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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Those of us who were around; remember the promises made to people who lived in Public Housing; when HOPE SIX was initiated and implemented. The consequences a disaster. 

Now; here comes round two with HOPESF. A diabolical plan of sorts - to foster gentrification by folks who have NO conscience and are doing the work of the DEVIL.

The City and County has learned nothing from this sordid past episode; but as you many realize thousands of innocent people - were adversely impacted - and their families to suffer to this day.

Many poor families who were on the verge of making a drastic change in their lives; putting some money aside to buy a home or condominium - had to change their plans - and many instead of moving upwards - had to endure drastic hardships - and lost everything.

Much as thousands suffered when San Francisco Redevelopment Agency removed thousands from their own homes in the early 1960s - many living in sound Victorian homes - and moved to the Tenderloin in San Francisco - to live in Single Residency Occupancy (SROs). Eminent Domain and the cruel ways of the SF Redevelopment Agency - now defunct.

The Tenderloin did not have much to offer - so alcohol, heroin and such drugs, smoking and prostitution - destroyed many Middle Class families and most of them Black.

This City and County of San Francisco and folks like Olson Lee who was part of this ploy and machination - and is now involved with the Mayor's Office of Housing - continues to foster ploys like HOPESF - to adversely impact - thousands.

HOPESF does not foster those living in Public Housing owning their own homes.

It does not foster encouraging the tenants to avail themselves of mandatory laws that Housing and Urban Development permits - buying your own home. Further encourage lease agreements - leading to owning one's unit.

The public housing all built and paid for many times over by the Department of Defense was handed over to HUD - who in turn leased the property to the SF Housing Authority. The SF Housing Authority has track record - of saying one thing and doing another. The most despicable entity in San Francisco.

With intent the SF Housing Authority permitted thousands of good Public Housing to be run down.

The intention was to remove the people living in Public Housing - and bring in Big Developers to demolish the units and build more Market Price units - while paying little or no attention to - low income and no income - individuals.

Folks like the John Stewart Company has no business around Public Housing in San Francisco.

Not after what the sordid company did to tenants in the Visitation Valley - the infamous Geneva Towers - that were torn down - the Geneva Towers - imploded. The tenants thrown out and forced to live - with relatives and many died on the streets of San Francisco. We know this but we forget so quickly - and this City turn around and favors the worst Property Manager in the Nation - the John Stewart Company.

The John Stewart company is back now at Huntersview at Hunters Point; using dubious folks some from the Community Based Organizations and even the YMCA.

Pretending to help some but creating confusion and pandemonium - while fostering blatant - corruption. We can name them all - but it will not do any good.

Large chunks of Public Housing have been divided and given to Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, and the John Stewart Company.

Mercy Housing that has been given many opportunities and incentives; all over our fair City of San Francisco, Mercy Housing has adversely impacted many decent San Franciscans.

If Mercy Housing is not checked early on the consequences will be serious on many levels. If nothing is done on a war footing - the consequences to the poor will be mind boggling - for sure.

Mercy Housing is good with its - "conceptual plans" - but the problem with conceptual plans is that - it is like a dream - you wake up and it could be your worst - night mare.

The many meetings linked to HOPESF at Visitation Valley - have gone no where - again and again drab excuses.

Excuses do not help anyone - less those that suffer - more parents who have children and need sound housing.

In the interim SF Housing Authority spends thousands painting the exterior of the Public Housing units - while inside the plumbing is falling apart, the ceiling and walls peeling, asbestos friables flying around.

All contributing factors - to illness - mostly chronic respiratory diseases. Not to speak of the high incidences of cancer, migraine headaches, itchy eyes, and a host of diseases that the SF Health Department knows about and does nothing at all.

HOPESF is a ploy to remove decent poor people - many blue collar workers making it - pay to pay check - trying to give their children some hope - real hope - but not the fake promises made by - HOPESF.

Again and again the Zionist are behind these ploys - these filthy rich folks the likes of the John Stewart company - will do anything is their power - to evict, take innocent tenants who are behind their rent to court - while all the time enjoying millions of dollars of grant money from the State of California - some $150 million plus.

Over $60 million from the City and County of San Francisco in these dire economy times.

Millions of dollars of infrastructure and other amenities from the SF Public Utilities Commission, The Department of Public Works, the Metropolitan Transportation Agency, other City Department bending backwards to help the corrupt and arrogant - John Stewart Company.

The SF Planning Department, the Land Use Committee, the Department of Building Inspection, the SF Board of Supervisors - again and again will not fully represent the public at large and their concerns.

They will pander to Big Developers and the large amount of money spent to prepare - fake Environmental Impact Reports. the California Environmental Quality Act - producing other documents by so called experts to favor the Big Developers and the entities suppose to adjudicate - going with the flow.

Again and again; those that live by the Hunterview project - as is the case with the John Stewart Company - the residents - are bombarded by contaminants - this is the case at Huntersview better known by the locals as Middle Point.

The John Stewart company demolished 80 units at Middle Point - all containing large two, three, and four bed rooms.

Now it wants to build about 267 units - the first phase - and provide only 27 units to the residents - and these units will be smaller - a few one bed bed room, the few two bed room units, and the fewer still three bed rooms - units.

Huntersview and the proposed diabolic project:

These mostly White folks have no business coming to the domain where minorities live - enter their living rooms - and without permission rearrange the furniture.

Nabbi Brothers and Cahill; fast tracked and given permits - that do the bidding of the City and County of San Francisco, the Mayor's Office of Housing, the Mayor Ed Lee, the Police Chief Gregory Suhr, the SF Health Department Barbara Garcia, Naomi Kelly, Tiffany Bohee, Olson Lee - these individuals have no clue what is happening to the residents.

The roads near Middle Point are blocked and the constituents deprived of MUNI - our public transportation. Ed Reiskin from the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) must step up and do something.

The Police Chief must personally ask the constituents if they are treated well and can use the District Attorney Office for help regarding contamination and adverse Environmental Issues. Every one is fast asleep at the wheel - while the people are suffering.

It is time the San Francisco Health Department - take biopsies of the many skin ailments and do their job.

Again and again as with the Lennar Fiasco in the year 2004; linked to large scale grading and bombarding the community with toxic dust laden with asbestos and other contamination.

The SF Health Department in the past with Mitch Katz and now with Barbara Gracia - is NOT doing their job.

The people are fed up - but not for long. That is why I am bringing this to the attention of the Police Chief - people are fed up. This is your clarion call - do something - or forever hold your peace.

Slowly, the children are dying - bombarded daily by the worst contaminants.

More from the on going development but also from the Pacific Gas and Electric - on going clean up - a few hundred feet from the John Stewart project.

Gusty winds - 30 mph to 50 mph carry contaminants far and wide. No one is paying attention to the contaminants. Not the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, not the Department of Toxic and Substance Control, not the Environmental Protection Agency, and of course not the City Administrator - who can order the local, state, and federal agencies to conduct an investigation and report to her - Naomi Kelly.

At Potrero Hill the plans by Bridge Developer are the same. Remove those that live there - and cater to the filthy rich with Market Price units. Our officials running our City have lost their conscience - you can tell them - but, they will NOT hear less listen. Shame on them.

In the mean time Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor is pussyfooting in China.

Parlaying with the corrupt in China - assuring the Chinese that if they invest at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a Superfund Site - they can get all the want.

Never mind that Malia Cohen is accompanied by Fiona Ma and other City officials one worse than the other.

The Chinese have no qualms - the will kill those they choose and harvest organs - and offer tours to those that need organs - for cheap - paying no attention to Human Rights and other standards that we Americans - adhere to.

We all know the inferior good they produce and the junk that lands on our shores. These trade is unfair and today the Chinese want to buy us with the trillions of dollars - that they have illegally amassed. San Francisco welcome this BLOOD MONEY - and on the forefront the lackeys who visit China - who eat, drink, lust - and connive with the blatantly corrupt - Chinese.

Politicians mostly are like pimps and whores - they will sell themselves - so that their campaign coffers are filled.

They will favor companies like AECOM and others - give them large contracts.

Then in turn AECOM and others; will hold breakfast hogging contests - where bacon and other delicacies are laid bare and hogged to one's heart's content.

At $500 a plate - ten or more hungry hogs around a breakfast table - all having bragging rights - and a dip for future favors.

Our City and County is involved with such corrupt practices and this nonsense must stop - and more the blatant interference of Platinum Consultants in San Francisco - that are over extending themselves - interfering with the many City Projects.

Time to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our City Attorney and District Attorney are in bed with the crooks.

As the years go by HOPESF changes its plan - now we have the introduction of the HOMELESS CZAR - Bevan Dufty and others - pretending to help the poor and those that need help.

Our veterans are not helped - while all the time shafting them - with vague promises - and no permanent solutions - addressing Quality of Life Issues.

San Francisco wake up - all of you that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The Huntersview Project:

The John Stewart Company and the Hunterview Project: