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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Incarceration in the United States is a $40 Billion plus business - contemporary slave plantations - that Society has accepted.

More, have been sucked into accepting - that incarceration - must be accepted as something - normal - for the general good of the population.

The United States has a population of about 311 million - we are about five percent of the world's population.

We do not feel ashamed to incarcerate our fellow Americans and those that are not - but living in the United States as non-citizen; forming a jail population that is "twenty five percent" of the world's incarcerated - population.

Three strikes that has just been amended - because thousands of innocent people were sent - for petty crimes.
Two, three, four felonies added without justification - just so that mostly minorities - could be sent to prison for 25 years or more.

Most of those we send to prison have mental problems. We send them to prison to run away from our obligation. In the case of San Francisco we have a model that helps the mental patients incarcerated. Not so the State and Federal prisons - where prisoners having mental problems - and treated with disdain.

Private corporation run many for-profit jails - complete with trained dogs, state of the art electronic gadgets - a money making racket. When mostly minorities are treated like dirt - and dehumanized. All this would put our Founding Fathers to shame.

I was in attendance at a recent so called Town Hall meeting called by California Senator Mark Leno - with leading so called criminology experts from San Francisco in attendance. It is amazing how nonchalant the deliberation were.

We brag that in San Francisco we treat our prisoners with compassion - and quickly point to a former Sheriff Michael Hennessy who was my good friend - and all his good work. He may have left a legacy - but, whatever about those that just - talk the talk.

What concrete legacy are our current Law Enforcement gurus leaving - besides spewing - diatribe and telling us stuff that we already know?

What concrete benefits have been planned in those areas - where it is purported most crimes occur in San Francisco?

And may I add - what holistic programs are in place - to change people's lives - drug addicts, prostitutes, inordinate number of constituents suffering from AIDS, indigent and illiterates by the thousands, lack of good jobs, poor housing, unreliable transportation - how are we addressing these issues?

While San Francisco may portend to be at the forefront of sending less folks to prison - using the "realignment model" and other holistic models - millions of dollars spent in this area - cannot be accounted for - line item by line item.

Do not speak about "Realigment" with a smirk on your face - when you do not have any accountability and less transparency.

In the Bayview Hunters Point there is not one single hub that is fully and properly - connected with the so called "Realignment Model" - the experts talk about - which is in place in the City and County of San Francisco.

In the Bayview there are hot spots with forty and fifty percent unemployment.

Rampant poverty that many do not believe exists - but the matter of fact is that all over California we have over 9 million people living in abject - poverty.

The ninth riches economic in the world - use to be the fifth richest economy in the world.

In San Francisco we have a population of 805,000 and over fifty two percent live pay check to pay.

We also have a high percentage of Seniors - who live pay check to pay check - and fall prey to crime.

Over forty percent in our fair City live in abject poverty - and yet this City caters to the filthy rich - and with intent - fosters and encourages - gentrification.

At this so called Town Meeting - not one word was mentioned about contamination and environmental issues.

Criminologists; so called Law Enforcement - talk in a nonchalant manner, spewing diatribe on this pertinent topic related to contamination, pollution, and adverse impacts from them.

They have no clue - about the role of contamination, pollution, dangerous particulates and the relation with these factors to health, affecting crime and criminal behavior.

These experts keep living in another world - far removed from - reality.

At this so called Town Meeting - not one single plan to help United States citizens and others who need much needed help - with qualified legal assistance - all living here in San Francisco - where as much as some say there is - "pro bono" legal services - the empirical data shows otherwise.

We all know that Whites use more drugs and the more expensive kind.

More Whites use drugs than do minorities - when it comes to drugs and alcohol - period.

For some strange reason - more minorities more Blacks - are sent to jail on drug related cases to the chagrin of everyone. This nonsense has been happening for years - and most of us - who know it - pretend this blatant discrimination and crime - is invisible.

It is time for Law Enforcement and Judges - to change their eye glasses - and look into this matter, deeper - with a better view of being fair, exercising justice, adjudicating fairly, and serving and representing the tax payers.

If blatant discrimination is part of your DNA - remove it - and become "human" for humanity's sake.

We know our Constitution gives us humans the many rights we deserve. We also have it clearly spelled out by the United Nations - " Human Rights Principles".

Now; that Sacramento have the Democrats in the cockpit and in the majority - can we have real "reform" linked to our prison system.

Can Fiona Ma, Mark Leno, Leland Yee and Tom Ammiano step up - and rub a little of the progress made in San Francisco - all over California - when is comes to blatant incarceration, lack of qualified legal assistance, and judges quick to adjudicate without justification - sending mostly innocent folks to serve long sentences - in our drab, poorly maintained - filthy jails.

How about making it mandatory for Judges and Law Enforcement to spend one day every five years - in jail.

Just so that they can experience and see the situation at hand. How about adding our legislators and those who have anything to do with sending our citizens and others to jail - to that list?

One in hundred of our United States population has been to jail.

As I said we form five percent of the world's population - but we incarcerate more - holding the incarceration record - "twenty five of the world's incarcerated population". Go figure.

As much as the pundits think and talk about rehabilitation in our prisons in California - far from it - there is "no rehabilitation".

Less education and those that need "drug treatment" as addicts - are forced to go "cold turkey".

Torture and rape is prevalent - and when I go to the jails - they tell me and I listen - and all I can do is pray and ask God to change the system - and I speak the - TRUTH.

You enter the classrooms in the jails - and the posters on the wall are from the 1960s and 1970s which says a lot. It is so surreal that it sends chills through one's body.

I start talking to prisoners giving them a short history of the Native Americans. Many Correctional Officers in attendance - and they hear me out - and I see from their faces - they are in awe and astonished - when I give the facts - they are kept in the dark - and know little about factual history of our Nation.

When I talk about legislation and the Court system - they all seem to understand - how the system uses them as - "pawns". It is all a game - one preying on the other - and those at the top - raking in the millions of sordid dollars.

This land of ours is Turtle Island - all the land was stolen by the strangers - these strangers killed, raped, stole, and took what they wanted.

Even though the Native Americans lived here for thousands of years - suddenly the day the dirty, stinking, sordid White landed on this land - they proclaimed the land was theirs. What a JOKE.

It is this sordid thinking - and the under laying factors that fosters greed, corruption, and lack of spirituality.

Our jails are a $40 billion plus business and here in California - and all over the Nation - corporations formed to incarcerate - sell their shares - in the growing evil - Stock market.

No one cares about "blood money"; blood money will haunt you to your grave - make no bones about it.

The money changers have had it before - and they are still here in America - screwing up our economy - and now in larger numbers in Congress and the U.S. Senate -fostering greed and with a hidden - agenda.

All you got to look is at - Bernie Madoff. Two or three life sentences - the height of greed - and he was high at the Stock Exchange and rubbing shoulders with the money changers of our time.

I have interviewed former Correctional Officers and other Law Enforcement Officers.

If the "truth" be told - it would make you puke.

Unnecessary force, breaking the ribs and inducing internal bleeding, poison in the food, sleep deprivation, and all sorts of inhumane punishments in all our jails.

Worse in jails in Louisiana - the famous Angola hell - jail.

Restorative Justice in San Francisco is spoken of in general terms.

Realignment and Restorative Justice cannot be executed by folks who are not well trained, less have the compassion.

Less are not educated on issues - folks that worship greed - looking forward to their pay check.

In the world of "incarceration" one can earn their pay check with great difficulty and sacrifice and compassion.

You take short cuts and impose punishment that is not inorder - and you have "blood on your hands for the rest of your life". Think about that. Aho.

Here are some more facts from a recent - well researched article: