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Sunday, November 11, 2012


San Francisco; supposedly, has the San Francisco, Office of Emergency Services - an entity that meets and pats themselves on the back - at the infrequently meetings where the public at large at met at bay.

Again and again in San Francisco - be it - the Cosco Busan incident, large fires within the City of San Francisco. Other incidents that I have mentioned before - the San Francisco, Office of Emergency Services - has failed to respond and more to find quick - proven solutions.

Hurricane Sandy is something that must open our eyes but more our hearts to a calamity that is in the pipe line - some of us refer to it as the Big One. 

Here we have the San Francisco, Office of Emergency Services - spewing diatribe - by folks that have been anointed and survive by praising their own deeds - when in actuality - the Office of Emergency Services has failed - again and again and again.

The City has welcomed Mayor Bloomberg the Mayor of New York City - and bestowed on him - great honor. I have NOT heard a word - if one single team that belongs to the SF, Office of Emergency Services - has been sent to help our children, Sisters, and Brothers - who are suffering on the East Coast.

We they have visited to learn first hand - then we must be briefed - so that we can determine if these so called experts - can in fact - evaluate and report to us all. We want to know.

We have in San Francisco for example - thousands of homes in the Sunset by the Pacific Ocean - that have been built on land prone to liquefaction - sandy soil - many of the foundations of the homes - NOT tied down.

If the Big One strikes - we know that many will lose their lives - and because of the situation at hand - large fires will automatically take place - and we must learn from Hurricane Sandy - but also from the incident that took place - at San Bruno with the large Pacific Electric and Gas - fire - from the faulty gas pipe but more from the lack of ability to turn off the gas - automatically.

The lack of air power to attach the fire from the air. Lack of specialized fire engines more the type they have at the San Francisco airport - not too many - but at least sufficient - to address the situation at hand.

As I have stated again and again - in the case of any very large calamity - those that suffer most are the poor, those that have no one to take care of themselves. Seniors, single mothers with children, the Physically challenged, those that are dependent on others because they cannot fend for themselves. We clearly saw this in 1989.

Right now; San Francisco has no plan to address a major calamity - it prides itself having "fake exercises" in some down town building, the Bart Station, some open space - and some areas; where most everything is known - so those conducting these "fake exercises" can respond in some - fashion to address the known factors.

What bothers me are the people in charge of the SF Office of Emergency Services.

Not too long ago - the Federal Government was expanding some grant money to upgrade on our San Francisco's existing Radio System or Communication System.

When the present head of the SF, Office of Emergency Services was questioned about the system at large, her expertise on how the money would be spent, why she did not have a plan in place that was brought in to discuss on time, and many other questions that went unanswered and remain unanswered today.

One may not believe that we have learned nothing much here on the West Coast about our communication system or radio system from 9/11 and other related emergencies. We all remember the One California fiasco before 9/11 - and still do not have a robust plan to address another one of those episodes - in a different scenario.

If right now we had some very large calamity - our Law Enforcement, our Fire Department, our SF Office of Emergency Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the SF Health Department, and a host of other local, State, and Federal entities would NOT be able to speak to one another on the Smithsonian radio system that is in place.

A radio system - that does not have a dedicated broadband - or a novel system that kicks in - and addresses the large calamity that is lurking on the horizon.

How are we supposed to address the situation - sending smoke signals? This City must learn to walk the walk more - and less talk the talk - especially the many White folks at these sordid meetings.

At our San Francisco - Safety Meetings - we love to talk about everything - accept the pertinent factors that count.

At our past SF Office of Emergency Services public meetings - under Mayor Willie L. Brown, Mayor Gavin Newsom and now under Mayor Ed Lee - the SF, Office of Emergency Services - have been drab because the SF, Office of Emergency Services - is haughty and very arrogant.

I have seen idiots make comments - after they have failed miserably. When the next Big One strikes - there will be many excuses - and there will be riots - because those that now portend to know - know little - and when a fool that knows little portends to bite more than he or she can chew - we are in - Big Trouble.

It does not help that our SF Board of Supervisors do not care that now the public meetings; that are linked to the SF, Office of Emergency Services - are not held at City Hall .

The meetings are now moved and held at the SF Office of Emergency Services - to keep the community out. These important meetings are not noticed properly. All this falls under the purview of the City Administrator - Naomi Kelly and Mayor Ed Lee.

I heard the City Administrator, Naomi Kelly - give her prepared statement on our transmission line that comes under the jurisdiction of  Pacific Electric and Gas.

We must have a plan to restore power - if and when thousands do not have power. Right now that is happening on a smaller scale at Treasure Island - and the hands of the SF City and County is tied. 

The SF, Office of Emergency Services can learn from these on going incidents - by using generators and monitoring the situation at hand. Innocent families and more children continue to suffer at Treasure Island - with NO forthcoming - solutions.

The San Francisco, Office of Emergency Services - has not once in the past proved itself capable of first coming to the rescue of any calamity small or big - and secondly addressing the situation at hand - successfully. Go figure. 

We must learn from Hurricane Sandy - but more from being educated on issues - and addressing small calamities one at a time - and building a progressive - portfolio.