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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Mark Farrell the Chair of the Budget and Finance committee - uses his gavel lightly - tries to speaking kindly -  pretending that he is conducting the business at hand - but, it is all a facade of sorts. How can this man sleep at night?

This one Supervisor gets a substantial amount of money from another conduit - another source - plus his over early $150,000 plus salary just because he pretends to represent his District 2 - as a Supvisor.

This year the Budget Sessions are so convoluted and that segment of the population who suffer the most, that segment of the population - that does not have a voice - treated like dirt - with utter, disdain.

Our City and Count of San Francisco has a little over than $8 Billion Budget - yet, all this fuss - pretending that there is no money - while our economy is the only one in the entire Nation - that is booming.

66 cranes in the air - the tall buildings - all dense - accommodating the filthy rich.

Condominiums going for over a million and a half and some for five million - and other for as high as ten million dollars.

The poor have no clue - how the crooks are cooking the books - they do that ever year.

The San Francisco Health Department with a over one billion dollars budget.

Barbara Gracia - seeing to it that those she favors - get the money - and those that she has marked - low down of that totem pole - shunned with disdain - left to take care of their own business.

We have poor people that have no shelter - no roof over their head - left to fend to themselves.

Facing inclement weather on  many days of the weeks - and in this group - entire families - with the children - and all this in one of the richest cities in the world - San Francisco.

Daily deals are made at City Hall - with the San Francisco City Planning having several teams - for a price they can rush your plans.

The SF Planning Commission - more and more is leaning towards developers - they have compromised Quality of Life issues - all over San Francisco.

Our City of San Francisco - once did not favor high rise buildings - we are a City of Hills - some 47 hills - of which a few still remain intact.

The Bayview Hill by Candlestick is one - Recreation and Park has jurisdiction over this Hill - the Muwekma Ohlone and local advocates among them Dr Espanola Jackson - stopped the City from - demolishing this hill.

Some damage was done - and on one side of Bayview Hill when dirt was removed - complete with remains of the Ohlone - taken to Candlestick Stadium and used as infill.

Most people do not know these facts - the ugly history of the great City named after St Francis Assisi.

This one act - at Candlestick Stadium - cries to heaven for justice  -the desecration of the remains of the Ohlone.

Once, as many know - especially those who have lived in San Francisco for over forty years - twenty five percent of the population was Black.

Today it is more like three percent. Of the three percent - many are very poor - and there is no one to provide support the many young women and men - who are Black - left to take care of themselves.

Young women and men - who parents are incarcerated in large numbers - if that is not the case - have fallen prey to drugs - mind altering drugs. Drugs that targeted the women - that one segment of the Black population that kept the family together - since the days of slavery.

Today, another kind of plantation is in place - and no one wants to analyse why nothing seems to be working. Some is dividing us - and the worse fact - many of them are Black. The likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen - they all want most everything for themselves - and care less for the population that is Black.

Black grandmothers are doing a great job - gathering the grandchildren, other relatives - and caring for them with little that they have.

The City knows about it - but does nothing about it.

Mayor Edwin Lee will tell you that when his father died and his mother and her children had to run the restaurant the owned - a Black man stepped up and helped the family.

This is America and there are thousands of such stories - heart warming stories - Americans being Americans. Today, in our City some are creating divisiveness of the worst order. Unfortunately - the are know as politicians.

Leading this group David Chiu who started a campaign that was totally unfair. Who of the two Davids is better?

When in the first place there were three. Now, of the two Davids who deliberate in Room 250 - the August Board Chamber - who denies the constituent their 3 minutes of Public Comment - and reduces it to less than two? We the constituents want to know?

Then we had Jane Kim and Malia Cohen who pandered and are still pandering - much like whores who will embrace the highest bidder. Time will tell - we are watching you two - like a hawk.

Then comes that transplant from New York - who wants to narrow our roads.

Take on the San Francisco - Fire Chief and pretend that he knows something - when in reality he is the laughing stock of the queer community that he belongs to.

The straights, really could not care about what he says. He want to be Mayor of San Francisco - no way.

Our other Supervisors including Katy Tang has not studied the history of San Francisco - young and immature - she stays under the radar - making deals - trained by the mentor - Carmen Chu.
We know where you come from Katy and where you will land - soon.

There are other shenanigans going on - corruption of the worst order - and Room 200 too has all sorts of movements heading in the wrong direction.

No one is paying attention to what is really happening to our City of San Francisco.

On Community Choice Aggregation none of the present players were there back in the year 2000, 2001, 2002.  Now they are pretending they know it all.

Now, as I said they all seem to know more - and act less - because they have no history, are NOT educated on issues - and dropped the ball - too many times.

Our San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department - has long been known - as a destination point.

It is here - where politicians place anyone they favor - and give them jobs - to carry on the tradition started by Willie L. Brown Jr - the former "thug mayor" of San Francisco who created the SF Public Utilities Commission - that is slowly sinking and soon will be flushed down the drain.

That on going cancer with Juliet Ellis - who works for the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Juliet Ellis is one of those candidates - jumping from the SF Public Utilities Commission to getting a job on the platter - as the Assistant General Manager - of External Affairs. Conflict of interest - she defied the standards, broke the laws, and now we are paying for it.

Juliet Ellis of Jamaican extract - has no clue what she is doing when it comes to bills from the State and Federal level - less about protocol - and has no standards, less ethics, and no morals at all. Time will tell.

Juliet Ellis has surround herself with all women - that she has hired - to do the devil work. None of the women hired are from San Francisco. Tell me which Agency outside San Francisco - say the East Bay - permits this type of behavior. Who is investigating this fact - and what is the Mayor doing about this - nonsense? A cancer within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission!

Yet. Juliet Ellis will sit on the front row next to the General Manager at the Budget hearings - and spread bad vibes.

No one want such a person on the front row - making small talk - and having side-bar conversations. This woman Juliet Ellis is so arrogant - that she is besides, herself. When will she learn?

She must be fired.

Come June 1, 2014 as usual the Mayor will announce his Budget and those that get high salaries -  many in the the range from $150,000 to $200,000 plus benefits - really do not care - most of them do not live in our City - and every pay check day - go merrily laughing to the bank. They got is made.

When they retire they will get 90% of their salaries. Who pays all this - we the tax payers - we the constituents of San Francisco.

So do we have the power to remove this folks from office - YES we do.

First we must be educated on issues - we fail to understand San Francisco - which is unique - the outsiders have come and totally destroyed the foundation of our unique ways of life - our food, our music, our dance, the various neighborhood that are becoming bland, the various clubs and meeting places and more.

Our artists are leaving San Francisco, our musicians find it difficult to live - it is so expensive.

Our restaurants and more of Executive Chefs are leaving - many of them cannot afford the rents.

The artists of all kind - who are the SOUL of any culture - are treated with disdain - what else can you expect from morons who are our corrupt.

Politicians - the likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, Scott Weiner - giving breaks to the Tech companies - such as TWITTER and GOOGLE and LENNAR URBAN.

Watch out - we are permitting these vermin to destroy the little that is left GOOD - in San Francisco.

Finally this is Ohlone land - many of us represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and we have been acting, voicing our opinion, announcing and pleading - but, not for too long.