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Friday, November 9, 2012


Malia Cohen the San Francisco - District 10 representative; and a chronic sell out well know to most - her signature wide grin - and every time she opens her sordid mouth - she shoves her foot deep - inside.

District 10 needs attention - there is not a day when serious issues linked to Transportation, Housing, Truancy, Schooling, Foreclosure, Crime, and a host of other pertinent issues that would fill a hundred pages or more - need urgent - attention.

Where is Malia Cohen - she is pussyfooting in China!

China that has nothing much to offer us. Known, for harvesting human organs - from anyone that disagrees with the Chinese authorities. No one worth the salt - less some pervert like Malia Cohen - should be allowed to go to China.

China lacks compassion and is low down the totem pole when it comes to Human Rights. This has been brought to the attention of China many times - but, it continues to kill innocent people and harvest organs. Rid those that do not agree with their dictatorial policies.

Here we have pandering folks to China - China's aim is to teach us a lesson - by invading and stealing our assets - be it linked to Information Technology, Defense, anything they can use to make money - illegally.

We do NOT need Chinese Technology to build our High Speed Rail. At this very moment - the former Minster of Transportation in China - is in jail - it is just a matter of time - when they will kill him and harvest his organs.

We must know more - but we know less - and when we deal with folks that are dubious in nature - we compromise our high standards. Read more about the Chinese Bo, Xi, Li and BE - informed.

Malia Cohen a closeted lesbian has nothing much to offer - when it comes to sound representation. She loves pandering - doling commendations to those that might deserve them - but there are other stellar advocates that have worked so hard - and done so much for the community - and are left out. Bayview Hunters Point needs better - representation.

Malia Cohen a Black woman dared to say that she would join a recall of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - joining Jane Kim who voted to keep the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi but now wants to join the recall.

Bring it on - we love these lesbians more butches that think when they wear some pants - they wear some balls and more can dictate. Do not come uninvited into our living room and rearrange the furniture without our permission.

Bring it on - there are more than sufficient decent women and men - straight and who love their families and children - that can deal with immoral, unethical, lacking standards - and perverts who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

We have so much of them in San Francisco - that they think they can just do as they please. We have been very patient - but, now our patience is running out. For too long being politically correct has not made any difference - now, it is time to call a spade a spade.

To top it all these perverts  - who pretend to be concerned and are bold to say that they speak for San Franciscans. Sorry, no one gave anyone of you; any permission to speak for us all. Believe you me.

The Democratic Machine in San Francisco is eroding. And even though both Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi were shooed in - no one really respects them.

Imagine two hags - who have lost their marbles - and pretending to move in these contemporary times - with ideas and concepts that are Smithsonian.

One an aging Senator and the other a Congressperson - who have been worked on with umpteen injection containing Botox or whatever - face lifts that make them the laughing stock of decent - folks. Pretending to be younger than they are - when are have passed the age of been productive and representing.

District 10 has larger problems than most districts in San Francisco and we have 11 districts - in San Francisco.

Malia Cohen has no idea what representation means - simply, because the grinning jackass - is not educated on issues.

All she wants is the money - and she can have it - but not at the expense of compromising standards, ethics, and morals. The least she can do is say who she is - she is still in the closet and pretends that she is - straight.

After her last junket to Israel with Scott Wiener and others - paid for by the deplorable Zionists - Malia Cohen returned to remark - wish they had given her the $6000 or so - so that she could bask in the sun and tickle her arse pink - in Jamaica. 

In recent times our City and County of San Francisco have been electing so called Representatives that lack morals, ethics, standards, and embrace the worse type of leadership. Two stand out Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - both must be recalled.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors has eroded in the last twelve years - and this year - we will be facing major issues with so called Representative that are NOT educated on issues.

Our Metropolitan Transportation Agency is in deep trouble. They have stolen the money from the Taxi Commission - after high jacking the Taxi Commission and expanding illegally; millions of funds that belong to the Taxi Commission and to the Taxi operators who are independent workers - and have been shafted.

Not a word from any San Francisco Board of Supervisor on this critical - issue.

We have thousands of public housing with large rooms that belonged to the Department of Defense and were handed over to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The housing could be bought and also leased at reasonable rates - and HUD has mandated language that favors owning these units.

The City and County of San Francisco chose to run down the public housing.

Created a fake model called HOPESF - that gives developers and Property Managers such as, the John Stewart Company, Developers such as Mercy Housing and Bridge Developers to build Market Price Units - and a small percentage of so called low income housing.

The above model favor gentrification but in the interim it has decimated the population - and favored a contemporary holocaust  only this time around on the Black and Polynesians - with a smattering of Latinos and others.

Developers putting hurdles that moderate income people have to endure - are well known. But increase those hurdles a hundred times when it comes to poor people - who are promised the sky and shafted again and again.

Not a word about this blatant injustice from the Mayor, Ed Lee, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, Olson Lee, Tiffany Bohee, Jennifer Matz, Bevan Dufty, Alavarez from the SF Housing Authority, David Chiu and the SF Board of Supervisors. For sure one would not expect anything but the wide stupid grinning -  Malia Cohen who purports to represent District 10.

At Huntersview people are slowing dying - daily rashes, headaches, itchy eyes, soar throats, migraine headaches, vomiting, and a gamut of other chronic ailments. Not a sound from Malia Cohen - one of the most despicable Black individuals - who purports to represent but does not.

What the hell are you doing in China - if not pussyfooting? Never mind you are with Fiona Ma - she knows me better than you know her - and what I speak - is the truth.

Daily we have had crime increases in District 10 - some months ago - they Samoan Community and the Black Community were warring each other. No one could stop this on going killing and shooting. Some of us stepped up and helped this City and County of San Francisco - with no fun fare. Never mind that Diana Aroche and others were supposed to do their job - but are tags on the wall and worthless.

You all are invited to the California State Building opposite the Federal Building 450 Golden Gate - on November 13, 2012 closer to 6 pm to attend a forum on Safety, Shootings and Killings. Law Enforcement officials who have failed can San Francisco - will be in attendance.

Please be there to speak your mind and tell them what is the situation at ground zero. Some one must reveal to this suckers who rules in San Francisco.

I can guarantee you Malia Cohen the laughing jackass will NOT be there.

Representation does not come easy and those ploys and machination initiated by Willie L. Brown Jr. a former thug mayor, undue influence by Rose Park and others - must be nibbed in the bud.

Blood money in the millions have and are being used to put in sordid, evil, inept, shallow, spineless individuals to represent - in the past Malia Cohen was one of them. Recently; they tried putting in David Lee and he lost hands down.

The same sordid money was used by a few individuals to displace Christina Olague - and not a sound from those that  truly Represent. Eric Mar must lay it out - complete with financial details reported to the Ethics Commission.

Once we permit this cancer to go unheeded - the lack of standards, inviting inept and sordid representation - we are opening the door for blatant corruption.

Time to recall Malia Cohen - she won by a measly 200 votes the last time around - Rank Choice Voting.

Time to put Scott Wiener on notice - and this is his clarion call. I am watching you like a hawk - Mr. Zionist you and your ilk. Scott Wiener more interested in Nudity and legislation - first allowing it then bring amendments to it - caring more about some wrinkled wieners than sound legislation that matters - Quality of Life issues. 

Malia Cohen last junket to Israel with Carmen Chu and Scott Wiener: