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Sunday, May 18, 2014


San Franciscans - have always displayed compassion to those that have chosen to come to our City named after St Francis Assisi. San Franciscans have embrace all - not for the mundane, not for something that means nothing - but for the best.

In recent years - the meanness of New York and the nonchalant attitude towards the poor and those that need help - exhibited by by some San Francisco Board of Supervisors - have adversely impacted San Francisco and more San Franciscans who need help.

The SF Board of Supervisor - promise them the world - but given them stale, bread crumbs. Shame on the SF Board of Supervisors.

Can we advocates and those few who take a stand to help the poor win this struggle - one battle at a time - you bet we can.

We need David Chiu out of the way - and in a way quickly - if that is possible the prevailing cancer - the likes of Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner and Jane Kim who bring toxins to the environment and foster dirty, convoluted - mean politics.

The San Francisco Budget Session is on - and the hard core, mean politicians, keep on bringing the poor and those that do not know that they played - played and traumatized - children, their parents - begging that someone out there listen to their pleas - but no one really, cares.

The recent article in the Examiner shedding light on many Asians who are poor and lumping the Polynesian in this group - says something - but there is more to this sordid, exposure of sorts.

In Chinatown here in San Francisco thousands live in abject poverty - but that has been the case for over 60 years. I know this because I have visited the poor - for a long, long time and defended them and worked for them.

The Chinese Tongs are not there without a purpose - for over a hundred years the Tongs have protected, helped, and consolidated their power.

These new politicians have no clue - about the real Chinatown - and less about the Tongs and other protections put in place - to keep those that wanted to burn Chinatown - when nefarious politicians and other so called City Fathers - had unchecked - power. History has not been to the Chinese from day one - and much of the bias it still brewing - popping its head now and then.

You would think with a Mayor in place - more a Chinese who understands the culture - things would get better - but no.

The Chines who are poor, do not speak English, do not get opportunities - have been suffering in silence for over 60 years and more. Today early in the morning they line up for free handouts - then, they sell what they do not need - to feed their families. They talk to me all the time - because I speak to them in Mandarin - a few words that help me communicate and build - trust.

The Main Media will write an article just to make some headlines. Thousands of young girls and boys - have made Chinatown their home - they have gone to study and today are professionals and proud of their parents and relatives - who helped them - poor as they were - to make them who they are - today.

You can talk to Pius Lee, Calvin Louie, the advocates Pan, others like Bill Lee who was once the City Administrator - and learn more - we need to invest in China Town - we need to help those that need help most.

It may be true that in the Bayview over 14% of the Polynesian are not working - but what is the City doing about the situation at hand. It is also true that there is violence - what is the Mayor and his advisers doing about this in concrete terms? We want to know.

If you are looking for some succor from the person who represent District 3 - you will not get it - you are looking in the wrong place - for the right thing.

Of course you will not get that from David Chiu - who hails from Taiwan and is not welcomed by the Chinese in general.

The Chinese will not tell you that - but I will. Similarly, no one worth the salt in Chinatown respects - Jane Kim - who hails from Korea and has always had a hidden agenda.

London Breed and Malia Cohen cannot represent the Blacks well - so they cannot and will not represent others.

They are there to fill their campaign coffers. Malia Cohen's time has come - and it it time for her to pack her stuff and go take care of her - clap.

Anyone who help build a Wellness Center for our children in one of the most contaminated places - 3450 Cargo Street in the Bayview by Islais Creek must be out of their mind.

Anyone who works against Mother Brown and the good work done by that institution - must be out of their mind. 

We need the 100 bed institution - paid by a State grant - to house those that today sleep under the bridges, the bushes, and where they can lay their head - in the Bayview.

The paradox most of them are Black - Black as is Malia Cohen - who does not have a clue where she comes from.

There is no way - after so long pandering - working against those that need help- someone like Malia can take anyone to a better place.

Malia Cohen should keep moving that ring from finger to finger - until she finally rings herself - blue.

Some of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - can tickle themselves blue - trying to say something - but spewing out diatribe - verbosity.

The likes of John Avalos, Mark Farrell, others pathetic - and the time has come - for real, practical - action.

San Franciscans are fed up - and those advocates that can speak up - must speak up and make a difference.

We must voice our opinion - we must defend those that cannot defend themselves.

Politics and democracy is about representation - and we do not see that at the many deliberations in Room 250 at San Francisco's City Hall - the pathetic San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

The poor we will always have - blessed are the poor - for theirs is the kingdom of heaven - so said the Master - the Teacher - the Messiah -who came to teach us something - but have we learned - anything? Aho.