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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It is becoming fashionable to leave our children and youth out - far out of any equation in San Francisco - time and time again - more of matter that involve - Quality of Life issues.

We see this among our selfish San Francisco Board of Supervisors - when it comes to encouraging "match box" sizes units - and now depriving our youth - from riding our Public Transportation - MUNI - which our City can well pay for - without much hardship.

Our City has a $7.6 Billion budget - and receives millions of dollars from the State and more from the Federal Government.

At a recent hearing three San Francisco Supervisors led by Scott Wiener from District 8 in San Francisco - who again and again has targeted - the indigent wheeling shopping carts. Then queer youth hanging in a Private Park - and now our youth who can and must ride - MUNI Free of charge.

Joined by two SF Supervisors one being termed out in District 7 and the other asking to be rejected from District 2 - his next term around - Sean Elsbernd and Mark Farrell. Shame of these San Francisco - Supervisors - who cannot comprehend the issue and have failed miserably on this one - pertinent issue.

Once these SF Supervisors were paid $38,000 annually - now they are paid over $118,000 with benefits.

The result power has gone to the their head - and instead of representing our San Francisco constituents - these good for nothing - so called Representatives - are adversely impacting our youth.

Many of them tackle worthless issues - and on matters that are important - where they have to exercise their Civic Duty - these good for nothing - so called Representatives - make a FOOL of themselves.

It does not help that Elsbernd and Mark are so called Jesuit products - where discerning being educated on issues, sound judgement based on empirical data, and better still sound adjudication is called for.

At today's SF Board of Supervisors' meeting in Room 250 - November 20, 2012 - better sense better prevail - students should get their bus passes at NO COST.

Our City has a $7.6 billion dollar budget. A little of that money that could be used to help our youth - who need transportation to travel - to and from their school and other critical and pertinent activities.

The money to provide this needed and critical transportation - comes from the Federal Government, the State Government - and from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission - which acts like a conduit and favor giving our youth - free transportation.

While most adults can work. Again and again our youth cannot earn and yet go to school - especially those that are in their teens.

The SF Board of Supervisor at the meeting - are far removed from reality - and are drowning in a "cesspool" of their own creation - laden with sordid selfishness and more being less - compassionate. Not all of them - but most of them.

The paradox is that in 1999 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors divested themselves from MUNI - our municipal  public transportation system.

Then arrogant President Aaron Peskin - with a hidden agenda - proposed a Ballot measure - and decided to give MUNI some autonomy which it has. Now, the SF Board of Supervisors - find themselves - sitting on their hands - and wondering what to do.

MUNI has to report to the SF Board of Supervisor - superficially - much as any Enterprise Department.

The others being - the SF Airport, the SF Port Authority, the SF Public Utilities Commission, and even SF Park and Recreation on many pertinent - issues.

The meeting held on November 19, 2012 at 9:30 am was just a hearing - the wings of the SF Supervisors - have been clipped. These committee members - used valuable time - spewing diatribe and pretending they knew the issues - when they did not.

These morons talked a lot at the hearing - mostly nonsense - and with constant interruption - depriving those present at the hearing to follow the presentation given by Ed Reiskin - the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) - Director.

This defeats the purpose of the presentation - and we the public do not want to hear too much from inept, shallow, spineless - uneducated on issues - SF BOS - who cannot adjudicate because they cannot - comprehend the issues - less act on them in a fair manner.

Then when it comes to the public at large to comment - the Public at large are given two measly minutes -when normally they should get three minutes.

Ever since we have these selfish, shallow, spineless, inept SF Supervisors - the ones I have named above - we the public have to endure this "lunatic" - behavior and illogical statements - not becoming anyone sane - the educated who purport to be - Representatives - but truly speaking are NOT.

The youth are our future - and there is a limit to this  nonsense - in San Francisco - it has reached - "saturation point".

These mostly White Men - who are conservative and have an attitude that is demeaning - do not seem to care about the difficulties our youth are experiencing - and further treat the youth with disdain.

This year for the first time White Men realized their days are over.

In future elections - minorities will decide the elections at every level. Let this year be their reality - check.

These few inept, selfish, uneducated on issues, less having the  history of San Francisco's Transportation issues - must change their ways or forever hold their piece.

President Barack Hussein Obama was elected by minorities.

The so called Democrats in San Francisco - must fully comprehend this.

Federal and State mandates encourage helping our youth and those that need help - the indigent, our Seniors, youth, and so on. 

The SF Board of Supervisors - who are uneducated on issues - are - " one track " - and one of them of sure - is Scott Wiener.

It is time for Scott Wiener to be recalled and this can be done very easily - he seems to have an affinity to attack those groups that cannot defend themselves - the indigent, the queer youth who need our support, our youth, and other groups that he has interfered with - who mind their own business.

This guy a transplant from New York and a open queer - loves to disturb the peace of mind - of those that mind their own business.

Our youth in San Francisco must be given all opportunities to ride our Public Transportation System for F R E E .

Much  like youth - ride in many of the bigger Metropolitan areas - all over the United States of America.

Scott Wiener and his dubious behavior must not be tolerated. Tow the line as sane people do - or face a recall - which is in order. Pay heed to this clarion call - you are a misfit who should not be representing.

Again and again you tick people off - for no reason worth the salt - this nonsense must STOP - now.