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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Malia Cohen - ONE MILLION mitigation money from the closure of the Mirant Plant on 3rd Street closer to Bayview Hunters Point.

As luck would have it - Malia Cohen had to open her mouth wide and shove her foot in it. The agenda item before the Budget and Finance Committee - and mitigation money worth - $ 1 million - the closure of the Mirant Plant on Third Street and closer to Bayview Hunters Point.

The Mirant Plant has been closed down and the way this was initiated was by using a technicality where the Mirant Plant did not meet the seismic requirements, an old brick stack and brick building that had to come down - as it was seismically unfit for operation.

With this fuel and the Reliability Must Run model fading away - Mirant was forced to close.

The Pittsburg-Mirant cable line now brings over 400 Megawatts of power - and so the operation of the Mirant Power and its spewing particulates - became moot. It had to go. There is more but this simply explanation - will do for now.

Of course the dumb Malia Cohen know nothing of the above. Less of Power Consumption and still less of our GRID, the requirement and even less of our transmission lines all controlled by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).

While numerous advocates fought for the closure of both the Hunters Point Power Plant and the Mirant Power Plant.

It was always interesting to see who jumped on the bandwagon to take credit for the work. Also who profited from the closure - folks like James Bryant and Sophie Maxwell.

When the Mirant Plant was first sold by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in 1999 - a sum of $13.3 million was set aside as mitigation money - for the entire area contaminated. 

Most of the money was set aside to address mitigation in Zip code 94124 - the huge percent of cancer and more respiratory diseases are from this area.

Once the thieves got the money - it was spread to 94107, 94124, and even in 94102 an beyond - go figure.

Mitigation of the spewing of mercury, lead, and the thousands of tons of particulates - killed thousands over the last sixty years plus and still continues to kill people - slowly.

The hospitals have all the data and could use this money to help the victims. That will not happen. Planting stuff on toxic soil, using toxic sludge, and all sorts of gimmick have been done before - and will not prevent scrupulous folks from harming innocent children and people in general. 

For some it is all about the money. When they see GREEN - the see BLING - and when Bling grip them - all hell breaks - lo0$e.

The last time around when the $13.3 million was made available - mitigation money - all the vultures came out to meet Sophie Maxwell - she became the Dole Mistress.

At that time Sophie Maxwell did not waste time doling $1.5 million to the Conservatory in the Golden Gate Park to train 10 Horticulture Students - nothing came of this dubious program.

$900,000 to a school named after her mother Enola Maxwell on Potrero Hill to install Solar Panels - nothing came of this - either.

$900,000 to Literacy of Environmental Justice - LEJ - the requirement was LEJ had to be a non-profit -they first got the money and then became of non-profit. LEJ then went to leverage more money - building the Living Classroom on very contaminated soil. Fifty feet away from the old Hunters Point Power Plant that has since been demolished.

The Bayview Advocates got $1.5 million to install Solar Panels and were audited and put on track by there were serious issues about how the money was spent.

Young Community Developers got $900,000 and wasted the money. Mama Sophie gave it to anyone that came to her titty for succor.

The Department of Environment had a hand - and of course the District 10 Supervisor had a hand - and a lot of the money was spent without any accountability and less transparency. As I said some $13.3 million.

Now, Malia Cohen reads a written statement at the Budget and Finance Meeting held October 19, 2011 at  City Hall.

Following her statement a woman from the SF Health Department revealed to the Budget and Finance Committee how this $1 million would be spent. No one asked the pertinent questions - they do not - they just go with the flow.

Joe Boss came up during public comment and clarified a lot.

It is always interesting to find out how the sell outs - will jump to grab the bread crumbs and ditch the ones that truly deserve the mitigation money.

The first round much of the $13.3 million was wasted with little accountability.

This time it is $1 million and Malia Cohen the current District 10 Supervisor - spoke little of the history, knows little of history - but feels and thinks that her pussyfooting will win the day. Time will tell.

Then there was Steve Moss who got $1.5 million and created a Co-operative - he leveraged the $1.5 million to get more money and got it.

No one knows how really all the $1.5 million was spent. Steve tried to run for District 10 Supervisor's election - and found people trashing his name. Even declaring he did not live in the District.

LEJ has leveraged more money to build a Living Classroom on Toxic Ground. The SF Unified School District prides itself when it takes our innocent children and exposes them to toxic elements at the Living Classroom. Go figure!

This one million will be spent to monitor the air - and I hope we get the results weekly.

The concrete companies spew mercury, the millions of vehicles spew dangerous particulates, thousands suffer from cancer and asthma, others from chronic respiratory diseases. We need some empirical data - to address the reality of the issues and the suffering of  those that are left to fend for themselves.

Forty percent of those impacted at Polynesian more Samoan - no one is talking to them. The Samoans for some strange reason do not figure in any meaningful - equation.

Suddenly, the focus in on Potrero Hill when the contaminated air from the Mirant Plant travels more to Bayview Hunters Point - is closer to Dog Patch on Third Street. Potrero Hill is a distance away. 

The way these jerks talk and draw the picture - it is as if the Mirant Plant sits stark naked on Potrero Hill.

It does not.

One million dollars and all the vultures are out to get the money.

In District 10 it has always been about sell outs and how they gravitate to easy money - more BLOOD money.

The money will be spent over a period of three years. Mostly White Folks telling Black folks and people of color what is good for them.

The usual gimmicks - followed by ploys and machinations.

Of course the Mayor will go with the flow and jackass grinning Malia Cohen will take credit for something she had nothing to do with.

As to the poor and the suffering. Our children and our Seniors - not a word about them. They are left to wind - no one cares about them - they now care more about growing gardens when in reality no one takes care of the planted trees - no one even waters them.

You could hire our youth to maintain our trees and plants - all over Zip code 94124, 94134, and 94107.  The trees will deal with the Carbon Footprint - and it is a win-win situation.

Money is set aside for community gardens that is one way to rake in a lot of money - while spending a little to put on a show.

I hope the details of how the money is spent in put up on Malia Cohen's web site.

Malia Cohen loves to talk the talk but so far has been an abject failure. She cannot simply walk the walk.

We would also like to monitor her on the Schlage Lock Company Development that has been shelved. 

The Hunters Point Clean Up - the United States Navy wants to cap the land.

Of course Malia Cohen will agree to that. So will Lennar backed by Willie L. Brown and his devil - minions.

Malia Cohen works and lives for the MACHINE - she is not educated on issues and has used gimmicks, ploys and machinations - to further her cause.

She belongs to the ONE PERCENT crooks as do the many sell outs - Poverty Pimp Pastors - and those that pretend to serve the community but do not.

The above pander to the Big Developers and to the entities including Regulatory Entities that slowly kill our children and elders - without paying attention to abatement, mitigation, and a holistic blue print that works.

Of course as usual we have idiots " thinking" for us - and making no bones about it - all.