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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


San Francisco can boast having some of the most talented youth in the the Nation and may be in the entire world. Our youth and young adults in San Francisco deserve the best - we have the money and the resources - but the City authorities continue to treat the youth and young adults - with disdain. This nonsense must stop. More in this "digital age".

In recent years our youth have had to face great challenges. It has not been easy more since the 2008 - economic spiraling of our economy.

The lack of full time jobs, part time jobs, and many of the youth and young adults and their parents - facing difficulties on many - fronts.

Normally, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - should have stood up for our youth and young adults - but they have not. 

We have some that talk the talk the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, David Chiu, Scott Wiener, and Jane Kim - shallow and out of sync with reality.

When it comes to health, housing, education, transportation, safety, food and nutrition - the many other elements linked to Quality of Life issues - our youth must be given the best. The fact of the matter is - our youth and young adults are treated by the San Francisco Board of Supervisor with - disdain.

Our City and County of San Francisco has failed our youth and young adults - and more when it comes to opportunities and career jobs.

The shenanigans going on at San Francisco City College does not help.

We let the nonsense get our of hand - and even today - the courts are not helpful - and in the interim - those graduating from High School - do not have a clear path - and have not clue what the future holds.

We have a population of about 805,000 in San Francisco - and most San Franciscans - know of someone dear who has gone to SF City College.

It is not uncommon to have several members - from any family living in San Francisco - that have gone to SF City College - and are better off - for having being educated at SF City College with the best amenities and facilities and teaching staff that cares.

San Francisco City College students have stood up and spoken up - they have led protests - they have done all in their power and we San Franciscans are proud of them all. Leading the charge Shannel Williams.

Our SF Board of Supervisors have been messing with topics, subjects and issues that are mundane and trivial.

So much so that most decent advocates have stopped going to City Hall. And when they do they treat the SF Board of Supervisors with disdain - the SF Board of Supervisors being thick skinned, inept, shallow and spineless - could not care less. 

Recently April 8, 2014 the Chamber - Room 250 was empty - and long towards the end - before the SF Board of Supervisors - adjourned the meeting - there was no one left in the chambers - no one participating and listening - to some pertinent issues being deliberated. What a state of affairs - the SF Board of Supervisors may have or may have not notice it - but, we all did.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are puppets - they have nothing much to offer - viable and sustainable - they are like a reed in wilderness - blowing any which way.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors keep on Rubber Stamping and making a fool of themselves. The SF Board of Supervisors do not represent - they are "sell outs" - shame on them.

Malia Cohen thinks building homes on toxic and contaminated land is good. So called affordable she says - affordable to whom?
She has no clue that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is contaminated and toxic. Not even a "dog house" should be built on that contaminated land - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - she may have received campaign contributions from the Rogue Developer Lennar - and she may not know it - that she is being watched.

Malia Cohen has blood on her hands - she knows she - but now she better be fully aware of her deeds.

She herself bought a condominium for about $580,000 at Executive Park by Candlestick Park - went under about the time she was elected a Supervisor - could not pay her mortgage.

Malia Cohen won the District 10 elections by a few hundred votes. She took advantage of Rank Choice Voting - and hoodwinked - many.

Malia Cohen won - but she had no home to stay and lived with her parents on Silliman Street by San Bruno Avenue - for months in District 9. An illegal move that cries to heaven for justice - but reveals to the constituents - how shallow Malia Cohen is and how evil.

While pretending to represent District 10 - Malia Cohen has now chosen to live on Potrero Hill. What a pathetic fake!

Jane Kim now wants to build homes for the poor - folks that come under the category low income and no income.

For Jane Kim this is just talk. Jane Kim in the time - it takes to blink an eye  - she gave TWITTER  tax breaks - to pander to the many - and fill her campaign coffers.

Jane Kim - a Korean American has taken advantage of the system - and she has jumped on Chris Daly's wagon - who laid the ground - for affordable housing.

More community benefits to the many non-profits - what Jane Kim does is pander - trying to use her evil charm - and hoodwink the - people.

David Chiu wants to go to the California Assembly - after messing things at City Hall and trying to challenge San Francisco advocates - more at Public Comment time - giving them 2 minutes instead of three minutes.

A good for nothing representative from District 3 -  David Chiu who has done all in his power - the short ass that he is - to curtail - public comment. Time will tell.

Scott Wiener who fought to build 100 square feet units - for him and his dog laden with fleas.

Scott Wiener has failed those he represents - and even today - will come out with topics, subjects, issues, and legislation - that baffles the mind. 

Scott Wiener should go back to New York - where he belongs - a queer with a mind that defies - common sense.

Scott Wiener who has failed the "queer community" - youth and more queer youth - and all things - decent. He is a Zionist.

London Breed from District 5 tried her sweet talk - but it is all shallow. She has done nothing for her constituents in District 5. 

The Blacks in her community are hurting - hundreds have been evicted - and if you go to Fillmore closer the the town center - it is not uncommon to see Blacks - hangout - and while away their time for hours on end. 

Many have their belongings in shopping carts - and have no place roof - live on the streets - and face inclement - weather.

Election time you will hear the above - brag about doing this and that - but time and time again - folks like Malia Cohen have put poor people down, show disdain for the indigent - and Malia Cohen time is coming. She will go to jail - she can smile now - but as I said - her time is coming.

David Chiu can try to create all the divisiveness he can - his time is coming and so is Jane Kim from District 6. The three musketeers - we remember them and their ploys and machinations - that day when they tried to use the ploys - and had David Chiu elected - as the President of the SF Board of Supervisors.

In the mean time our youth - who must be provided good education, safe travel, sound health services, be given nutrition - given the best we can give our youth - are forced to live a hard life - many finding it difficult to learn - many working three and four temporary jobs - just the make things - happen.

The youth have patience but not for long.

The youth - not those that pander but those that are waiting for the "green signal" - and are not in the pockets - of the  "sell outs" - will gather and act.

What you all see now and what you call will see when the tsunami comes will be different.

You so called San Francisco Board of Supervisors and so called City folks in authority - what you all will see when it hits the fence - will not be - pretty. You brought it on yourself and you deserve what you will get.

No one can fool all the youth all the time - no one can fool all the people all the time - you want it - you will get it.