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Sunday, May 25, 2014


The San Francisco Planning Department has with intent - allowed some crooked developers - to do as they please - and now the "foolishness" of the SF Planning is coming to bite - the very "sordid" SF Planners - in the butt.

It is the same with the San Francisco County Francisco Transportation Authority - all talk and little walk. The entire Southeast Sector - more from Cargo way to the Old Bayshore - lacks - sound transportation and very poor - infrastructure.

The stupidity of all concerned to spend over $800 million and build the 3rd Street Light Rail - from 4th and King to the middle of no where - Visitation Valley.

3rd Street Light Rail was created to help move people.

Today - it moves slowly - defeats the very purpose of any sound transportation - a "White Elephant" - at a cost of over $800 million. The light rail cars are dirty, filthy, and a health issue that must be addressed.

The mostly white planners and transportation experts have no clue what they are talking about. They are there - for their pay and have NO interest to help the decent constituents - of San Francisco. 

In the private sector - these SF Planners would be fired.

How can you spend so much money - all tax payers money - and not think for a second when it does not work.

It defeats the purpose - how can these fools be permitted to still work and cause more confusion. This is what is happening with our City and County of San Francisco - and our leadership is no where to be found.

On Carroll Avenue in the Bayview - by the side of of the Alice Griffith Public Housing - raw sewage has been flowing on the street for the last 20 years.

This is a health issue - and the only way the smell is stifled - is by someone covering the area with Eucalyptus wood chips. All the same it is a glaring health issues - and no one seems to care.

Where is Barbara Gracia on this - and where is the Mayor, Mayor Edwin Lee on this? Where is HOPESF on this? All talk and less walk.

Plans are a foot to build over 30,000 units in the area - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - but - there is NO viable and sustainable infrastructure in place.

None what so ever - and Lennar Urban who is NOT trusted by the community at large.

Lennar Urban's sordid behavior - is forcing us to collect signatures - and put something on the Ballot - to stop them from conducting their affairs - like the Mafia - all over San Francisco.

Right now Lennar Urban is using Land Banking after they got the land for free - over 1000 acres.

Dividing the land - and selling it to the highest bidder.

Much as was and is done at Mission Bay - Public Trust Land - and the lay person is left in the dark - while crooks rape the land and build high rise buildings - on land prone to liquefaction and very, very contaminated.

Lennar Urban has no money - trying to leverage money - by issuing Bond Measures.

Using the land it got for free from our City and County of San Frnacisco - as equity.

This and some other tactics - are what crooks do for a living - and Lennar Urban and Kofi Bonnar - you are put on notice.

In the year 2010 during the holiday season - Lennar Urban was fast tracking their plans with SF Planning Department in the cockpit doing their bidding.

Greasing palms - having closed door meetings, bribing people - and I have all the information and more. Forcing some of us advocates to forego our vacation and attend - long drawn meetings - giving us advocates - a measly two minutes.

Recently - when the SF Fire Department requested Lennar Urban for some pertinent, information.

For example - at a corner of a block - part of Lennar Urban's conceptual plan - what does Lennar Urban have planned - and why is there talk of high rise buildings - all shown on their conceptual plans - Lennar Urban had no answer.

Of course Lennar Urban's conceptual plans are just that - a dream - " you wake up - and it could be your worst nightmare".

Our Fire Department must be equipped with tall ladders and wider roads to address large fire - more from tall buildings that are planned - but, missing is sound input from SF Fire and Police Department. The two agencies lack the equipment to fight large fires - and the infrastructure with sound HYDRANTS - that work and have the required pressure.

If there is a fire - and our SF Fire Department had to address the situation - the fool that wants narrow streets - Scott Weiner - is pushing for 20 feet streets.

The SF Fire Department will have to deal with the problem - and has decided - using International Fire Codes and have settled for 26 foot streets - and that is the order of the day. After all the SF Fire Department is in charge - not some tall lanky foolish politician - who is a transplant from the Bronx.

Scott Weiner is from the Bronx in New York - and if he wants to go there and exercise his nonsense talk - more power to him.

I have been there - and seen funny looking people - dressed in long black gowns, with funny looking dreads, and funny looking unkempt beards - and it is from that type of environment that Scott Weiner hails.

He brings nothing holistic from the area - a good for nothing transplant - who is just creating a storm in a tea cup.

Most importantly no one worth the salt is looking at the characteristics of the soil or dirt - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

The soil is very poor landfill - mostly contaminated - prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - with the Bay ready to spill over - at any moment.

Scott Weiner has no clue about reality - he wants to make waves and he is from the Castro.

Scott Weiner has targeted the poor and the indigent, he has targeted Queer youth - enjoying some time in a private park.

Scott Weiner is against building units that can accommodate families - and is pushing for 100 square feet units - meant for someone like him and his dog - full of fleas.

The man is insane - and supposedly - represents.

The Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard linked to Parcel A and the EIR linked to the Candlestick Point lack credibility.

The responsibility falls squarely of the shoulders of the SF Planning Department, the Land Use and Economic Committee, the San Francisco - Board of Supervisors.

The district 10 representative Malia Cohen who is inept, ignorant, arrogant - an air-head - who constantly grins like a - jackass. What can you expect from the local democratic MACHINE that fosters corruption and is a cancer?

Malia Cohen has used the developers to fill her campaign coffers - and at the coming elections - she will reap the fruits of all her "evil doings" with intent.

Rubber stamping - disrespecting the poor and elderly - and thinking that she will get away with murder in broad daylight.

Malia Cohen will repent - but it will be too late - she is doomed and will be leave no legacy. What a waste of time - and more - opportunity.

The San Francisco Planning Department has failed to maintain sound standards - put in place viable and sustainable Quality of Life standards - that help progress and foster proven standards.

The San Francisco Planning Department has failed to comprehend that high rise buildings do not foster progress - with our 47 hills  and streets that embrace more two story homes - three and four story buildings at the most - and we have pushed the envelop in the Financial District and failed.

Now, some want to do the same along the Embarcadero - and will never be allowed to do so.

The Washington 8 has been shot down - the Warrior Stadium shot down - and Proposition B will nail the coffin of those who want to build high rises along the Embarcadero.

More by the Ferry Building on either side - we - decent San Franciscans know better.

We do not want to see a host of building like the ugly Fontana Buildings at the end of Polk Street by Fisherman's Wharf.

Those ugly buildings - an eye shore - blocking good views from the public at large - were pushed for and built by developer crooks - that did not have any sense of viable and sustainable planning.

Crooked developers pushed the envelop - fostering - "sordid" - greed.  

Lennar Urban is a "rogue developer". 

"No good will come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard including Parcel A and Candlestick Point. I said that that many times - and I will say that again".

Once there were two large hills at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - containing Sacred Remains of the Ohlone. The hills were demolished - the Sacred Remains removed with the dirt - and used as in-fill. This desecration cries to heaven for justice. It is as simple as that.

Kofi Bonnar knows what he did at Emeryville and the Shopping Complex. He has learned little - this time - he will witness the "fireworks" - in life - you do not get too many chances - after making one great mistake. Repent and do the right thing.

Check your records at the Election Department I was and will always remain the Proponent of Proposition F.

Lennar was the proponent of Proposition G - backed by Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Carmen Chu, Bevan Dufty, Sophie Maxwell, Jose Cisneroes, Aurelius Walker, Lola Whittle - and hundreds of other crooks - that cannot sleep at night and never, will. Aho.