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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


No one can fool all the people all the time.

So when Tetra Tech a crooked company - purports to promise to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and does not do what it promised - now, exposed by NBC Television station - for all the world to see.

Tetra Tech with intent compromised their work - linked to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard situated in San Francisco - Tetra Tech thought they could get away with murder - but, now the entire world knows - that Tetra Tech has BLOOD on their hands.

For the longest time ever - having the empirical data - and reading between the lines - many of us astute, advocates.

Other layperson sacrificing their time - knew that it would be difficult fighting the United States Navy and people like Keith Forman who works for the U.S. Navy.

Keith Forman - who full understands that he is instrumental - in compromising the work - the clean up of a Superfund Site a SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Only the worse of the worst Department of Defense sites - are placed on the Superfund Site. One of them is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco - and close by within a stone's throw - the Bayview Hunters Point constituency.

Recently the NBC Television Station in San Francisco - did us constituents great good and yeomen service - they exposed Tetra Tech - the crooked corporation that milked the United States Navy of millions - and in doing so - milked the tax payers.

Tetra Tech promised to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and did not do a good job - the botched the job and stole millions of dollars.

Before that it was International Technology (IT) that milked the United States Navy - over $300 million - and then declared bankruptcy.

The United States Navy has been doing a poor job - wasting tax payers money.

More it has with intent slowly poisoned our community.

It has with intent permitted Tetra Tech to load contaminated dirt - laden with high levels of radio active elements - and this dirt went though our communities - and were taken to landfills - and declared Class II and Class III - when in fact they were Class I.

It is wrong for an entity like the United States Navy that has learned nothing much from past episodes - to work with crooked companies - use tax payers money - and defraud innocent, hard working constituents of this great Nation - that pay their taxes.

Tetra Tech must be investigated - so must those in charge - people like Keith Forman - who can look you in the eyes and lie.

The other Regulatory Agency like the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) - the Federal Agency - the Environmental Protect Agency - Region IX that has done nothing much to do right - and everything to do - wrong.

Again and again we have found the State, Federal, and local regulatory agency - looking the other way when it comes to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a Superfund Site - where Depleted Uranium was tested.

The San Francisco Health Department and other Regulatory Agency have been pandering to Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, other crooked folks -like the former "thug Mayor" - Willie L. Brown Jr.

Also, Gavin Newsom - better known as Mr Dipstick - Sophie Maxwell, Carmen Chu, Linda Richardson, Aurelius Walker, - others despicable - who think nothing much of the many dangerous and high levels of radioactive elements - and other chemicals - used and dumped on the base - that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

They above want housing units, open space, and think nothing about how the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - must be cleaned.

In the year 2000 - Proposition P mandated the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be cleaned to "residential standards" - this has been ignored by the City and County of San Francisco, the SF Health Department and one Barbara Gracia.

The Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX. Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein who know what to do and has to be done - but have not served and less represented the constituency - who votes these scum bags in. Crooked to the core - and evil.

We are watching Lennar Urban who wants to build thousands of units in the middle of Chernobyl - that is San Francisco Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - Time will Tell. Aho.