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Friday, October 7, 2011

Thug politicians who put themselves into every equation and do little for the people - the commons.

We have too many "thug politicians" who put themselves and their minions into every single equation.

These corrupt, immoral demigods care less for the commons - and worship "greed" - as their god.

The San Francisco Mayoral Race is typical of the prevailing fiasco that has gripped our Nation.

Politicians mostly "drab, shallow, politicians" who speak for the constituents, think for the constituents, using phrases like " the American People" - these "vermin" - must all be monitored very carefully.

There are just two that can be really trusted. The rest all - fluff.

We have Supervisor - one really drab Supervisor in District 10 - Malia Cohen - who has NO clue - absolutely no clue, what is happening in her District and in San Francisco.

 Running about - fluttering like a chicken with tainted feathers, grinning like a jackass, making general comments that say something but mean nothing - and pretending to represent.

People in District 10 are suffering and with this "house negro" mentality - she thinks she can - just say some, pacify and move away -  and just like that the problems will go away.

The MACHINE that once tried to "think for the people" in recent months has been evaluated and deemed to be lacking and more betrayed the community on all levels.

Slowly but steadily and young minds are ready to tackle - by any means necessary. Enough is enough.

Politicians - most of them - the types of Malia Cohen who truly should not run of any office - but use Rank Choice Voting and other such machinations and ploys to run - win - and then do all in the power - to maintain the "status quo" - and she is destroying the community.

These stupid small group "youth meeting" - held at the last hour - in a dark dungeon is one example. Projecting the worst our youth can offer - when a well planed "youth meeting" address local and national issues - could have been truly be offered with the best of mind - and contributed to any National Policy Building.

In San Francisco we have youth - and then we have youth. The youth that truly represent - will have nothing to do with Malia Cohen and her type. Nothing - what so ever.

Malia Cohen is a sell out - simply because she does not comprehend the terrain.

Has no clue about the history of the Southeast Sector and less about Bayview Hunters Point.

Malia Cohen is comfortable with  Potrero Hill folks (because those folks are different) and their issue taken care off - Sophie did that - just look at Show Palace and the neighboring area.

Malia Cohen has not participated in the deep issues affecting District 10 but now - suddenly - seems to know - it all. Not one single meeting of substance linked with the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA), not at one single meeting linked to Killings and Shootings from say 2000-2010 - not any meeting that truly addressed any serious issue.

Malia Cohen did not say a word when our community was bombarded with toxic contaminants by Lennar - but on the contrary took money from LENNAR in large measure - she and her minions. She has blood on her hands - and she can grin all she wants.

Time will tell - and the road for this naked, foul chicken with no sound principles and muttering sound bites - will take her no where in any quest - worth the salt.

Malia Cohen is a JOKE - that came out from some circus - and now must - some how survive and finds herself in a quagmire.

She will drown in the cesspool of her own making.

It does not help who her allies her - she has chosen the same old sell outs and folks that propped her up and I know each and every one of them.

I could name them - but it would not help. Poor pathetic fools - running around and today they have nothing much to say - except that they made a mistake - trying to prop this sassy, shameless - damsel of a kind - into some sort of playground where she is lost and floundering. 

Crime has increased in District 10 and one has just to read the Incident Reports from the Bayview Police Station.

Poverty has increase by thirty percent and people have no food. More the infants and the youth are suffering. Just ask the Elders how they feel? In fact they all come to me and ask me to help them - plead with City Hall to make things easier for them?

AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) on the increase by forty percent - she should work with the SF General Hospital and the Center of Diseases Control (CDC) on any emergency footing to address this situation.

There is no sound transportation in many places. Mostly the places that are up the hill - and with that comes other safety needs.

There is no one high school in the immediate area. The Middle schools in District 10 proper are pathetic - and no one wants to address this situation.

Busing youth to far off places and encourages truancy - and hundreds of youth that could have been educated today have no education - not even a General Education Diploma.

Too many innocent youth are traumatized in the Bayview Hunters Point. And that is a crying shame.
Too may single mothers - and too many "crack addicts" - folks that drink alcohol to run away from their problems. No direct help given to these people - who once were middle class.

There are more single mothers with children in District 10 and most of them Black - and living in dire - poverty. You would think a "woman" would understand this after all these months, being a Supervisor - all you see is the jackass grinning.

The many so called affordable housing are a sham.

Take a survey of the hundreds of affordable units and find out who is living in these units.

Most of the folks from District 10 - and the many Blacks cannot afford them. They  were promised hope - but a false hope - and many of the Blacks that waited in the line - have died and the rest just faded.
You will see them on Sixth Street in San Francisco - most of them from the Bayview in line at Saint Anthony's and other charitable stations that cater to those that truly need help.

Others at shelters - where they are treated worst then animals. Given a CHAIR to sit down - at if they get up - some one else takes the chair - and the charade begins.

Whoever came up with this idea to give the "indigent" a chair to sit for hours. This is the worst thing - you can do to any human being. Ask a human being who is sick and frail to sit in a chair for hours. 

With our $6.8 billion dollar budget - why cannot we offer beds - so that some one can at least rest their head in a horizontal position? Where is our humanity? Where is our compassion? Where is Trent Lot on this situation? Where is Ed Lee on this situation? Where are the other bastards on this situation? MF all.

The Gentrification of Blacks really started with Sophie Maxwell but it has been moving even faster with Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen - who panders to those that does as they please - are pussyfooting with this - good for nothing - shallow - drab - politician of the worst order.

We have over 450 toxic sites outside the Hunters Point Shipyard. Of course Malia Cohen would not know that?

 She should ask why this is important fact is not mentioned in the long list that her good friend Ed Lee has been touting as his Mayoral Platform - but has not cleaned up one single toxic, contaminated site outside the Shipyard?

She should ask why her good lap dog friend running for Mayor has mentioned in his long list the Bayview Library as a renovation site - it is not - and it will not be complete by 2012. Not at the rate - the work is going on now.

She should ask for the real blue prints on HOPESF and the adverse impacts to those people who have given up hope - been evicted - and are fed up to hear what will be done in the future - when right now the future is removed from them.

The entire area at Huntersview is polluted - dangerous particulates - from cumulative pollution from the many very contaminated sites in a small area.

Nancy Pelosi was saying stuff - and has not visited the area before - when she was the Speaker of the House.

That sham visit on September 28, 2011 is just that - a sham. Complete with the same idiots standing on the back ground - be it the TransBay events or other events - Local 22 that has a very bad record hiring folks from the Bayview - mostly Black who pay Union Dues but get no respect.

I will stop here - I am not going to give my list - so that some shallow person can use it and astound others - and make some illegal headway. Suffice to say - Malia Cohen is a pathetic loser - right from the start - go.