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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The world has been impacted by GREED and lack of MORALS.

All over the world the poor and those that survive daily; in the so called advanced countries; month to month - pay check to pay check have been adversely impacted by GREED and lack of MORALS by those that can make is easier but have no conscience,no ethics, no standards, no heart.

Of course no one can brooch and openly bring out these two factors greed and morals at any business meeting - there would be a hue and cry. You many think about these words - but, no dare not utter them - I do and I get the heat and I do not give a rat' ass.

"It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."

Most greedy business men are devoid of morals and of course greed in their middle name. Mostly the banksters the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, the other banks Wells Fargo, Bank of America and so on.

It has been years now that much has been made about the derivatives, the sub-prime loans, the many other ploys and machinations - where Big Financial institutions and Big Banks have taken upon themselves to seek opportunities to fleece millions of people all over the world.

We see this in Greece right now, it is happening in Portugal, has happened in Ireland, and will happen very soon in Italy and followed by other countries.

Large Financial Institutions failed to have checks and balances - the bottom line is to make profit - but, today these countries have fallen prey to a devalued monetary currency - not worth anything - this is evident in countries like Greece and Portugal today.

The most affected are the youth - college students who looked forward to a bright future - but now have nothing to look forward in their own countries.

Some have not found a decent job in over ten years - other have not worked for over five years - many just gave up - and when that happen there is climate a fermentation - the small fires that become big - the upcoming, revolution.

Lucky for some - as in the case of Portugal the youth are moving out and to far off places like Mozambique and Angola two former colonies of Portugal in Southern Africa - that could use all the technical and professional help.

The Portuguese language both countries are familiar with can spur these countries to do better and bring a lot of prosperity and progress. Good luck to Angola and Mozambique and soon these folks could move to Brazil closer and seek better opportunities.

Brazil has found a large off shore oil field and China has already provide Brazil with the large oil tankers in advance to ferry that petroleum to China. There are opportunities - but only those can get them that have opportunities.

Likewise the youth in Greece and in Italy are looking to a future that is not as bright as it was in former years.

They will have to seek opportunities and create opportunities - some closer to home and at times venture outside their countries and make it happen.

It Northern Italy some elements want to sever their relations with the Italy and those in the South and join Austria and foster the links of the old countries and great leaders of the past - Andreas Hoffner.

That is if my memory serves me right,on that name - I lived in this region as a young man and heard the stories of a day when the region would enjoy the fame and the sentiments of the days of old and the long past gone era - which some want to revive. To each its own and some can rejoice in the glory of the past - that has always been how human works - and history does repeat itself.

When there is poverty, not enough to go about all sorts of "scape goats" are created - that is just the human way.

It will happen in America - and is already happening with the many Occupy Movements that will rattle and topple those elements that have preyed on the vulnerable and those that need help most.

Of course when the poor and those with little resources protest - the situation is not all organized, dainty,unsanitary, and so on.

Make shift tents, no laundry facilities, lack of sleep and constant noise, sleeping on the ground, facing the elements, have all to be endured - just because of the choices made. Someone has to make them - and these choice and happening are recorded.

No one wants to endure the sufferings, the patience, the victory of trials and tribulations. It happened to the Chinese they suffered a lot in California. It happened to the Blacks, the Irish, and others.

These same choices were made during the Civil War when millions died so that the British could be kicked out of the United States.

People forget that easily - and we you read what the genuine, sound historians write - the scene was not pretty.

Rotten bodies strewn all over the place - and people crying for help and there was no help available.

Soldier ill-prepared bled to death, others took their lives in order to curtail the pain and suffering, still other atrocities were committed that if mentioned in detail - defy decency and tarnish the good name of so called civilization.

It is difficult to take a stand - especially when we still have the filthy rich having a $10,000 martini and thousands of dollars worth of a hamburger sprinkled with gold flakes - right now when one in three children in the United States go to bed hungry.

And according to the latest reports - one in four elderly daily encounter - hunger.

The One Percent Filthy Rich and those minions that purport to support them - are being watched - and when that day arrives the scene will not be pretty.

Yesterday's Black Friday where people slept in tents to be the first to enter stores so that they can buy some material stuff and brag they own it - because they got it for cheap - reveals how idiotic our world has become.

These idiots have lost all judgement and cannot for a moment deal with reality. The malls and the shopping mentality - where instant gratification is called for and some have fallen prey to this nonsense - are the signs of the times.

The values tied to morality and ethics has been trampled - lust and instant gratification put on the pedestal of GREED - and many rejoice in these acts and think that all is fine.

I work with the youth and I work with the elderly. I have been doing this for over forty years - and those that know me - here and worldwide know what  I am talking about.

It is not pretty to be poor, not having stuff, and being helped by strangers. It is a challenge living pay check to pay check - and most people work hard and survive. But, there are always those that have to survive some have reasons and others do not.

It is a sacrilege watching the filthy rich waste - today especially when so many are hungry and suffering. And more have disdain for the poor and think no end to themselves.

The world has been impacted by GREED and lack of MORALS. Aho.