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Monday, November 5, 2012


We Americans pride ourselves as being "free" and value our Constitution - that makes our great Nation - the United States of America - the best of all governments in the world.

We are a Republic - unlike any other - "we the people" have the power - not any one Representative nor a bunch of inept, shallow, spineless so called - Representatives - that try to hoodwink us, every opportunity they get - " we the people ".

In recent years we have permitted some very immoral so called Representatives who are playing with fire and have NOT read, less adhered to the Constitution of these the United States of America.

If you read the Constitution and you read it with an open mind; more study the words - word for word - anyone will comprehend quickly that our Founding Fathers - though not perfect - gave much importance to - "spirituality" and to "standards and morals".

While our Founding Fathers could have chosen any existing model of government - they chose our Republic - and fashioned it - in such a way that no one entity has - complete power. Keeping at bay any type of  dictatorial elements that would adversely impact the governance of our States - "in toto" - making the United States of  America. Giving powers to the State and stopping short to permit the States to work as a team with Washington DC and the Federal Government..

While some may think Congress has all the power - it does not. And, if one ventures to think that the Senate has all the power  -it does not. If you venture to think the " President of the United States " has all power - he does not.

The United States of America - prides itself as having a Republic - where  - " we the people" - play the most important role. There are unique systems of checks and balances.

Even our voting system to elect our President is unique - creating the "Electoral System" which is very complicated - but keeps at bay - the many models of dictatorial and blatant corruption that can invade and ultimately decimate our Republic.

In recent years the Supreme  Court created to further uphold check and balances - has failed our Republic.

One of the most blatant adjudications made by the Supreme Court - recently - will slowly but surely eroded our Republic.

The adjudication that acknowledges - Corporations as persons - thus directly changing the fundamental manner - in which political campaigns are conducted. 

How money is gathered, many campaign coffers filled - and a blatant blow to the Middle Class and fair play.

We now see and know more - with empirical data in hand - that the Middle Class is fast eroding - we have the - "filthy rich" and the poor - those that live - pay check to pay check - who are suffering.

This  erosion of spirituality at all levels has taken our Nation into a spin for the worse. Both in the Congress and Senate - that is no movement with both parties - be it Republicans and Democrats - failing to work for the good of the Nation.

The situation has gotten so bad that many sitting Congresspersons and Senator are throwing in the towel.

These Representatives - many of them with years of dedicated sacrifice and contribution to our Great Nation - and do not want to Represent anymore.

The more moderate in both parties openly speak - that the two main parties cannot meet half way; have no desire to work as a team - and this dog eat dog mentality must stop - but will it?

The Presidential Elections for the first time are a dead heat in the year 2012. This has not happened in a long time.

People are fed up and they see no sense in backing politicians that do not deliver.

The Presidential candidates - be it the sitting President and the one who is vying for his job - talk the talk and there is only so much that the people can endure - if it really does not pertain to Quality of Life issues.

People want to put bread and butter on the table.

People have to live in homes and have a safe environment.

People want good educational facilities that are affordable, hospital care that is good and reasonable. 

People want to procure food and other essentials to live a comfortable life.

People believe in God and want morals, ethics, standards, fair play to be exercised so that our Nation can grow, be progressive, and benefit all those that are citizens of this Great Nation.

This Great Nation that belongs to the Native Americans - better known - as Turtle Island.

It was stolen from them. Our Founding Fathers - incorporated many elements in our Constitution from the Six Nations - that practiced - "Democracy" - for thousands of years.

While the politicians running for office all over our Nation - on the local level, the State level, and of course the Federal level - make promises - again and again those promises have NOT been kept - less adhered to.

No one is paying attention to ethics, morals, standards, spirituality.

If these values and elements inherent and the soul of our Great Constitution melt down - we have blatant corruption, people lying, immoral to the core - pretending to represent - but deceiving themselves; and in deceiving themselves -  disgracing the fair political values and standards - this great Nation always prides itself of.

Here is San Francisco we see it with despicable; so called shallow, inept, spineless Representatives like Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.On worse than the other.

On the Federal level Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi two hags that worship greed and have failed San Francisco, California and the Nation.

We have inept and shallow politicians on the State level - pandering to Big Developers the likes of Lennar - and to those that fill their sordid campaign offers - as they did with Mark Leno.

The many recent State of California Propositions are sordid to say the least - funded with an ulterior motive. Lying to the constituents; promising them one thing - but delivering another.

This is just the tip of the iceberg - the abuse of our American values - that millions died for - in the Civil War and other Wars - to keep our unique Republic free - to treasure our "freedom".

Anyway you look at it - our Great Constitution - it is based on Spirituality.

You must read the Constitution - not as some commentary - and you must comprehend the words; etymology - and the fundamental meaning of the words; in the context of the times; you must be educated on issues.

Much as your sensitive conscience plays a role in your daily life - so does spirituality.

Sadly; today in the year 2012 with the erosion of spirituality - many politicians - including those at San Francisco's City Hall are doing the devil's work. Go figure.