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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nancy Pelosi and the MACHINE - worse HOPESF and the gentrification of those that need help most.

Nancy Pelosi - who once thought she would be SPEAKER of the HOUSE. Much like Willie L. Brown Jr. the "thug mayor" of San Francisco - thought they would reign supreme forever. No more - one is a hag and the one legal blind and both - greed.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband have always been about money. Her husband control large fruit canning businesses in Samoa - and has been investigated - before.

Using Samoan workers and paying them meager wages. The Polynesians must wake up and challenge Nancy Pelosi - his better half.

Recently, at Huntersview - Nancy Pelosi was joined by the Black Sell Outs - including the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen - who has SOLD OUT the community.
Malia Cohen is not from Hunters Point and less from the Bayview and far removed from the Southeast Sector - her roots are in the Portola District and she went to school at Lowell - which gives one a picture - far removed from the true reality and history of the Bayview Hunters Point, Potrero Hill, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley and the other areas.

Not too long ago she lived on Bush Street and now lives they say at Executive Park in the condos that were not there some years - ago.

Nancy Pelosi was there to aid the John Stewart company at Huntersview. The John Stewart Company was embarking on their vertical build up. Nancy was not there - over two years ago - when the project was first declared open for the ground breaking.

The John Stewart Property Management Company - famous for the Geneva Towers - and one of the worst Property Managers in San Francisco.

John Stewart once worked for the famous Fanny May  Company and was fired. This was years ago. The SF City has given him over $150 million for this project. And he got - long before the State of California declared it was in the hole - over $300 million from the State and other entities. Then the John Stewart Company sat on the money - until very recently.

Nancy Pelosi was there to back the MACHINE, the John Stewart Company and the rest was all fluff.

One on one housing, "Tessy you can come and talk to me about your complaints" Nancy was speaking - say all the right things and meaning something else -  another sell out, and the rest is history.

Huntersview better know as MIDDLE POINT and know by those that know about matters of importance - has played an important role in the history of Hunters Point and the Bayview.

The Brothers are watching, are not impotent, and when the time comes the Sell Outs will  fall by the way side.

Malia Cohen is a consummate SELL OUT - a grinning jackass - who times has come - to get out of the way.

She has no clue what role she is playing and her recent out-burst at a meeting when some one shouted about jobs - is the tip of the iceberg - about know facts and control her inherent anger - stemming from her own self degradation and spurts of  tirades.

Much like Sophie Maxwell who she adheres to - both love to pussyfoot about. Time will tell.

The John Stewart Company - has demolished over 300 units with large bed rooms.

It is now about to embark to build close of 900 high density units - facing the City of San Francisco at Middle Point - now being named Huntersview.

All this in a gated community - and those living now - will be removed one way or the other - that is the plan. Unless - some one digs in and makes a stand. And this will not be pretty.

Imagine the bastard - stationing a Police Station - a few feet from the Project to protect the "thug contractors" and the John Steward Company.

The John Stewart Company - in cooperation with the Metro-sexual Gavin Newsom who was named and thanked for helping the John Stewart Company - by Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi, the hag - who has done nothing - I repeat nothing for the people - who are about to be removed - it is called GENTRIFICATION.

I have know Nancy Pelosi from the time Sala Burton was alive - she knows me and I know her - and what I know of her - is not very, pretty.

Not too long ago - ten young men visited my office and told me how they once worked at the Huntersview on this cursed HOPESF project - and were let go. 

A few weeks into the project they all were told they could not work. The sub-contractor to CAHILL the Prime Contractor did not have the license to do some critical work and that was the end of the story.

Some Blacks and Minorities are used and thrown away like dirty rags. They are hungry and need jobs - they are helped a little, abused, and then only reality sinks in.

Totally missing are the Polynesian Community who form forty percent of the population - but, kept out of the Work Force. Bill Fazio the many Matais should now prove themselves - and take on the vermin.

The Black men told me they could not work any more - had pinned their hopes on this job closer to home - all were qualified and were now starving.

A couple did not have money for gas and I had to give them some. Others had tears in the eyes because they have to feed their families.

In these dire economic times - most everyone is hurting - but such shenanigans must come to a halt.
Some Blacks tired to protest at the work site - but force was used and intimidation by Law Enforcement at the behest of the Big Developers and the City and County of San Francisco that is RACIST.

Well, I made the Black men fill an application. Had them interviewed and this crew once vetted will all get good jobs.

We have been doing this without any waves and without the help of City Build and the other shenanigans going on in the Southeast Sector.

The Sell Outs the likes of Malia Cohen know little about jobs.

She always got what she wanted on a platter - and she always used her charm to get what she wanted. She thought for a quick moment that I would pander to her. Well, she ain't seen anything - yet.

These vermin like the John Stewart Company and a Mafia Operation like the Cahill Brothers - are known for their under-handed operation. So are the Nibbi Brothers and WEBCOR. None of them are from our community. 

We have contractors in our community - but every hurdle is brought in their way - and they are NOT given jobs. If they get a contract - the banks will not give loans, they cannot get bonding, at Union Wages for a crew of 10 for just two months - you need at least $100,000 to make it. That is just to break even.

Workers Compensation, Insurance, other indemnities all cost money - and one must have the connection and experience to beat the system. More, with sharks like Platinum Associates and others floating around and messing with our community.

The few minorities these outside companies hire are for a few weeks but the sordid companies carry them as statistics for the rest of the project. This has been happening forever - with no oversight from anyone.

For the smaller companies in the Bayview to make payroll is difficult. The City will not bond the smaller companies.

Of course Malia Cohen does not know this - all she really knows is when the breakfast events are held for her - and her campaign coffers are filled by evil entities like Platinum Associates - and that jerk of all times Gavin Newsom for whom she worked and had to leave - only to make up - and sell her soul - just for money.

Malia Cohen was salivating standing close to Nancy Pelosi and Pelosi was mentioning her last name Cohen - again and again - and the poor, black, inept woman Malia was grinning. Simply pathetic.

The John Stewart Company controls thousands of rental units and other properties:

The John Stewart is being used to carry out gentrification and at the fore front are stupid, inept, very ignorant people, mostly Blacks.

On one level folks like Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen - at the lower end - Tessy was thinks she can represent - but will do anything for break crumbs.

Much like Kiska Road - Middle Point - has a role to play. It is not too late to nip the nonsense in the bud. This blatant discrimination must be stopped.

Any day if air samples are taken they exceed the dangerous level - be they particulates or asbestos structures.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has visited the area and cited the sub-contractors.

The SF Health Department is slow. So is the Environmental Protection Agency and Jared Blumfield who is beholden to Nancy Pelosi and her son. Jared should know better and do something about this situation of contamination and pollution.

Close by less then 800 feet Pacific Gas and Electric is clean their sites - contaminated for over sixty years with very high levels of lead, mercury, PCBs and over forty other highly contaminated elements at dangerous levels - all available from the Department of Toxic and Control Substance (DTCS).

Malia Cohen has not read one single report - has not once studied the empirical data. All she know is to grin and talk from both sides of her filthy - wide mouth

For the last two years our Seniors and children who once lived - where now the John Stewart Company wants to build the 900 high density units - were removed and with "intent" and placed in units that were contaminated.

Many of them fell very sick and some of them died. Malia Cohen does not know this - and even if she know this fact at this late juncture - has not done anything. She is a total - Sell Out.

HOPESF is about gentrification be it at Middle Point with the John Stewart Company, Potrero Hill with Bridge Developers, Sunnydale with Mercy Housing.

On another level Fred Blackwell is leaving for Oakland he was the Director of the SF Redevelopment Agency. His substitute another Black woman - Tiffany Bohee will carry out GENTRIFICATION.

Doug Shoemaker who was in charge the Mayor's Community Housing has jumped ship and now works for Mercy Housing.

Why do we have the Zionists and the Black Sell Outs - always partnering and selling our the community?

All those that back the above mentioned vermin - have BLOOD on their hands.

Where are the true leaders in the Bayview Hunters Point? Name them?

Not one has the balls to state the facts and do some thing about this horrible situation.

Gentrification is here - and House Negroes - the likes of Malia Cohen are at the fore front of this evil, sordid, on going - G E N T R I F I C A T I O N .

Is there a vision for the Southeast Sector of San Francisco: