Free Muni is not something that is special - it is something that had to happen - to bring about a solution. The youth are now happy - but there is always more to do.

We have a population of about 810,000 in our City of San Francisco - one of the world's best cities - on any given day.

San Francisco enjoy good weather, and have so much going for it - public transportation use to be good - not anymore - and I have been around.

People come in droves to work in our City - which has a large Financial District - and our day time population increases many a time to a million and half. Especially on game days and if there are some large conventions.

Every day thousands take MUNI that is public transportation - but we have still to figure out a way - to make it a smooth ride - we try but have still to find a way. It does not help when the buses and light rail cars are dirty, crowded, and Safety is compromised.

It is not about money - it is about leadership. MUNI has wasted money before in the millions - and still has not got its act together.

In some areas like the Bayview up on the hill - MUNI service is pathetic.

Malia Cohen the local, laughing jackass, air-head District Supervisor - could not care less. 

She wants to win the next election - time for her to apply for a job at MTA - a MUNI driver job would be appropriate - for this woman who uses a government car - to do shopping at COSTCO - pathetic.

Scott Weiner another Supervisor is married to MUNI - talking from both sides of his mouth.

Something is fundamentally wrong with Scott Weiner's thinking - he better go back to New York - and get used to the bus system there.

We had a good system here - until the crooks came from elsewhere and messed it up. MTA lacks sound leadership - less transparency and even less accountability. Aho.