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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Protesters get world attention and more Oakland for injuring a soldier and poor leadership.

The protesters protesting Wall Street and the on going; cheating and deceiving of millions of decent working, tax paying constituents in now getting world attention.

Never mind the Main Media has just learned no none really cares about them and their propaganda.

The SPIN that the Main Media - endorse, taking their clues from those higher ups that want to brain wash the viewers. This is not working - online sources and other digital sources keep the astute constituents better informed.

First, the Main Media portrayed the protesters as hippies, unkempt, and dirty.

Then slowly the Main Media admitted hundreds that lost their homes, thousands without jobs, and billions lost from Retirement Accounts, Savings and Investments - that an avenue to protest. But not too much about this fact.

Now the Main Media has fully comprehended the adverse impacts of sub-prime loans and other ploys and gimmicks that Wall Street and other took part in.

Now the Main Media is sort of agreed that those affected; in the rank of the many protesters - have a right to protest but the Main Media will NOT say nor agree nor stand by the protesters. 

You can be either hot or cold but if you are lukewarm  I will spit you out of my mouth. Some said something alike to what I have written.

The Main Media is pathetic and what is more - despicable and not to be trusted.

Pity the person who is not educated on issues and get all her or his misinformation from the sordid Main Media.

The Main Media got royally shafted when in Oakland the Law Enforcement hurled a projectile and injured a soldier who are just returned serving two tours in Iraq.

The injured soldier - lies in Highland Hospital in Oakland - with a two inch gash, skull fracture - and brain injury.

If all goes well - he should recover. But, what a story that was - for all the world to see and adjudicated - the poor judgement displayed and more lack of communication from the Oakland authorities and more Mayor Quan.

San Francisco wanted to raid the camps - but, when some of the candidates running for office visited the camps, and one Supervisor in particular stood for the SF protesters - the dynamics began to change.

It does matter when Eric Mar takes a stand - the others - not so the lukewarm - especially Jane Kim is a panderer.

When Michael Moore appeared in Oakland and addressed the protesters - the Main Media was quick to cover the story.

Michael Moore told the story of Law Enforcement back East and how in one town - the Law Enforcement - refused to attack and remove the "protesters encampments".

Plainly, the Law Enforcement told the civilian authorities that was not their business - tearing down and removing tents. End of story and the encampment remain intact.

The rules of engagement should have been laid by now in San Francisco by the Interim Mayor and those that make the policy - safe guarding the Constitution and Rights of the people.

But, with all the training in Law Enforcement - if there is no leadership, sound communication, and a holistic approach - things blow up in one'e face. It happened in Oakland and if no one steps up in San Francisco - it will happen in San Francisco.

The San Francisco interim Mayor, the SF Police Chief, the SF Health Department, the City Administrator can easily "create the rules of engagement".

Allow for a permit to be given with limited camps and those that can camp at night.

All Health and Safety requirements maintained by the protesters and checked daily by three Point of Contacts - one from the SF Police Department, one from SF Health Department, and one from the Mayor Office. It is as simple as that.

Folks that do not take a shower. Some that have lice and can spread them.

Others that fail to dispose of their trash - are given but two warning and then told not to  be there.

If those that break the common, agreed rules, are allowed to carry on nefarious activities - then trouble starts.

Cleanliness is important - no one can stand next to those that do not shower and are unkempt.

People that stink to high heaven and want any opportunity to scream, shout, loot, destroy and think they can bring about a revolution. It simply does not work like - being there, done that, and today many of us know - better. We learned from the 1950s and 1960s.

San Francisco was lucky not to attack any encampment but the "rules of engagement must be negotiated soon". 

This protest must have a smaller group that are permanent and who can rotate. Go home or to some facility to shower, rest, and come and address the real issues - in a genuine yet complete manner.

Just quoting what our Constitution says, or what some of our Founding Fathers say - does not work. 

The Founding Fathers did not address sub-prime loans, derivatives, and and host of other ploys and machinations - just because they were not there - yet.

More because they were not CROOKS like our present politicians, Judges, and our Law Enforcement. Our bankers, our Banks, our Insurance Companies strive on stealing, robbing, and cheating and more.

The SF Police Chief has all the experience but he must now have a vision and create the "Rules of Engagement".

The protesters agree to abide by their rules and the Law Enforcement and SF City authorities  abide by theirs. Follow the "principle of subsidiarity" . 

The rules are created by consensus, agreed upon, and each entity takes the responsibility - seriously.

Tons of communication, mutual respect, and less arguing and violence.

No mickey mousing from any quarters - big or small.

If there is no continuity with stability - the movement will fade - and this is not what the billions of people - world wide want. The are looking to San Francisco for leadership.

We can conduct such protests in the United States - because millions died to safe guard our freedom.

Millions died in the Civil War and thousands died in the many wars. It is their BLOOD that has won us our freedom.

Abuse of freedom is license.

The Corporation have taken our freedom and trashed it - Law Enforcement in many quarters and corrupt politicians love and are attracted towards money and greed. This leads to corruption.

You see this with higher pay scales, and filling of campaign coffers of corrupt politicians and other to get them elected.

Make money and while making money - get power and use power to abuse our freedom.

This mess may be directed to Wall Street but really the burden in on the corrupt politicians - Congress and the Senate and even the White House.

They know what was going, said nothing about it, and even today are SLOW to stand by the 99 percent who are the people.

The people united cannot be defeated.

Politicians including President Barack Hussein Obama lean towards the corrupt Corporations to fill his and the campaign coffers of other politicians.

They all do the devil's bidding - each and every one of them.

There is the greater divide - one percent having it all - 99 struggling to make end meet. Just like the days when feudalism reigned supreme in England and Europe.

The Main Media is controlled by the same vermin that control Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, and a host of others - they all worship GREED and will sell their mothers' for a nickel.