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Thursday, November 8, 2012


We the people have spoken; and what is important the contemporary changing demographics of the United States of America have spoken. The dynamics in the making - will forge this great Nation - the United States of America to a new awakening and progress - never, ever seen - before.

For the first time women had their say in large numbers and spoke loud and clear and with clear - justification. For the first time many added Blacks and Latinos voted and won in a big way.
The Queer vote and aspirations for a better representation is in the making - and those that have had light shone of them - look to the future with determination and fortitude.

In Florida it was not the Cuban Vote and the shenanigans of the past - but the newer Latino non-Cubans who voted and for the first time - proved that the past is the past and that the future is here to stay and for the better.

It was the same in California - and may be the time is ripe for the Supreme Court - to adjudicate differently - and declare that CORPORATIONS - are not persons.

In the November 2012 Presidential Elections - billions of dollars were spent. Those that spent and more wasted such large amounts of money - could do so - because of Political Action Committees (PACs). Where these sordid entities could raise and spend as they - please. A sordid scar on the conscience of America and that too coming from the United States Supreme Court that must have its head - examined.

We are a Republic and if the Founding Fathers were alive today - perhaps they would have agreed - that the model of checks and balances worked - in this one of a kind - very close Presidential Race.

No one lost - accept; those that stall - say one thing and do another - the buffoonery must stop in Congress, the filibuster in the Senate -  and the will of the people - respected for the good of the free world and decent human beings.

The Speaker of the House - for the first time changed his tone - and the President found wisdom - in meeting so many people - all over the Nation - hurting and more needing succor.

We the people won - and never mind how the elections were conducted - it was not perfect - complete with voting machines that did not work - and long lines reminiscent - of some under-developed country - where we send our observers who report to us - on matters of order, accountability, and democracy of sorts.
So what about us? In our own backyard we must improve and do it fast.

The collective vote of a people hurting; spoke loud and clear - the Nation fought hard - many working long hours - to contribute - it was tiring. Sacrifice and love - and those that honored the millions who went before us, the forgotten heroes of yesterday.

Those who died; more laid their lives in our Civil War, the many wars after, the many turmoils and tribulations; all duly noted but their efforts must not be in vain - their died so that we may live and be free.

Those humans who were slaves and only recently could vote freely are still are under the cloud of blatant discrimination -  in many areas of our Nation and they spoke loud and clear.

The hurdles of Identification Cards; hurdles to keep decent people from voting; must stop now and those that fostered hate and the many obstacles hindering progress - must be brought to justice.

Women the voting majority will lead and build consensus and men who have had it good all these many decades - have not learnt and now must - learn from the women. Those respected that rock the cradle - genuine women who give birth and bring forth life and raise decent families - all over this Earth - but more in the United States of America - where we strive for a more perfect union.

Congress and the Senate must learn - not by fake revelation and osmosis of sorts - but by hard work and humility that you REPRESENT and if you feel - it is hot in the kitchen - move out - and let new blood reign - supreme and fulfill the aspirations of a new time and sound beginnings.

Those that are voted again and again - must not for a moment think you are a shoo in - you are lucky that you are alive - and if you have not represented you better - the likes of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - old in age - but short on deeds that matter.

Middle America is still lost and bewildered - the doldrums have struck them - and in their foundering and slow learning - they will awake from their on going long slumber. Time is running out.

For the first time in many years - with such high unemployment rate - the economy in near peril - the stock mercurial rise and fall - much like the temper tantrums of a person gone senile - some try to make sense of it - but it now needs to be assigned to some sanatorium. Most thought we could not overcome - but we have.
Only in America.

Europe is reeling - and as much as it is kept afloat - Europeans in large measure were shocked that we in America - spent so much and for so long a time - only to come to some conclusion that was apparent. Four more years and voted by the people; in a manner closely watched by Billions - all over this Earth.

Congress must now act - the checks and balances of the Nation - point to Congress and their many ploys and machinations - that have disgraced - decency. Stalling must stop and renewed determination and fortitude reign - supreme.

No one can take anyone to a better place - with the dubious distinction - constantly fostering and bringing on hurdles and stagnation. If it is too hot for you - if you not want progress, less believe in it - step out of the way.

The United States Senate too must step up - enough of the filibusters and the many wanton delays that take no entity worth the salt to a better place. You must be ashamed of yourselves.

America is God Fearing - and the people want to do right by their conscience.

Those that want to rule by buying votes such as the Koch Brothers and others with their diabolical intentions - have been put on notice - you made your money - and it is mostly; BLOOD money. If you think it is not - go ask your mama; that is if you have one.

Much like your mind - your vote is precious - and this time America spoke. Now, we must all roll up our sleeves - the time for just vain talking is over.

The projects are there, the blue prints, the time frames, the short and long term objectives. All complete with standards and we have the right people, in the right place to do the right thing - or so we have been promised and we are watching.

This is Turtle Island and the prophecy of the Hopi and other wise women and men - is coming to the fore. 2012 has been a year of Epiphany and more humanity and compassion.

On the West Coast and in Middle America we may have been spared the turmoils and tribulations of Sandy that fateful Hurricane - but, fellow Americans are suffering; not only on the East Coast but everywhere - from lack of employment, temporary jobs offering no benefits, foreclosures, and many other ailments that can be cured. 

The demographics and dynamics of this Great Nation - is changing for the good - where every child, woman, and man - has a role to play.

We humans have the decent side and we can be nasty - it is left to us all - NOT just one segment of the population; the ONE PERCENT to forge ahead and make progress - keeping the rest with intent to suffer and lag in the cesspool created by those that are greedy. That simply is W R O N G .

Those segments of the population that once ruled with a heavy hand are history - that nail has been hammered in and that casket sealed and buried for good.

The new life with renewed nurturing must be devoid of the old mistakes and ramifications that have stalled our progress.

These next four years are ours - we the people rule - as must be the case always. The Commons. Guaranteed by our Constitution - one of kind - on this hallowed land - the United States of America - also known as Turtle Island.