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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

District 10 - the Bayview Hunters Point falls prey to more crime and very poor leadership from MALIA COHEN..

The Main Media much like our phony local politicians have not in large measure - joined the "commons" - the majority of decent human beings that have been affected by GREED.

More about " The Commons ":

At San Francisco City Hall it has been business as usual. Normally, the jackasses would take Tuesday off - that has been the practice - before. But, for some strange reason after the Monday holiday - today, Tuesday the SF Board of Supervisors - are reporting for work.

Work for most of them is debating in circles - addressing mundane stuff - while not addressing the issues at hand.

Of course - you must just watch Malia Cohen - every time she open that dirty mouth of hers - she spews diatribe and vitriol. She can say a lot - and mean nothing at all.

It is the same with Carmen Chu - anointed by Gavin Newsom - she holds the record of having the most whores in her district.

Most operated from private homes and apartments. You can buy any Chinese Newpaper and all the information is there - for a quicky or more. Carmen Chu prides in minding other peoples' business but fails to see and monitor the mess in her District 4.

In charge of the SF City's Budget as the Chair - she makes a fool of herself. Tagging the Interim Mayor as if - all is well on the western front. It is a shame that these vermin - join politics for ulterior motives.

I was watching the many Fulun Gong members testify about the torture in China. How, the SF Board of Supervisors and our Interim Mayor - took upon themselves to fly the Chinese Communist Flag - at City Hall. Such abject disrespect for Human Rights and the sordid behavior of the Chinese that are despised in decent - circles - the world over.

Not one Supervisor had the guts to say some thing after the testimony of the Fulun Gong members. Shame on you all - pathetic fools.

That is how COLD those associated with the Chinese Culture - pandering to the Communist are - sitting on the SF Board of Supervisors - phony to the core. No conscience and playing the sordid political - game.

The Chinese torture the Fulun Gong for practicing their religion in China. Imprison them and remove their vital organs, harvest them - and sell the organs. Torture and kill them in conditions that are horrendous. Not a word from the SF Board of Supervisors. Pathetic!

Thousands of Fulun Gong have been killed and the world know this. Yet, we in San Francisco for some time now - are harboring the Chinese and pandering to the Chinese. Looking forward to the junkets to China - to eat snake meat, other sordid stuff on the menu - and of course sell out American values. Screw that.

Learn more about the Fulun Gong:

Some of these Supervisors look forward to the junkets to China - where the are dined and receive gifts and are beholden to the Chinese Government - as Americans we must speak up. Speak to the truth.

You would not expect that from those that are beholden to the Chinese Government in one form or the other - and are on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Crime has increased by leaps and bounds in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

One must just review the Incident Reports that come out from the Bayview Station. Malia Cohen does not care - all she really cares is to pussyfoot around - spew diatribe - mostly generalities and has done a very poor job as District 10 Supervisor - to date.

She endorses some candidates saying they are known for Prevention and Safety - without any empirical data. That is the same with Fiona Ma - both have not truly served the constituents - well. One on the local level and the other at the State level.

I invited Fiona Ma - the first time ever - I asked her to join us October 30, 2011 to go to the Chowchilla Women Prison. A group of us are visiting our sisters and there will be a special celebration with our Polynesian sisters. Fiona Ma who represents us in the California Assembly could not make it. Even though I gave sufficient notice. She is sooo veery busy!

Mark Leno is always pushing the "lift style" agenda - and the majority of straight folks are fed up with these tirades and begging the majority to feel sympathy for the "queer". If you are "queer" try to contribute to society as best you can. Do not pander to you queerness and think for a second anyone will admire - begging to be love and admired.

Both of the above are good friends of shallow, drab, Malia Cohen. Birds of a feather flock - together.

In these dire economic times - there are hot spots in the Bayview Hunters Point Area - of over fifty percent unemployment.

People are suffering and Malia Cohen has yet to come out with a concrete plan. Except to shout down some men - at a meeting where they demanded jobs. Outsiders come and take our jobs. Leaving our young women and men - high and dry.

Malia Cohen is busy trying to grant money for the Burke doctor who came into our community -  made money - lives in Potrero Hill with folks that do not look like not suffer the dire consequences - as do the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point.

This Burke doctor who panders to Lennar and other politicians including Nancy Pelosi - wants grants - that is money. It is always about money and pussyfooting and now Malia Cohen has joined in the fray - blowing her horn - trying to win money for some one that already is getting a lot. Over $200,000 plus in the short time she has been on Evans Street. Go figure!

In the meantime the John Stewart Project linked to HOPESF is a mess.

One contractor was working without permits. Young men and women were hired for a few weeks are told they could not work - because the contractor who hired them could not work - because he did not have the permits.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District and other Regulatory Agencies know about the high levels of toxic dust, Asbestos structures, Lead,  PCBs,Mercury in high levels - that have been detected for months - close to two years now - adverse affecting our infants, children, and elders.

Two communities mostly affected Samoans and Blacks. Do you think Malia Cohen cares - she does not give a rat's ass.

No one is paying attention to the Cumulative Pollution.  Malia Cohen - keeps on grinning while our infants, children, and Seniors keep on dying. And yes - this woman is Black and pretends to represent.

Not educated on issues - this Black woman keeps pandering to Lennar, the Machine, and to those interests from   whom she can fill her campaign coffers.

Of course she proudly announces that her coach is Sophie Maxwell - and has retained Sophie Maxwell's Staff at her office at City Hall - to carry on the shenanigans and devious ploys - that Sophie carried on - with more vigor and less accountability and transparency. 

Learn more about the Fulun Gong: