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Friday, October 14, 2011

In San Francisco we demand sound leadership - anyone with links to the MACHINE is ANATHEMA.

In San Francisco - we San Franciscans demand sound leadership.

We, do not want to have anything to do with those connected to the MACHINE - who are ANATHEMA to any element decent and worth the salt.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

For years - especially since 1996 - crooks and corruption have ruled City Hall.

Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer the many connected with the local Democratic Party - had it good. Today, the dire economic situation is exposing these crooks - vermin - the scum of the Earth.

It is time now to occupy Congress.

Just like it is time to occupy City Hall in San Francisco and get rid of the rubbish.

It is pathetic to witness - drab shallow San Francisco Supervisors the likes of Malia Cohen, Carmen Chu, others that I do not want to name - expound life styles that are despicable.

Presenting legislation favoring "nudity" when there are other very important factors to address. We still have decent families in San Francisco who truly built San Francisco.

Before that the Ohlone who did not favor perverts.

In recent months we have had - SF Supervisors giving large businesses - a tax break - just to make the headlines.

Supervisor Jane Kim who know less about construction, even less about transportation, and still even less about logistics - has now been installed as Chair of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors. 

This is the same woman who proclaimed that over 70% of the workers on Phase One of the TransBay Project - were San Franciscans. Simply not true.

Even before there was a second - when her name was thrown in the hat - Jane Kim accepted her position.

She was reminded by the out going Chair to slow down. That is the problem with these unethical, power seeking minions of Willie L. Brown Jr. who has propped such unethical so called politicians into power - forming a circle of devious people with no morals and less spirituality.

Jane Kim has a problem taking a pledge to the American Flag - and matters akin to such. Why?

I heard Robert Beck who once worked for the SF Department of Public Works and now in the man in charge of the entire TransBay Project - speak about the Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) - linked to the TransBay Project.

This City must confront the Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) where a few corrupt Union Leaders - connive and craft language to favor some and always have done great damage to San Franciscans in general.

We saw this with the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) linked to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Linked in many ways was Platinum Associates - you paid them $5000 and more and you could get a project delivered - on a platter.

It will be the same with the TransBay Project. Already Business Development Incorporated (BDI) formed by  Calvin Hayes who passed away some years ago  - and was managed by a bunch of crooks - has been removed from the Outreach aspect of the TransBay project.

No one know who is doing their work now. Does anyone care? Who has replaced BDI - and if that was done - how was the selection made? We are talking about accountability and transparency?

Very little is known about this key action. Very little has been announced to the public about Outreach. There is a lot of hot air but very little action.

Now, with Jane Kim in the Chair and Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan as Director - both, these women would like to "think" for us. We the public can "think" more adjudicate and what we see is not very pleasing.

It is just a matter of time - when Phase Two will bring these two women to their knees.

Pride always has a fall.

In recent years most of the elected Supervisors have been bought - and even those who fought and won their seats - are beholden to Big Developers.

Daily - deals are made behind close doors and two stand out - Carmen Chu and Malia Cohen.

For these two despicable women - money is everything - and that is why these two women will never, ever - enjoy peace of mind.

The queer on the SF Board and others that are not straight - all have a hidden agenda.

There is nothing wholesome about these shallow politicians - and San Franciscans used to the old days and some decency are simply - fed up.

For starters all these Supervisors should have their salaries trimmed to what it was before about $24,000 without benefits.

If this is done - some dire perspective will reign supreme and humility, compassion will be the thread that runs through and through their legislation and trend of thinking and acting.

If you do not like the action - scamper away and be gone.

Today, these SF Supervisors - do as they please. They deny public comment and make a mockery of it by tuning down the volume - something that no one ever dare do in the old days.

The meet with consultants and make deals - and these are reported to me and I will divulge them in the open - on the Internet. It is just a matter of time.

It does not help - that the Zionists and the Main Media are against the people.

Folks like Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer - should move away - make room for the decent.

We have too much of Zionism and its influence in San Francisco - politics. This is not Kosher and what is more to hell with being "diplomatic" and "proper".

Most folks assume that you can talk against God, the President of the United States - but, not a word about the crooks that ruined our economy Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and those I have named above that are connected with them.

The TransBay Project is connected to Goldman Sachs in more then one way.

Billions have been lined up to develop the "high speed rail" - more invested in Real Estate - to make more money in the years ahead.

We really, to not have to be Manhattan but that is what the TransBay Project is all about.

With Willie L. Brown and his henchmen nothing good will happen that will benefit the decent San Franciscan.

The Zionists and those in Real Estate - have created opportunities for sordid deals - are salivating, and waiting to rake in the billions.

While much has been made about jobs - while much has been made about the SF Local Hire Ordinance - nothing much is happening.

Well, time to occupy the TransBay Project and send a signal.

It may be true that the Project is governed by Federal Rules and Regulations - the latest opportunities created by the Federal Jobs Act - permit locals and those that have skills and not worked in years - to offer their skills and work on any project.

The Unions have not been honest - and for too long have betrayed their sisters and brothers - more so Local 22 - the Carpenters Union.

Hundreds of Black Carpenters - belonging to Local Union 22 have been denied jobs - they get no calls from the Dispatch - many have not worked in three,  four - and five years.

Red Necks from far and wide are now working on the John Stewart Project - SFHOPE at Hunterviews - at Hunters Point stark naked and in the middle of an area that has Black workers - staring at these aliens -turning pink on a hot day - from Napa and other far off places!

Jane Kim would not know that - open her mouth and repeating what she has been told.

If this TransBay Project is in San Francisco - then by all means - a fair number of the jobs must be given to the locals - none of this has been done in a transparent manner.

WEBCOR has had serious problems with trukers and others - delaying payments for months and paying less.

So have the other Primes that I will not name - but know too much about.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors has been hijacked by Willie L. Brown Jr. and his minions - watch them carefully conduct business in the devil's workshop.