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Friday, November 16, 2012


Any decent person who has some sense about process and more about Environmental Issues - will tell you - an Environmental Impact Report or Study is pertinent.

Here in California - the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - has been instrumental; in helping California constituents and others interested in Quality of Life issues - to address adverse impacts to life - linked to any project - to bring redress and offer solutions.

Scott Wiener has for some time now challenged the constituents, the queer community, indigent more defenseless queer youth, the homeless with their shopping carts, nudists, others - with silly, shallow, meaningless amendments and ordinances - not worth the salt.

Now, he dares to make unnecessary amendments to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - as it should apply to projects - within the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco  - impacting SF Planning Department, the Land Use and Economic Committee, the Appeals Board, and other relevant bodies involved with the construction industry, SF Health Department, the Department of Toxic and Substance Control, the Regional Water Board, the Environmental Protection Agency - and a corrupt, former Black Mayor - is behind this ploy.

This queer man is not secure and with his false sense of trying to win some unfounded confidence - his every false move - lends him in the gutter of confusion. The man cannot think straight - and is revengeful - as we saw with his actions - impacting the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force )SOFT). For six months the actions of Scott Wiener - brought the SOFT to a stand still.

I have mentioned before that this queer man is no Harvey Milk or Harry Brit.

This man is confused, a transplant from New York - it is time he goes back to his mama and the Big Apple and stay there. May be address some of the problems meted out to his fellow former neighbors in New York and the surrounding area - by Hurricane Sandy.

CEQA gives an opportunity for us citizens to address our concerns, bring objections and find solutions - on the many Big Developments that seem to be sprouting all over the place - without proper permits, diabolic deeds that I have reported - before. Money seem to talk in San Francisco - blood money in most cases.

This man; Scott Wiener, who represent District 8 - wants to pull a fast one - and I can assure you - on this one - CEQA - this matter will land in court and the man for once - will be put to utter - shame and disgrace. He is ringing his "death knell" and this time around - this issue will truly reveal the colors of this sordid - person.

Most San Franciscans know where the San Francisco Concourse is situated.

Recently it was brought to my attention by a business owner operating her business near the SF Concourse that the building was going to be demolished. She received a notice and wanted to know if I had heard about it - I did not. I called a few people - in the know - and they did not. What is happening?

On that site; where the SF Concourse stands - some housing is planned.

Mostly probably market rate housing - which we do have in abundance in San Francisco - but GREED knows no bounds - and so here we go again.

Gentrification is at work - and as usual the Zionists and those that care less about the poor - but more about themselves - the ilk of Bernie Madoff - are having a field day.

This building hosts a number of large events - for one thing - the Green Party has their event there.

Even though the Green Party is planning their event there - they have not been informed that the SF Concourse is slated for demolition - and notices to that affect - have gone out - already.

Many of us ardent environmentalist are fully aware about the process that has been in place and has over the last 25 years and more helped us - the EIR, the EIS, CEQA, the Precautionary Principle and so on and so forth.

Here comes Scott Wiener who want to take short cuts - and more without fair and essential noticing.

In fact under his stupid ordinance - one will not have access to any pertinent documents in time - to file an appeal. His amendments call for a 24 hours release. Where is the accountability and the transparency?

Now, I know San Franciscans will not tolerate such nonsense - and yesterday at the San Francisco Planning Department - I was told before the meeting - that amendments to CEQA -  slated to be heard yesterday November 15, 2012 at City Hall in Room 400 -have been moved to November 29, 2012 at 1:30 pm in Room 400 at City Hall.

I will be there - to address my subjective concerns about process and CEQA and many related issues.

Some days ago - I was shocked to find out that Paul Currier a well known advocate was found dead in his apartment - in fact found dead - days after his assault and death.

The incident report is pending - and thousands of us are awaiting the results - from the Coroner's Office, the SP Police Department, the Criminal investigators - this shocking dead - has cast a shadow on the advocates and advocacy.

Few people know about this - and Paul Currier (may his soul rest in peace) - was one person who requested that Scott Wiener be recalled from office.

Again and again this queer man - with a skewed sense of reasoning will raise questions and try to bring amendments - that are petty, waste of time and money - and what is more not becoming of decent San Franciscans.

Paul Currier who was astute - educated on issues - worked for Ron Dellums - challenged the MACHINE -  took on four  San Francisco Supervisors - who connived with the Developer to demolish 1500 rental home in the Parkmerced area.

Scott Wiener was one of the four admonished by the Ethics Commission - for infringing on the Brown Act and other laws governing - fair play and justice.

The other SF Supervisors - David Chiu, Malia Cohen, and Eric Mar.

On another note - right now we have given the Warriors the "green signal" to build an arena right by Piers 30-32 and the adjacent area - a site prone to serious liquefaction, flooding, and for sure to be impacted by an impending Tsunami and the Big One.

The EIR is spending, the CEQA too for sure as you may imagine.  Four studies done in the past - call for millions of dollars to shore up the site by the Bay - as much as $400 million dollars.

Oracle was given the site to build -  Power Engineering stated the estimates needed - I reported about it about months ago. In the end the deal was shelved - Oracle the billionaire would not shell out - and in came the WARRIORS who will sink - in the cesspool of their own creation. 

Fast track this project all you want - the faster you fast track track - the sooner you all will FALL on your FACE. 

The citizens living close by Pier 30-32 - have not been incorporated in any meaningful dialog.

Folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. who is cozy with Scott Wiener and others more diabolical and greedy - are preparing to hoodwink San Franciscans and push for this project.

Much like the 8 Washington debacle and the many other high rise buildings - that are being pushed before the SF Planning, brought to the Land Use with 30 day notices - and sent directly to the SF Board of Supervisors - for their endorsement.

Ploys like this have a lot to do with campaigns and filling the coffers of the corrupt and crooked Supervisors.

For sure one of them is Scott Wiener. He is a deep friend of the corrupt Developers and Platinum Consultants - who were brought before the Court in New York.

Swinerton, Cahill, Nibbi, Webcor, Turner, and a few others are having a field day -building high rise buildings - here, there, everywhere.

The local banks are not loaning money to anyone that is decent. Junkets from Hawaii with off shore money is flooding the Main Land - and rumors have it that it is Chinese money - belonging to the old regime that has just changed hands.

Xi is in charge - as of yesterday - and wait until he finds out - if truly speaking the past regime is involved. Anyone found embezzling - willingly or unwillingly - will be used as fodder - and his or her organs - harvested.

The RICO Act must be invoked as we have rampant corruption of the highest order -prevailing in San Francisco.

Our Congressperson and our Senator are concerned about washing the dirty linen of others - but right in their backyard - they are endorsing - blatant corruption of the worst order. Go figure.

Now, as to Paul Currier who has a track record exposing the crooks - not one word in the Main Press.

Who could have killed this man and left him for dead - the Pacific Heights Mafia - part of the MACHINE?

I have brought this to the attention of some that can do something about it - but time is running out.

It may be a week ago that the dirty deed was committed - sufficient time to cover up - but someone has blood on their hands - and must be brought to justice.

As dirty as the cover up of CEQA - this act and others - are every day occurrences in San Francisco.

San Francisco - once known for some decency, for sure compassion, and now inundated with Zionists and the rampantly growing - cloak and dagger machinations and ploys.

Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this one?

The RICO ACT must be enforced and here is have all the elements that can make that happen - with rampant - results.

Some pertinent information on Paul Currier: