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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Our Nation is hurting - more, when a measly three percent of the filthy rich control more than eighty five percent of the Nations wealth. This disparity cries to heaven for justice - while slowly eroding our moral compass. Hindering us as a Nation to go to a better place.

Our Founding Fathers never, ever meant this Nation to be ruled by those that put their selfish interests first and the interest of the constituents of this Nation - on the back burner. All over the Nation - this is what is happening - politicians lying and doing as they please - more so here in San Francisco - and City Hall.

Our Nation has been led to war without justification - and in one blatant case - the case of the Iraq war - by lying to Congress.

With intent - providing false information - and tarnishing the core values - our Nation's moral, ethics, standards - adversely impacting, the moral compass of our Nation and the core values laid down - in matters - how decision ought to be made - all spelled out by our - Founding Fathers.

The Executive Branch has failed this Nation in recent decades - and the Judicial Branch has been asleep at the cockpit. Aged judges bordering on senile decision - talking in circles - and making long drawn - convoluted - decisions. "Corporations are people too" - the have decided upon.

We have empirical data that simply will not make the deep scars of our recent wars go away.

Did we or did we not work with the earlier elements of Al Qaeda - providing them intelligence, training them, urging them to fight the Russians - when the Russian invaded Afghanistan?

Now who is chasing after whom - and where was the justification our enemies - when in the first place - we fed, clothe, and informed them? We the people of the Untied States - want to know? Who is fooling whom? How many billions were wasted in all those willy nilly - covert operations?

Is there any concrete justification for us invading Iraq and causing so much harm - as has been show with the empirical data we have on Falluja in Iraq - others cities in Iraq - and where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction - may I add?

No one can fool all the people all the time. Today, the American People are disgusted - and the recent low turn out at the pools - is one significant sign - the signs of the times.

When that sad day in the history of the United States - the 9/11 episode took place - the very core of our moral conscience - was pierced.

Our political leaders - hoodwinked the Nation .

The Bushes made especial arrangements to ferry the Bin Laden family - four 747 Boeing planes - permit and visa arrangements made hastily - and just like that - those in charge - turned their back our the core values of our Nation. Ferried the enemies out of our Nation and delivered them to Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabians were the majority of those that harmed our Nation on that infamous day - destroying the Twin Towers - murdering - thousands. Affecting millions more.

I have just returned from visiting the Freedom Tower - talking and interviewing many - all these many years after - and getting first hand knowledge - of the harm done - and the long lasting, deep scars etched on the hearts and minds - closer to that infamous - episode. 

We have the empirical data - on that day of infamy - 9/11. Yet the Bushes and more in particular George Bush Jr - pushed to invade Iraq - a mistake that historians and those few that had a conscience and spoke to the "truth - will evaluate, correct, and lay bare the TRUTH - as decades go by.

The BILLIONS wasted on Iraq and Afghanistan - on weapons and creating the largest war operations - have filled the coffers - of those that wait for such opportunities - to rake in billions.

These vermin - wait for such opportunities and in many cases created them. These vermin care more about their own selfish interest - not so much for the good of the Nation.

The little over three hundred millions constituents - that is the population of our Nation -  the three percent that control eighty five percent of the Nation's wealth.

Today millions of decent Americans are mourning, grieving each and every day - each connect in some way to a soldier that has died - thousands more suffering at home or in our hospitals.

Our beloved warrior women and men - belong to decent families - who tried to represent the best values of our Nation.

Prodded by crooked politicians - who lied and betrayed the core values of our Constitution. The process that was used to hoodwink the American People - and send innocent women and men to war.

Today at this late hour - we regret the harm and the abuse meted out  to those few who stood against the war.

We should have attacked Saudi Arabia - but we went to Iraq - thinking we could steal the OIL - and teach Sadam Hussein a lesson - for humiliating the Elder Bush.

Where was the concern of the Nation at large? How many from Bush family served in the recent wars? And how many from the Dick Chenney family served the recent wars?

How much money did these war mongers make?

Our soldiers suffer and in recent weeks the atrocities committed by the Veterans Administration (VA) and revealed to the public at large is shocking and heart rendering.

The many hospitals the VA operates all over the Nation - the poor judgments made.

Our beloved Veterans who should have been cared for - but were denied care and left to die.

These willful atrocities tarnishes all the noble principles we all  stand for - but for those who died - justice and fair play - was denied.

Our soldiers that laid their lives for our Nations - were treated much like the two words that must make us think - Government Issue - GI.

We must revisit such acronyms - and clearly articulate what human beings, our beloved soldiers - mean to our Nation.

Diatribe, spewing hot air in the many speeches made by the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - linked to the lack of are given to our soldiers.

Vague speeches, long hours of hearing that go no where - the very long waits at the many VA hospitals - our soldiers who must be helped suffer insult after insult - and in some cases - "death" - when they could have lived.

Speak to the Truth and do not beat around the bush. We screwed up as a Nation - and our President could have done better - but wants to "spin" the situation - much like the 'main media" has done deceiving the public - and shaming the fourth estate.

I served my Nation as an American Citizen and  listen to the many crooked politician.

We have them right here in San Francisco - the likes of Diane Feintein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi - they all represent themselves and have no clue about how much they have hurt and are hurting our soldiers.

American women and men warriors - and their families. All of these so called Representative - have failed to - represent the warrior soldiers, their families and loved ones.

The thousands of children and relatives of our wounded soldiers - live each day - learning what most of us who care not to learn from our soldiers.

How many of us have visited our soldiers in the many hospitals - just once?

If you have not - have you tried writing to our soldiers - or sending them a "care package" - you should help move the "moral compass" - in the right direction.

This disparity that we have today - the filthy rich and the very poor - the erosion of the "middle class" - the targeting of our education - for those that need it most.

With intent - depriving our youth who come from poor families - sound education - will bring our Nation to its knees.

Education is what brings light to those who can know, better and comprehend better.

Help those educated discern and  make the right choices.

Help make moral and ethical choices - and keep our Nation Flag and values - upright - shedding light where there is abject darkness.

When the middle class is strong - most things are in order.

Our values were challenged when in the years 2006-2009 our Economy spiraled into the valley of fiscal doom.

Our government - lost its moral compass - hurting the middle class - and going to the rescue of those who pushed for sub-prime loans, derivatives, fostering hedge funds, involved in all sort of ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.  

Our soldiers in World War I laid their lives.

So did our soldiers in World War II.

In all the many wars in between - the Korean war, Vietnam, and so on and so forth. 

Our Nation is suffering today - more our Seniors - the baby boomers as they call them. This is more true in San Francisco - where our rents have sky rocketed and our Seniors treated with disdain. Services denied and many take to the streets and by ways - facing inclement weather - to survive. Many live on a fixed income.  That is the state of affairs - with San Francisco politicians - having a hey day.

Our youth are confused and hurting - we put undue financial burden on them - and teach them to win without teaching them right from wrong.

No Nation is strong without moral, ethical, standards that stand us tall and help us all be strong.

No Nation is worth the salt - when those leaders who must lead - lie, steal, plunder, rape our Treasury - and tell us more lies - shallow to the core.

More inept, spineless - most of politicians are worthless - they talk from both sides of their mouth - and what they spew from their filthy mouths - diatribe and plain hot air - will come to haunt them and bite them in the butt.

We once had politicians - their hearts were in the right place - not anymore. 

You just have to witness how despicable the ratings of the politicians are today in single digits.

No one worth the salt respects the politicians - even animals get more respect - at least that is what the empirical data shows.

Our Nation from the days of the Civil War - where millions died - so that we may treasure our Freedom - keeps trying to make a difference - here at home and world wide.

There is Freedom and their is License - abuse of Freedom is License - and the persons most fostering License are our sordid - politicians.

The recent wars have adversely affected our Nations - "Moral Compass".

Diatribe on the part of "crooked politicians" will not take us to a better place. Aho.