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Thursday, May 22, 2014


It comes as no surprise to the many constituents of San Francisco - how poorly our San Francisco Board of Supervisors represent, the constituents of San Francisco.

The problem is simple - none of the SF Board of Supervisors are fully educated on issues. None of them have access to empirical data. All of them listen to so called experts - who are not worth the salt. Most of them who are lawyers - one track minded. Leading the charge two - Scott Weiner and David Chiu.

In San Francisco - we have two singular branches of government - some think three - but I will explain - for sure we have the inept Legislative Branch - the SF Board of Supervisors.

We have the Executive Branch with the Mayor and the City Administrator sharing the cockpit - and doing as they deem fit -  favoring the developers - taking pride with ribbon cutting and other such shenanigans.

Once the City Administrator was independent and had clout - but Willie L. Brown Jr - changed the Charter and brought the City Administrator under the wing of the Executive Branch.

Willie L Brown Jr the former "thug Mayor" of San Francisco in 1996 introduced a number of Charter Amendments - and saw that during his two terms as Mayor - the majority of SF Board of Supervisor - were in his pocket.

He planted evil seeds - including the creation of the SF Public Utilities Commission that he controls to this day - which is an enterprise department - generating its own money - selling clean water, provide sewer services, and sell Hetch Hetchy hydro- electricity and more. Leases land that have quarries like the one near Sunol. Leasing land - vast amounts of land - acquired all these years - surrounded by the huge pipe lines that bring clean water to San Francisco. Millions of acres of land - and few know about the vastness of these property.

SF Public Utilities Commission - could generate thousands of Clean Energy - having huge Solar Farms - much as one sees in Europe - one can speak to the fools - but these clown - much like seasoned - buffoons.

Mayor Edwin Lee in recent months does not know what to do with the SF Board of Supervisors.

The reason is simple - he is beholden to the big developers, the Tech Companies, Mission Bay entities. Other, nefarious entities like Pacific Gas and Electric - and this may come as a  surprise to some - but not those in the know - the Pacific Height Mafia.

When recently two white employees from Tetra Tech told a high powered NBC Television investigative team - of the many standards compromised and linked to the removal of Class I dirt - laden with Radio Active Elements at high levels - that were trucked out from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the manifest doctored - this did not come as surprised to the many advocates and I.

Our community was compromised and with intent put in harms way - thousands of tons of Class I dirt - all very contaminated was - carried out of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - through the community - not a word - from the Mayor Office about this serious and very precarious situation - that it has know - for a long, long time. Time will tell.

Not a word from the San Francisco Health Department and Barbara Gracia who heads our San Francisco General Hospital - and has been pandering like Mitch Katz - who was there before her and did nothing about Lennar Urban and others,

Barbara Gracia continues pandering - and recently fired one of the most reliable employees - Dr Rajiv Bhatia. Dr Bhatia would speak up but was told to shut up.

The San Francisco Health Department - evil - who with intent harmed our children and Seniors and others - in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is a stone's throw away - bordering a residential area - by failing to take action - when the information was given to them.

Our SF Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen, David Chiu, Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, Katy Tang, Norman Yee are the worst. They speak from both sides of their mouth.

None of the Supervisor have read the Final Historical Radiological Report on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. 

These Supervisors - more those that take money from the developers - could care less and know even less - about Bayview and the constituents in that area - who have suffered all these many years.

Lennar Urban is now trying to leverage money on the land that it has got for $1 - Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The former Mayor Gavin Newsom,  Senator Diane Feinstein, the former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, other very evil and crooked folks the likes of Linda Richardson, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelioius Walker, Calvin Jones, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, Lola Whittle, Dwayne Jones - of course Willie L. Brown who brought Lennar Urban to town - saw to it that they got the money - better know as bribes. They say - "follow the money".

Recently we see the SF Board of Supervisors - all confused about the Hetch Hetchy system - our clean water system and is being - compromised.

 None of the SF Board of Supervisors - have been following the Water System Improvement Project in earnest.

None of them have been follow the dubious track record of Julie LaBonte - much like none of them have spoken against Juliet Ellis - who keeps coming to City Hall - and keeps dividing the employees working for SF Public Utilities Commission.

Daily causing distractions and fostering low moral - among the SF Public Utilities Commission employees and policies - much like a witch that she is.

The big glaring mistakes where there around 2010 - experts saw nothing about wrong about the crevices at Calavares - where URS is raking in millions.

The man behind the scene Richard Blum who is the husband of Diane Feinstein and controls URS and can make the calls and get what he wants. 

Platinum Consultants  -  where any company can for money play - grease hands that work for SF Public Utilities Commission - give check to those high powered Political thugs - the like of Rose Pak and Willie L. Brown.

Some dumb contractors more Primes like URS have messed up Calavares - costing the SF Public Utilities Commission - millions more.

The Calavares Project has been compromised - and the dam is not more prone to fail - than it was before. So much for leadership.

Over a millions tons were removed to address a large fissure  on the side of the Calavares Hill - some one made millions trucking the dirt. Some else made money - providing a site - to store the dirt - that he can resell - all crooks of the highest - order. 

Ask anyone about Mountain Tunnel and they will tell you - every effort should have been made to upgrade and better still to circumvent Mountain Tunnel - by building a new tunnel - after all it has long served its purpose. All this could have been done in the year 2008.

But, Julie LaBonte thought different - and now has jumped ship.

SF Public Utilities Assistant General Managers the likes of Juliet Ellis, Barbara Hale, Richie, and some others - that will go unnamed are not very bright - not as long as they pander - to those that call the shorts.

These vermin have no real experience worth the salt. They talk the talk - fabricate - one Juliet Ellis has with intent moved thousands of dollars from SF Public Utilities Commission - to her former non-profit organization - Green For All.

Juliet Ellis is still working for SF Public Utilities Commission. She should be fired - long gone - and as long as she is at SF PUC - there will be a cancer festering and growing - and daily cause - divisiveness. She and her team who work with her daily - to cause - confusion of the highest, order.

Another up and coming evil person that is causing harm is one Ivy Fine - who once worked for Tetra Tech - now in charge of contracting - causing endless - problems. Using her recent promotion - that she does not deserve - to adversely impact innocent, hardworking, SF Public Utilities employees - who know more than she can ever know.

Not long ago - SF Public Utilities Commission decided to appoint Deputy Assistant General Managers - further worsening the state of affairs at SF Public Utilities Commission.

This uncalled reorganization - without deep thought must be revisited. Ivy Fine is some one that needs to be told to stop messing with the lives of others - stellar, astute, SF Public Utility Commission workers - who know and more understand - better than this conniving woman - who does not know what she is doing.

It is a shame that when the SF Board of Supervisors - challenge the honesty of SF Public Utilities Commission on issues such as Clean Energy and more the Community Choice Aggregation - that I and others were at the forefront since the year 2001. Already much harm has been done - thousands wasted - and millions compromised in savings.

SF Public Utilities Commission not long ago - after the ENRON scandal - wanted to place 3 Combustion Turbines - generating toxic particulates - using fossil fuel - spurred by Barbara Hale and the former General Manager who was fired Susan Leal.

All this by the former Mirant Plant - can you imagine?

Dr Espanola Jack, I, and Richard Sklar - the former President of the SF Public Utilities Commission - and Ambassador to Bosnia - shot that plan down - but not a word of thanks or acknowledgment from the SF Public Utilities Commission - to this day.

Barbara Hale is useless - every single time she is called to give testimony it is fake.

She could have been frank from the beginning about the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - she was not.

Barbara Hale should be fired. 

Barbara Hale does not work for the people - she works for her pay check - she should be fired.

As should Juliet Ellis and her team - all cronies from the East Bay that she has hired Kay Fernandez and Radaka. Juliet Ellis knows nothing much about San Francisco and less about Communication, Outreach, and External Affairs.

Crooked to the core - unethical, immoral, and having no standards - what so ever.

The time has come to clean the cob webs and get rid of the rubbish at SF Public Utilities Commission - some one must step up quickly and clean house. There is plenty of water to do the cleaning and that must be a priority.