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Monday, October 10, 2011

Wall Street Protests Right Here On Our Doors - And We Must Protest The Injustice And Continuing Injustice.

Wall Street protest right here on our door step and we must protest the injustice and corruption. Move on to San Francisco City Hall - that has a failing $6.8 billion dollar budget.

Notice how silent our local political leaders are - none of them have spoken out with a strong voice - against Wall Street the injustice and more the lack of accountability and transparency.

They are in bed with the crooks, busy filling their campaign coffers, making deals with Big Developers. Look for bribes on Big Projects - selling themselves - like whores and pimps - and calling themselves so called Representatives!

Malia Cohen worked in some drab capacity for the Federal Reserve Bank - and today she will open that mouth of her's and speak in circles. Shallow to the core and more.

Others, on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors continue to waste money - tax payers' money and more the money of decent, hard working San Franciscans.

Recently, David Campos consulting Tom Ammiano decided to bring about some decent amendments to the Health Program that should serve low paid workers.

All those who voted against his amendment revealed their true colors.

Malia Cohen voted for David Campos - but clearly stated her vote was the "swing vote" much like Sophie Maxwell did.

On occasion when the "quick vote" was critical - it was bought - if it was not bought - it was announced. 

Wall Street and Big Developers are the same - they are corrupt and lack accountability and transparency.

The San Francisco Board Supervisors that favor the demolishing of thousands of units at Park Merced, the development of the Central Sub-Way the $1.9 billion boondoggle - the so called large development by Lennar on Treasure Island having failed at Mare Island - are all connected to corruption and deal making.

No one entity can fool all the people - all the time.

Corrupt, evil forces, joining hands with the "Mafia", corrupt politicians, even more corrupt consultants - to cheat the people, denounce the "commons" - and pretend they are doing some good - while all the time they are doing - harm to everyone.

Pocket money for themselves - wasting tax payers money - and pretending to serve their shadow constituents. Some of us are watching like hawks.

At City Hall once we had the Legislative Branch - that is the SF Board of Supervisors. We had the Administrative Branch that is the City Administrator, and we had the Executive Branch the Mayor and his minions.

In 1996 Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. clipped the wings of the City Administrator and for all practical purposes - the City Administrator works for the Mayor - now.

When Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor - he saw that he had 7 of the 11 eleven SF Board of Supervisors on his side - using dubious means, more ploys and machinations.

Thus Willie - neutralized the Legislative Branch and what is more conducted some devious ploys using his previous experience as the Speaker in Sacramento.

He use to do the same in Sacramento the Capitol of California - until the voters decided to have "limited terms" - called "term limits".

 Now, we have "term limits" for the Supervisor and the Mayor in San Francisco - but these bodies on many levels worship the same gods - money and greed.

Leading that group is Malia Cohen - she is all about money and greed - sitting on the fence and seeing which side is green.

This Wellness Center she is talking about in the Bayview for example is all show.

Created in large measure to oppose Proposition F when Proposition G - was funded by Lennar and Lennar spent $5 million and today is dead for all practical purposes.

Malia Cohen does not comprehend much about our health concerns in the Bayview Hunters Point and less in the Visitation Valley and other areas.

A famous Recreation Center is being closed on Leland Street in the Visitation Valley that served the minorities for years. What is Malia Cohen doing about this closure?

The mental aspect that she is talking about most affects adults - and dumb woman knows little about the situation at hand.

The paradox is that mental issues are best addressed by default - in San Francisco for the adults in our jails - and the same holds true for our teens and minors.

Malia Cohen should ask Michael Hennessey about these facts - instead of just trying to bring something up - to show that she is doing something positive - when behind the Bayview Wellness ploy are grants and money. Good money spent over bad money.

Our infants and small children - go wherever they can for help. The mothers are poor and the need is great because some Big Developer in recent years - with intent - poisoned our infants and children.

Lennar is doing this today, and so is the John Stewart company bombarding the community with Asbestos friables. Of course Malia Cohen would not know this - to busy, pussyfooting around and grinning like a jackass.

This one doctor who is a Lennar lackey, friend of Sophie Maxwell, and now attached to Malia Cohen - has pussyfooting written all over her face.

She really works for Pacific Medical Hospital - that does not truly serve the people of the Bayview.

Next door where this Black woman doctor works - who I shall not name at this juncture - is a childcare center.

I know the operators of the childcare center - and Sophie Maxwell tried to take credit for this Child Care Center - when she had nothing to do with it. It is  next to the Wellness Center - on Evans Street - and I have been monitoring the operations for a long time.

How can one doctor simply address mental issues in the Bayview Hunters Point - even if she chooses to address the tip of the iceberg?

Malia Cohen is full of it - she said something about this issue - but she said - nothing. Drab, shallow, waste of time - and a good for nothing - so called - corrupt politician.

This example can be magnified many times over - hence the example. You could say that of Carmen Chu another one that works for the MACHINE.

Another one of those wanna bees - who use to work for former Mayor Gavin Newsom - who would say just the right things - you wanted to hear - and do as he pleased. 

Both Carmen Chu and Malia Cohen worked for Gavin Newsom - who continues to bring disgrace to San Francisco - with the help of Big Developers - much like Wall Street.

During Gavin Newsom reign as Mayor - joblessness went up, thousands of small business left and many major businesses too.

Gavin Newsom's junkets to China - paid heavy dividends - he marketed his Wine Business and makes millions today.

Over 150,000 decent families, father, mother, and children left our City - they could not stand the growing perverts, corruption, thievery,  and the lack of sound education.

Much like Wall Street - if you have the inside scoop - one can make millions a day - on the Stock Exchange or even the Hedge Funds.

The sub-prime loans, the derivatives, the other convoluted schemes did not come from decent people - they came from corrupt folks - like Carmen Chu and Malia Cohen - just watch them pandering to the current Interim Mayor - one worse then the other.

We must join the Wall Street Protest in San Francisco on Market Street closer to 101 Market Street and speak out.

The large Federal Reserve Banks sits there - where Malia Cohen worked in some drab capacity and now has brought her filthy, corrupt wares - to sell at San Francisco's - City Hall.

Crime is on the increase in District 10 and the woman continues to grin. Now, she has jumped on the  Bayview Hunters Point Wellness bandwagon.

So what about the following let us have some disclosure Malia Cohen - now that you have lubricated yourself well enough for the engine to work:

The over 450 toxic hot spots that the City of San Francisco must clean up all over the Bayview.

The over 6000 youth that are truants and do not go to school? What does the future hold for them. Most of them Black and Samoan?

The Adults now being released from the jails  who have no services - can you arrange some Wellness Center for them - create another Burke clone to do the same - get grants, get money from Lennar - do something - other then - pussyfoot around with the life style issue - gratify your ass but put the asses of the rest - all decent and innocent - on the line?

Can you start with a High School in our area - so that our youth do not have to cross several turfs - to fight for their lives daily and eventually - stop going to school?

What are you doing for our Seniors? They all are suffering? Many of them do not have food past the six day of the month - what do you have to say about this Malia Cohen? You see how much you done? So far it has been all hot air - and less concrete issues?

The reading on Parcel A are still high. Those affected are our children and infants - the same ones this Burke woman is talking about - seeking grants, funds, anything to make a cozy living for herself. She is not from the community and so are you Malia Cohen? But you know too well what you two share - the common denominator?

The politicians we have at City Hall are corrupt.

The City Attorney is now running for Mayor the same guy that destroyed lives with Gang Injunctions.

The same guy who is taking credit for getting rid of the Power Plants - some of us were doing the work, attending the pertinent meetings and so on long before he and Sophie Maxwell came on board.

Only, for Aaron Peskin, Sophie Maxwell, Dennis Hererra, and others to take the Kudos. With these vermin it is about the Kudos. Time will tell.

There was a time when the SF Board of Supervisors received a salary of $23,925 they now get over $116,000 with benefits.

Every opportunity they get to take a vacation - they take. Sometimes three or four days in a row.

We have a budget of $6.8 Billion - and a lot of it tied to Wall Street. The various Bonds Measures - dime a dozen are tied to Wall Street and its failing health.

Be leary of the many San Francisco Bond Measures - the tax payers pay for them. Nothing comes for free.

Millions are wasted by the so called Enterprise Departments the likes of the SF Airport Authority.

The advocates are fed up but have not given up.

The few alive and kicking are like the Wall Street protesters. This is NOT the Arab Spring Rising - this Wall Street protest is about corruption and greed. 

The very rich one percent trying to control the 99 percent of America.

America has a population of about 313,232,044 million.

We have a land mass of 3,717,812.8 million square miles. This land belongs to the First People the Native Americans. It was stolen from them.

In America better known as "Turtle Island" by the decent people mainly the "commons" - we have 245,000,000 million Internet Users - this is the segment of the population that will keep the Main Media and the politicians - in line.

If not the - guillotine is in order - especially for the perverts that are in politics and are pussyfooting around.

We have 151,350,230 million on FaceBook that can shame the devils - some SF Board of Supervisors - I have named two - but there are others - too.

These protest must be moved soon to steps of City Hall - and the incumbents challenged - for too long, have too many failed - and the suffering has now reached - saturation point.