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Saturday, November 3, 2012


The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency's demise has NOT stopped the The Successor Agency of the SF Redevelopment Agency under the jurisdiction of the City Administrator and the SF Controller's Office - from carrying on ploys and machinations - adversely affecting Senior Citizens; working hand in hand with the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce Jennifer Matz and that most inept, spineless, shallow - corrupt individual Tiffany Bohee - who continues to play with fire.

It has become fashionable for some very corrupt folks in the community to work with the crooks; I have mentioned above who have control of large amount of money that formerly - was managed by the defunct SF Redevelopment Agency.

Again and again; Senior housing promised to local Seniors from District 10 once encouraged to fill out applications and put on the list - are treated like dirt.

The only exception those that have connection - jump the line - and get ahead of everyone - folks like Willie B. Kennedy who has sold out her community - many times over.

If a single dollar be it local, state, or federal is spent on housing - we must abide by laws, democratic laws, and not be caught using ploys, machinations, and abject favoritism.

We have former corrupt folks who were on the Bayview Hunters Point Project Action Committee - given a chance to move ahead of the line - and occupy so called affordable housing. This is totally - wrong.

On Carroll Street by Third Street some Senior Housing is planned. The site on which the Senior Housing is planned is contaminated. Within less than hundred feet there is a rail line that makes a lot of noise. Far exceeding the decibel standards that adversely affect Quality of Life issues.

In future a high speed train will ply on this line - and the Senior will have to deal with this noise. Who in their right mind - is involved with this project - we want to know.

This matter for sure will go before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and for sure it will be endorsed. If this project was planned for the Pacific Heights area - the process would have been very stringent. 

The City and County of San Francisco is encouraging corrupt forces - who are on the take - to create some Senior Housing for some ulterior purposes in District 10.

For sure NOT have the Senior population in mind. Again and again Seniors from the community who qualify have been shut out. This is not fair.

This $70 million project to build this Senior Housing by Carroll Street has not had one single meaningful meeting - with the community at large. Shame on those who are in charge.

One has just to take an inventory to find out who live in these Senior Units from all over the area - the entities in charge with intent have shut out - so many of our District 10 Seniors.

Immigrants from Russia, Chinese that immigrated a few years ago, all sorts of folks who are NOT citizens - who have not served this Nation - be it the military, advocated for San Francisco - have been kept out.

While Malia Cohen, Olsen Lee, Tiffany Bohee, Jennifer Matz, Bevan Dufty - other sellouts that I have mentioned before like Linda Richardson - are encouraging lack of accountability and transparency.

Can we have the names posted on some website - complete when the applicants applied and when they moved into their Senior units - and who are the folks that made this possible?

If any person has broken the law - both those occupying the units now must be disqualified for breaking the law.

Those responsible for putting them in - using their influence - must be removed from office.

Case in point moving Willie B. Kennedy - who lived in Public Housing at Hunters Point, then moved to the suburbs - did not like it - and was accommodated illegally and given a Senior Housing in the newer units on Third Street by Carroll - 5800 Third Street - moving ahead of others who qualified and are now waiting for their turn - but, it seems that will not happen. Why?

Why are we encouraging corruption of the worst order - especially when it comes to our Seniors in District 10 but all over the Southeast Sector.

The City and County of San Francisco has chosen - to hinder progress and deny qualified Seniors from the Southeast Sector and more District 10 - their rights as American Citizens. 

Our local government has failed us in this case - broken a number of laws staring them in the face; our only HOPE is there is a God watching this blatant discrimination - all the while - our Senior Citizens are suffering. Go figure!

The newer Senior Citizens housing in planned in close proximity on this project: