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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

San Francisco protests peacefully - against WALL STREET thugs - and politicians that support GREED.

For the longest time ever not a whimper from our local politicians. Now, one or two have joined the bandwagon - but, it does not matter.

San Francisco Wall Street protests will be peaceful - to protests against the Wall Street thugs - and of course politicians who are GREEDY and have nothing much to offer - but propagate their own sordid - hidden, agenda.

In recent years the constituent who votes has become very astute. No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

The recent elections in San Francisco - the dog eat dog mentality - has NOT caught the voters by surprise.

Most of us who follow the events - based on facts - have focused groups of our own to evaluate and adjudicate.

We do not follow the drab Slates sent out by organizations like the San Francisco County Democratic Committee and other such drab and shallow organizations.

Of course the constituents want to fully understand among our so called REPRESENTATIVES - who is doing a good job.

We constantly monitor the shallow ones - Malia Cohen and Carmen Chu come to mind.

In San Francisco we the people should not have anything to do with Rose Pak and Willie L. Brown Jr. These two have tarnished the name of this fair City and County of San Francisco.

The recent announcement by a local newspaper - not worth the salt - has favored David Chiu as the candidate who they favor as Mayor of San Francisco. Time will tell.

It would be prudent to ask the "liberals" who gave David Chu a chance to be the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Then allowed David to grow, position and supported him. Only to find out that he stabbed them in the back.

For this one local newspaper to proclaim that David Chiu did well - proposing to demolish 1500 homes at Park Merced, saw to the development of Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (that has not yet happened) - says nothing, much.

This is precisely what we do not want.

We do not want rushed, fake, sordid Environmental Impact Reports.

We the people do not want fake Transportation Documents.

We the people not not want a Rogue Developer like Lennar - with intent to poison our children - and folks like David Chu - to think all is rosy. We will remember you in the voting booth.

We do not want the San Francisco Health Department to look the other way. Even today there are high reading of Asbestos on Parcel A - affecting the neighboring area.

This City and County of San Francisco does not have a qualified Toxicologist on its pay roll. Why? 

We do not want the people - the "commons" to be left out.

We do not want shallow politicians to "think" for us.

The Chinese are coming out in numbers - but, as usual they are confused. Ed Lee, Leland Yee, David Chiu and I must not forget Phil Ting - who very few speak about.

It is a dog eat dog - and may the best of all the dogs with fleas - live to tell the tale. Sad, so sad!

Dennis Herrera has the audacity to take credit for closing the Power Plant, for Gang Injunctions, and for a host of other things - that he did nothing much about.

If right now he "brags" he did it all - then he will fail. We do not want any "liar" trying to project to the world that he is something - when he is - but a facade of worse things to come.

I said it before and I will say it again - Jeff Adachi is a warrior, a Samurai - he will deal with those that ought to be dealt with.

Right now people are tarnishing his name - but - we who are decent must do the right thing. We must vote for him.

John Avalos means well - but his chances are slim - just because the liberals just got caught in a web of  false pretense and thinking - much more confusing and with very, very - poor leadership. 

Once you create confusion, you have disunity, and when you have disunity - you can wake up at the eleventh hour - and it will be too late.

Truly speaking it makes no sense what so ever to have so many horses in this race for Mayor of San Francisco. The Rank Choice Voting - makes it even harder.

Any one could win - as a I see it - Lady Luck will shower her kindness - on the best candidate.

In the meantime no candidate is addressing the homeless situation.

We have thousands of homeless. They come from all walks of life.

The SAD part is that - many homeless - are given a CHAIR to sit down and sleep. Thousands do that in San Francisco daily - in the many shelters that do receive local, state and federal money.

How can we treat the homeless like trash - in this City  of San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.

The Mayor candidates do not want to address this homeless problem.

We all know Care not Cash does not work. We all know that the only succor for the homeless to survive are Saint Martin's de Poors, Saint Anthony's who truly serve the poor and nourish them - others do too - all over the City but these two - stand out.

I have visited the centers incognito and know what I am talking about.

The poor sitting daily in the Chair to avoid the inclement weather - and if by chance you get up to go to the toilet - someone else takes your seat and you stand up till day light allows you to do to the Park or some other place to rest your ass.

So, I will be send this article out and I ask - who among the candidates - who among the many consultants - dare take up the cause for the homeless.

We have over 40,000 vacant homes in San Francisco.

We have over 5,000 vacant units in Public Housing that can be fixed.

We have a population of 816,000 and over forty five percent of our population - is the working poor.

We have filthy rich people living in our City - the land of the Ohlone.

We have a budget of $8.6 billion - and we talk a lot but we cannot take care of those that need help most.

We have 10,000 truants - 6000 in the Southeast Sector - youth who should be in school - but are left to the wind - they crash where ever the can. And that is a crying shame.

We have all these so called Mayoral candidates and they are not thinking right - we call ourselves San Franciscans - we must be compassionate - like Saint Francis Assissi.

The SF Board of Supervisors should try sitting on a hard chair for one day - ten pm to the wee hours of the morning - and see how it feels. Then multiply that feeling - hundreds times over.

In the mean time the Wall Street protests will go on peacefully, the logistics are well done.

The Banksters must confess to their guilt. Those robbed of their entire savings - the decent people.

The rogue banksters continue to sit on trillions of dollars.

The local politicians are crooks - most of them - all of then - will do all in their power to pander to the highest bidder to fill their campaign coffers and build their sordid - portfolio. Folks like Malia Cohen and Carmen Chu.