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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Corruption of the worst order at the SF Redevelopment Agency and other City agencies..

The SF Redevelopment is known for corruption and it comes from quarters far remote and has mostly to do with the influence of very Big Developers and very corrupt Politicians.

Every SF City Agency has fallen prey - especially the SF Planning Department, the City Controller, and the SF Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force, SF Real Estate Department, the SF City Administrator - and the Mayor Office in Room 200 participating - in toto.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the former "thug mayor" - of San Francisco has been involved with all the major developments - in our City for the last 15 years - starting from 1996 for sure.

Raking in millions and controlling the destiny of those that have to bow before him and his minions.

Pimps and whores - many of them recent politicians are part of his evil entourage.

His love for things oriental is well known and at this late age - he still has those in line for a sound lick and other frolicking of sorts.

Fred Blackwell  started at the Director of SF Community Development and was promoted to Director of SF Redevelopment Agency is leaving to be the Assistant City Administrator in Oakland.

He replaced Marcia Cohen an evil woman who was caught lying and was appointed by Willie L. Brown Jr. - Marcia loved doing any bidding of the then thug Mayor - Brown.

Fred Blackwell's new substitute - be it for an Interim period - is Tiffany Bohee - the lying, deceiving, hoodwinking, sly, devious Tiffany.

Tiffany Bohee who participated in all the shenanigans linked to Hunters Point and Candlestick Point, the Alice Griffith Public Housing current fiasco.

Directly and indirectly in all the projects  linked to SF Redevelopment at Mission Bay, Down Town and else where - the likes of HOPESF and more.

Tiffany Bohee - started in a lower position at SF Public Utilities Commission and soon rose to power - and you can only guess propped by very corrupt people - to massage their every private and devious Big construction - projects.

Tiffany Bohee says all the right things - and has the ability to take punishment without blinking an eye.

You have only to review the meetings held at City Hall - and while all the empirical data was laid bare - Tiffany Bohee who I have monitored carefully for the last seven years - has mastered the art of lying, deceiving, hoodwinking, pretending to do good while all the time doing the work of the - devil.

Her recent appointment speaks to the many layers of corruption in this City - that is RACIST to the core.

The Interim Mayor - Ed Lee does not help - nothing original comes from him. He is always quoting the Metro-sexual Gavin Newsom that pandered to the filthy rich and corrupt.

Now, he is cozy with Rose Pak and Willie L. Brown Jr. who are closely monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other Law Enforcement.

In life one must do right and stand for what is holistic and just. One may think - that one can do wrong and nothing will happen.

Believe me when it happens - it happens quickly - and TRUTH always prevails.

Tiffany Bohee has no experience, less leadership qualities. She is a slave and takes orders - she will look at you in the eye and promise you the world - and then do as she pleases.

San Franciscans do not like this - and many of us know her cohorts.

Tiffany Bohee - will surround herself with all the corrupt who worked for Michael Cohen - and protect them by giving them pay raises.

Corrupt to the core -  the SF Redevelopment Agency that should be shut down and its assets - frozen.

The present economy has sent shills down the spine of many major developers.

We know for sure that Lennar is dead. It is just a matter of time - how to dispose of Lennar - lock, stock and barrel.

Tiffany Bohee - played a role making things easy for Lennar - working with Dean Macris - establishing a separate SF Planning Team to facilitate the devious plans, and fast track the Environmental Impact Reports - linked to Lennar's many projects on Treasure Island, Hunter Point, Candlestick Point, Alice Griffith, Hunterview and the other projects at Mission Bay and the SF Down-Town area.

Now, that Governor Jerry Brown has cut the life saving cord - that SF Redevelopment fed on - the millions of tax increment money and more from the State Coffers of Community Development -all sorts of gimmicks have been put in place.

A Non-Profit has been created to facilitate City and Private co-operation of sorts - millions given to " Fast Track College" - to help some students that few in San Francisco know about.

Less know where Fast Track College is located. In a heavily industrialized area by Bayshore and Marin Street - with loaded particulates in the air, some charter school type operation - that recently received - millions from this recent formed entity and its - kitty.

Recently, bordering the Jazz Corridor that is Fillmore - on Van Ness and Franklin - ploys and machinations are afloat to fast track and created a "Jazz Center" - to cater to some crooks who know less about "true jazz" and even less about serving the community with sincerity.

Now imagine the City and County of San Francisco creating a "Non-Profit" with the ability to borrow money from corrupt banks - to aid dubious entities.

On this City Non-Profit Board serving as Directors the City Controller, the head of the SF Mayor's Office of Economic and Work Force Development, the head of the Real Estate, the head of SF Redevelopment, the Acting City Administrator, others who should be serving our constituents that pay taxes in San Francisco.

Not to mention time and money spent on  the dubious entity like this little known drab entity " Fast Track College" - sitting next to a produce market on Bayshore - is a very, very polluted area.

Millions of vehicles ply in the area - and simple test of the air will prove what I am saying is - true. Next to a fuel station and very near a Pacific Gas and Electric hub - that emits a strong Electro Magnetic Field and affects all living beings.

This Jazz Institution that has not been vetted - they met with Ross Mirkarimi from District 5 who has an established Jazz District - had a dialogue with him, took some notes and did not follow up.

Imagine two Jazz Districts competing with one another - both facing dire fiscal situations in these dire economic - times. Go Figure.

Then the authors of this newly formed Jazz Entity - have the audacity to come before some committee - and demand that the matter before the committee - be fast tracked.

This is the height of arrogance, ignorance, and what is more - corruption.

Our City of San Francisco is facing cuts - but here we have shenanigans of the worst order played out every single day - encouraged by very corrupt politicians and associates such as Platinum Associates.

SF Board of Supervisors vying for other political positions and pandering to the very - corrupt. The interim Mayor looking and speaking - all confused, perplexed and confounded.

Join the circus - with a galore of clowns running about and causing more confusion.