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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We the astute constituents want the best representation but more we want sound leadership.

We the astute constituents of San Francisco want the best representation but more we want sound - leadership.

It is becoming apparent that the majority of San Francisco Board of Supervisors are shallow.

They are in the palms of the Big Developers.

When the people arose to fight GREED and abject control by the ONE PERCENT - the SF Board of Supervisors - the majority of them - sat on the fence and are still - stuck there - caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

It is a joke when you witness the bland stare on the faces of Carmen Chu, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Weiner,  David Chiu and others - who have chosen to serve the Big Developers and swim in the cesspool of GREED.

When the ONE PERCENT repeatedly told these so called REPRESENTATIVES - that they - the SF Supervisors are the "servants of the people" it did not register well with Malia Cohen and Jane Kim, less with Camen Chu and David Chiu - they all have told their souls to the - devil.

Some of us that go to City Hall - have noticed this change for a long time - where these so called devious Representatives - love having meeting behind doors, follow a hidden agenda, do not permit us to have public comment, and think they can do as they please.

After a long time - the 99 percent of the people - those that have suffered foreclosures, lack of good job opportunities, many living in shelters, many torn apart from their children, loved ones - tried to take a stand - and our City treat the people with disrespect.

The majority of the 99 are decent people and most of them are suffering and most of them wanted the world  to know that they have been taken for a ride - and when the 99 sacrificed to speak up and exercise their First Amendment Rights - they were disrespected.

I have written about the Wall Street Protests and related issues from the onset of this need revolution.

San Francisco has always been on the fore-front - and on this pertinent issue - San Francisco has many veteran organizers from the many UNIONS, worthy organizations, from the general public - who know what they are doing.

The camps are well organized, with food, water, medical supplies, and sound logistics. Again and again the Camps have been torn down, and vital needs even computers taken away. This nonsense must stop.

Missing in this action -the legislators from City Hall who have sold their souls to the devil. It is a shame that in the once August Hall - Room 250 at City Hall - we have sitting as Legislators - corrupt folks that do not share the pangs of the majority of the constituents of San Francisco - the 99 percent.

Wake up San Francisco - and do the RIGHT thing.

Kudos to the protesters - do not test the WILL of the people who are hurting. 

Wake up and serve the people - you are paid by us the San Francisco constituents - over a hundred thousand a year with benefits that you all really do not deserve.

None of you are genuine leaders. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

None of you have a moral compass.

Most steep in life style issues that are demeaning and not shared by the majority of San Franciscans.

Fine tune your moral compass and lead the people to a better place.

The 99 percent are here now and will not go anyway - soon. Aho.