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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Corruption prevails at SF City Hall - SF Supervisors pretending to REPRESENT while all the time PANDERING.

Corruption, deeply prevails at San Francisco City Hall - SF Supervisors pretending to REPRESENT while all the time pandering to corrupt forces.

Deals are done behind close doors and so called consultants many not registered with the Ethics Commission - pander to the SF Board of Supervisors.

Thousands of small business have left San Francisco as many as five thousand in the last three years - and no one cares about this situation at hand.

Many large business do not bother to do business - because of the many taxes this City imposes on Big Business.

Thousands of decent families have left San Francisco - that is father, mother, and children that were born from this union - and no one cares about this fact. As many as 20,000 in the last five years.

Thousands of innocent hard working San Franciscans have lost their jobs in the last three - in the thousands - and all we here are whispers and light groans - but, no action.

In some hot spots - fifty percent unemployment is the norm. What do these drab SF Board of Supervisors - have to say? Especially, Malia Cohen?

When Jane Kim talks loud with a forked tongue - that local hire is alive at the TransBay Project - with a quote of 73% local hire - if that is not a LIE - I do not know what is.

Now that she readily accept the position of Chair of the Joint TransBay Commission - salivating at the mouth with glee in her eyes - let us see what she does.

If have certain very corrupt SF Board of Supervisors (SF BOS) giving tax breaks to large companies, pandering to corrupt Big Developers, the MACHINE, evil forces like Willie L. Brown Jr., Rose Park, and the hub of of devil - Platinum Associates.

Where is our City Attorney and District Attorney on the above issues - those that I mentioned above should already have been in jail - there is tons of evidence of corruption and "intent" to adverse impact - thousands.

Those SF BOS who have taken money from the above - some named and other not named - have BLOOD on their hands.

San Francisco is going to the dogs - and you know that when concerted efforts are made to deny Public Comment - at the many meetings held at City Hall.

Once it was a given to give the Public at Large - three minutes -during Public Comment.

Now, two minutes and even one minute is a norm.

The Brown Act mandates Public Comment, Transparency and Accountability - but the SF BOS does everything to deny - Public Comment.

More under the Board President - David Chiu and the minions that surround him when he chairs.

It is simply bad manners to - turn down the volume and insult some person that has the hear of the larger, better audience - at Public Comment.

Why is it fine for the SF BOS to spew diatribe for five, ten, fifteen minutes - some cap must be put on the amount of time that these shallow SF Board of Supervisor - are permitted to discuss any issue.

What is good for the goose is like wise favorable to the gander.

The SF Board of Supervisors - the current ones on the Board are the worst we have seen - in a long, long time.

In these dire economic times - it is not becoming that we spend time - talking about nudity and napkins. This Scott Weiner is something else!

The $900,000 spent on the ADA ramp and related work at the SF Board of Supervisors, chambers is another - boondoggle. 

The SF BOS are living in fantasy land.

Few can comprehend about the SF City's pension system and what to make of it.

There is a $8 billion dollar train heading in our direction - if we do not check mate some contributions and do it quickly - we will be force to make drastic cuts or face bankruptcy.

It is simply wrong for the majority of folks to screw our City and make over $125,000 in pension payment every year - for the rest of their life. Plus health benefits and more. Disgusting and pathetic.

Over 34,000 City worker work for our City. But the figure thrown out is 26,000 and some of us -  stick to that figure - because the City documents show that figure - wrongly.

The Controller Office is obligated to reveal the true figure, the City Attorney should look into the exact figure and the number of City Employees that work for this great City. Some work and give their best - but many in large measure - do not.

It is shocking really how this City spends so much - all the time wasting thousands on many projects - and in some cases - millions.

Around 1985 the SF Board of Supervisor received remuneration in the amount of $29,925 today it is more than $125,000 with benefits. Why?

These SF Board of Supervisors are convinced much like Caligula that they truly serve our community and San Franciscans - when, the matter of fact is that they do not. 

Just watch them talk to one another while others are addressing some important matter. Petty to the core and more shallow.

When the public addresses them they stand and make petty talk - some leave the meeting - and are found outside the corridors talking - the arrogance of these dumb - idiots - buffoons to the core.

We have had enough of the shenanigans from these sordid SF Board of Supervisors - and the time has come to put them all on notice.

Foremost Carmen Chu and Malia Cohen. Why them? Time will tell.