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Sunday, November 11, 2012


San Francisco is not China - where buildings go up when ordered with no proper standards, permits, and what is more lack responsibility to the people of China and those foreigners who may live in them - at their own risk.

In San Francisco we have a process - but, as those of you who understand our failing infrastructure, the lack of process at San Francisco City Planning, the still lack of process and abject corruption at the Department of Building Inspection. This on going saga - will lead to a fiasco so detrimental to our fair City - that everything - will come to a halt.

Then the finger pointing will begin - we have seen it again and again - with the Cosco Busan case, the Taraval incident, the many grid locks on 19 Avenue, the continued grid lock on Market at Third, at 5th, at 9th, on Van Ness. No one give a damn.

Lack of comprehension from the City Administrator - and our Mayor Ed Lee - trying to encourage the Tech Companies - but failing to evaluate the various Departments within the City - that lack software and antiquated computers.

On some pertinent fronts encouraging - "fast tracking" - without a vision and less standards - on matters pertaining to "building permits" - the Environmental Impact Reports, California Environmental Quality Act and so on.

We are not China - and the Chinese do not care about life - their buildings come tumbling down - people die and no one - gives a rat's ass.

The will harvest the organs of the dead - and life goes on - and if there was no  - tomorrow.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco - in the Southeast Sector - it the responsibility of the United States Navy to clean up the entire Shipyard to Residential Standards.

If you follow the mandates of Proposition P - passed by 87% of the voters in the year 2000 - to the highest level possible.

On our City books we have the Precautionary Principle.

We know about it but do nothing about it. The City Administrator has not read it, the Mayor has not read it - the City Attorney knows about it - but does nothing about it.

Simply put the Precautionary Principle mandates - that if there is anything that adversely impacts any life - the project must stop. Also, the factors adversely impacting all life - but be addressed.

The people - human beings living by Hunters Point have been adversely affected and are adversely affected to by the worst type of contamination. 

Asbestos dust, lead, mercury, high level of radiological elements, dangerous particulates - and this City does not give a damn.

The City and Count of San Francisco failed on Parcel A at Hunters Point - that was conveyed to the City of San Francisco and who took upon itself to quickly convey it - to the now defunct San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

The Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency is now in charge under Tiffany Bohee - who is inept, shallow, spineless and does not care about the community.

Our children are slowly dying, our Seniors are affected, the general population living around the area the Polynesian, the Black, the Latino, the Asians - others have been suffering - dying from cancer, and suffering from the worst chronic - respiratory diseases.

Our City Administrator know about this and is nonchalant.

Our SF Health Department and Barbara Garcia knows about this and looks the other way.

It is the same with the Environmental Protection Agency - a federal agency - and Jared Blumenfeld - who should do something but choses to listen to Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - two very corrupt - so called Representatives.

Recently one Scott Wiener - the Supervisor from District 8 - is trying to fast track the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Thus adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - and trying to use such tactics - to gain fame and climb up the sordid - political ladder.

CEQA does not slow down any process - but it does evaluate and can stop processes that corrupt developers that Scott Wiener and some City Departments favor.

Case in point - building an arena at Pier 30-32. The area is prone to liquefaction, the piers are prone to a Tsunami, flooding for sure. Evaluations done - the last four point to the reasons stated above - but, no one worth the salt - is speaking up.

When built this Arena for the Warriors will bring in access traffic, impact Quality of Life issues - and this City has on purpose encouraged fast tracking on this project to defy San Franciscans. Something stinks in Denmark!

Right now we all know about Hurricane Sandy.

If we are visited by an Earthquake - or if we are visited by a Tsunami - the Arena however modern - will be affected. And if we are visited while a game goes on - then there will be a severe loss of life.

No one can play with Mother nature - we know this - but our City officials in San Francisco- are nonchalant - the City Administrator, the Mayor, the Department of Building Inspection, the many idiots who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Climate change is here - and the ocean waters have risen and are rising.

The huge glaciers are moving south - and it make shock us; a few years from now to see some passing by Ocean Beach - much as we gather to see the whales go by - on their way to Baja, Mexico. 7/8th below and one eight visible the height of the Empire State Building.

Our City has reports on Earthquakes and other critical factors that adversely impact facilities, homes, and life - from the United States Geological Survey.

It is useless to discuss - less debate with folks that are NOT educated on issues.

Willie L. Brown Jr.  - a thug Mayor thinks that by placing his cronies - giving them important positions - he can make things happen.

When it comes crashing down - all his cronies will have to own up - and right now there is too much corruption happening - involving fast tracking projects - and some Big Developers - having a hey day.

One under laying factor are the Chinese - who have positioned themselves in San Francisco - the Chinese government - diabolical - care less about Human Rights - and want to achieve power at any cost.

Right now there is a power struggle in China and the Chinese government are breathing a sigh of relief that they have President Barack Hussein Obama as President - for sure they did not want to deal with Mitt Romey.

Our Congressperson Nancy Pelosi will be making millions with her connections - much as she says - she does not like the Chinese - on human rights but on other issues - she love to rake in the millions.

 Senator Diane Feinstein uses her husband - who represents Nepal and uses his diplomatic connection with that small Nation - using conduits like CBRE - to make money - many may call it laundering - but he loves to call it - his hard earned - investments.

San Francisco is a corrupt City - with many billionaires trying to buy power - hurt folks that do not need to be hurt - in recent days Christina Olague, Eric Mar, Ross Mirkarimi, and a host of others who will tell you - how is feels to be targeted, dehumanized, brought down, and stoned to death.

The Developers want their projects delivered on a platter.

In turn the Developers will fill the campaign coffers of the corrupt politicians - and in San Francisco we have many - leading the pack - Malia Cohen (now visiting China), Scott Wiener, Carmen Chu, Jane Kim and the list goes on.

Shame of these vermin that say they want to represent but sell out the hard earned values of San Francisco and San Franciscans.